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新人教版八年级Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show 精选习题

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?

Section A


A.1. —Do you mind my smoking here? — A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, please do C. No, please don’t D. No, not at all

2. The PM2.5 is so high that I can’ A. live B. to live C. living D. lives

my home town.

A. think about B. think over C. think of D. think out

A. education B. educations C. educational D. educationing

5. He to go to Beijing for summer holiday. A. planing B. to plan C. plans D. planning

a wallet on the ground.

A. found out B. found C. looked for D. looked at

Mary yesterday. A. to meet B. meet C. meeting D. met

A. can’t B. may not C. mustn’t D. needn’t

us to go to college. A. hope B. like C. expect D. plan

B.1. I don’people think of me. A. how B. what C. if D. why

A. successful;success B. success;successful C. success;success D. successful;successful

3. —What do you think of Special 6 and 1? —It’. I don’t like it.

A. fantastic B. meaningful C. meaningless D. exciting

sixty years old. A. more than B. more than just C. more D. than

5. Mother doesn’ A. cook B. cooks C. to cook D. cooking

in the world.

A. going B. going on C. having D. watching

7. Please don’t speak too fast, I can’ A. follow B. expect C. help D. stand

to learn after school? A. go B. enjoy C. keep D. plan

after supper is good for our health. A. Walk B. Walking C. Walks D. Walked

10. —I hope you don’t mind my opening the window? —. It’s much too hot here.

A. Certainly B. Of course not C. All right D. Never mind


1. What do you think of climbing the hill?(同义句) you the hill?

2. She action movies.(画线提问) action movies?

3. I plan to play football this Sunday.(画线提问) Section B


1. (一空一个答案)(1) I don’of the new word?


A. mean B. means C. meaning D. meaningless

2. speak louder than words. A. Act B. Action C. Acts D. Actions

A. as;for B. as;to C. for;as D. for;to

A. appear B. disappear C. find D. see

A. get B. go C. turn D. grow

a teacher last year. A. turned B. grew C. became D. went

7. (一空一个答案, that’in passing the driving test, .

A. successful B. succeed C. successfully D. succeeded

8. Mike doesn’A. pass B. to pass C. passing D. passed

9.— —A. lost;look for B. found;lose C. lost;find D. looked for;lose

10. (一空一个答案) Lucy was girl. When she was young, her father her couldn’t help her. Let’s wish her A. luck B. luckily C. unlucky D. unluckily



you to have a bright future. A. hope B. want C. ask D. tell

2.— —they’re boring. I don’t like them.

A. think;think B. think of;think of C. think;think of D. think of;think

3.—It’the window? —A. to open;OK B. opening;Certainly not C. opening;Of course D. open;Good idea

4. — —Sure. A. May B. Would C. Do D. Am

with tourists for its beautiful old buildings.

A. popular B. famous C. special D. different

6. —You are relaxing yourself here? —to walk slowly along the river.

A. fantastic B. boring C. strange D. terrible

7.—you like the soap opera? —Very much. A. How B. Who C. What D. Which

8. I can’t I can’ A. mind B. like C. stand D. love

A. happening B. going C. standing D. hoping

the answer to this question in the passage?

A. find B. look for C. look at D. find out

11. Could you speak more slowly. I can’ A. talk B. follow C. read D. appear

A. puts on B. wears C. dresses D. dresses up

13.— —Watch my favorite TV show.

A. plan B. ask C. appear D. happen

14.—Do you like the movie? —Yes, it’.

A. meaningless B. meaningful C. boring D. unlucky

his place. A. give B. try C. do D. take

A. famous B. rich C. lucky D. relaxing

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