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I. 单项选择(15小题,每小题2分,共30分)

( )1. —_______ do you study for an English test?

—By using English.

A. When B. Why C. How D. What ( )2. — Mario used to be afraid of the dark..

—Yes. He still doesn't go to sleep ____the window____ .

A. for; opened B. with; open C. for; closed D. with; on

( )3. The woman is always _____ her _____ child.

A. missing; missing B. missing; miss C. miss; missing D. miss;miss

( )4. It's very cold outside.You need______warm clothes if you go out.

A.wearing B. to wear C. to wearing D. wears

( )5. —Did you use to ____ with your parents?

—I've grown up. I'm used to ____ alone.

A. live; stay B. living; staying C. live; staying D. living; stay

( )6. Why_____ practice conversations with friends?

A.no you B.don’t C.not D.not to

( )7. Rose ____ much time ____ with her old father when she used to be young.

A. spends; be B. spent; be C. spends; being D. spent; being

( )8. ______ English as often as possible can help a lot.

A.Speak B.Speaking C.Spoke D.Spoken

( )9. She read the instructions to find out how_____ the computer.

A.use B.to use C.using D.uses

( )10. —Mnm, Kate got her ears _______ yesterday.

—I don't think twelve—year—olds should _______ to do so.

A. pierce; be allowed B. Pierced; allow C. pierced; be allowed D. Pierce; allow

( )11. Some people still believe in life after ____ in the small village.

A. die B. died C. dead D. death

( )12. —You'd better pay more attention to ____ others.

—I think so. I ____

A. help; shall B. helping; will C. help; should D. helping; would

( )13. They are very excited_____ Uncle Wang.

A.about meet B.to seeing C.about seeing D.at seeing

( )14. Little Jimmy likes to imagine ____ a brave policeman.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

( )15. —Mr Wang,I have trouble_____ the text.

—Remember____ it three times at least.

A.to understand, reading B.understand, reading

C.understanding, to read D.to understand, to read

Ⅱ. 完形填空(10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

Once upon a time, a boy was walking through a wood and heard as though someone was crying. He came to a big, The boy swept aside dirty surface water and saw worked. He realized that he should make the earth happy then that happiness would be transmitted back to him.

from being polluted, and others to do the same. He was that his arm started to was still some way from it he could hear the fish singing happy hymns, and he heard them splashing joyfully in the crystal clear waters.

( )16. A. blue B. grey C. green D. black

( )17. A. slowly B. quickly C. happily D. comfortably

( )18. A. voice B. noise C. cry D. sound

( )19. A. because B. if C. when D. though

( )20. A. disliked B. knew C. understood D. lost

( )21. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything

( )22. A. looked for B. cared for C. thought about D. worried about

( )23. A. wished B. ordered C. helped D. encouraged

( )24. A. pleased B. tired C. successful D. sad

( )25. A. wood B. pool C. fish D. water

Ⅲ. 阅读理解(20小题,每小题2分,共40分)


In a hospital there is a clever doctor and he has a new apprentice recently. This apprentice hopes to learn how to work as a good doctor quickly.

One day, this doctor took his apprentice to visit a patient. The apprentice was amazed that the doctor knew what his patient had eaten by just checking his pulse. When he asked the doctor the secret, he replied that doctors must never appear a fool in the patients’ eyes. The doctor explained that he used to look under his patients’ beds to check for crumbs and so would come to know what they had eaten.

The next day, the doctor sent the apprentice to visit the same patient. Trying to look like a skillful physician, the apprentice told the patient that he should not have eaten anything. The patient said that he had not even had a drop of water. The apprentice looked under the bed and confidently declared that he had eaten straw(稻草), as there were bits under his bed. The patient, who had heard the conversation between the doctor and the apprentice the day before replied, “Don’t think I’m a donkey like you are.”


( )26. This apprentice comes to this hospital because_____

A.he wants to see a good doctor.

B. he likes this hospital very much.

C. he wants to be a good doctor in the future.

D. the doctor in it is friendly to him.

( )27. The doctor knew what his patients had eaten _____

A. by checking his patients’ pulses.

B. by seeing crumbs under their beds.

C. by asking their family.

D. by guessing their food.

( )28. “Physician” probably has the same meaning as “_____” A. doctor B. apprentice C. patient D. donkey

( )29. Hearing what this apprentice said, how would this patient feel?

A. happy B. amazed C. upset D. angry

( )30. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. This apprentice is as clever as the doctor.

B. This patient ate some straw before the apprentice came. C. There was a donkey beside the patient.

D. This apprentice seemed like a fool.


Insects are small creatures (animal kingdom) with three pairs of legs, a body with three

main sections, and tough shell-like outer covering. Insects do not have a backbone. Most have one or two pairs of wings(used for flying)and a pair of antennae(used for feeling).

Insects began to live on earth at least 400 million years ago. Today, they live almost

for each square mile of land is almost the same as the total number of people on the earth. It is reported that there are more than 5 million species of animals on earth. Of these, about 1 million are insects. Entomologists find out from 7,000 to 10,000 new species of insects each year. Some believe there may be from 1 million to 10 million species that humans don’t still know about.

All insects have three pairs of legs, a body divided into three main parts. Most adult insects have two large compound eyes. Insects are the only animals besides birds and bats to have wings. Most adult insects have two (flies) or four wings (wasps). Their sense of smell is mainly in the antennae. A few insects, like ants, bees, and wasps, also have taste organs on their antennae.


( )31. There are _____ legs on each insect, though they are very small.

A. two B. three C. six D. eight

( )32. The average insects for each square mile of land are _____

A. as many as people on the earth.

B. more than people on the earth.

C. less than people on the earth.

D. 1 million species in all.

( )33. What does the underlined word “Entomologists” mean in Chinese?

A. 生物学家 B. 动物学家 C. 植物学家 D. 昆虫学家

( )34. If insects lose their antennae, what will happen?

A. Ants can’t eat any food.

B. Bees will fly in the air.

C. Wasps won’t feel how flowers are.

D. They will grow another pair of antennae.

( )35. This article mainly tell us _____

A. insects’ body features and how large the number of them is.

B. insects have lived on the earth for a long time.

C. insects are small creatures in the animal kingdom.

D. all insects have three pairs of legs, a body divided into three main parts.



Project: Marathon (42.195km), Half Marathon (21.0975km), Mini Marathon (5km)

Date: 8:30 April 8th, 2012

Venue: Zhengzhou ---- Kaifeng

Age Requirements:

1. Age of participants in Marathon should be within 20-65

2. Age of participants in half Marathon should be within 16-65

3. Age of participants in mini Marathon should be over 10

Registration Charges:

Marathon: RMB 60 per person

Half Marathon: RMB 50 per person

Mini Marathon: RMB 40 per person

For students who register Mini Marathon: RMB 30 per person (Only college students or those under 16 -year-old with legal student's pass can apply)

It is free of charge for the excellent athletes invited by the organizing committee.

★ ★ ★ ★

ZHENGZHOU, April 8, 2012(Xinhua) -- Mathew Kipkorir Sigei from Kenya won the men' s champion of Zhengkai Marathon Sunday in Central China' s Henan province with 2 hours 12 minutes and 39 seconds.

Sigei has participated in this race for three times and won the gold in 2010 with 2 hours 14 minutes and 17 seconds, and he didn’t get good result last year because of injury.


( )36. People within20-65 can attend _____

A. Marathon B. Half Marathon C. Mini Marathon D. All of the above

( )37. Jack is a college student, He paid _____ because he registered Marathon.

A. RMB 60 B. RMB 50 C. RMB 40 D. RMB 30

( )38. The second passage is a _____.

A. story from a magazine. B. novel from an English book.

C. report from the newspaper. D. poster for Zhengkai Marathon

( )39. So far, Sigei has participated in this race for _____ times and won the gold _____.

A. two; once B. three; once C. two; twice D. three; twice

( )40. Which of the following sentences is Not mentioned?

A. In 2012 Zhengkai Marathon there were three projects.

B. It is the 6th Zheng-Kai International Marathon this year.

C. Sigei took part in 2011 Zhengkai Marathon.

D. This year Sigei ran faster than he did in 2010 Zhengkai Marathon..



A. So one day I told my parents that I was going shopping with my friends. I told my friends that I would catch up with them later. Instead, I went to a party that my friends did not know about. My parents must have known about this party that I was at. They had asked my friends where I was, and they told them that I was going to catch up with them later.

B. After that, we headed to the most popular night club in town. By time I got home, it was 6:00 a.m. in the morning. My parents asked where I had been and I made up an excuse. I told them that I stayed over by Keisha house and they believed me.

C. I was restless and decided to the beach with my friends. When we arrived there was a beach party that we did not know about. We read the sign that said everyone could be invited to attend. We searched for the perfect spot to settle happily. The beach party lasted until midnight.

D. My parents came to that party where I was and caught me there dancing with a bunch of boys. They called my name out loud and I was busted. My punishment was to stay home for the rest of the summer, give up my credit card, and could not go anywhere with my friends. After all the punishments I have had, I think this was the most pleasant one.

E. The next three weeks, I played the same routine over and over. My parents always believed

Ⅳ. 词语运用(10



One day, there was a blind man on the steps of a building with a sign by his feet that read: "I am ’t work. Please help." A creative young man was walking by the blind man and to observe that the man only had a few coins in his hat. He put a few ofown coins in the hat, and without stopping to ask for permission, took the sign, turned it and wrote a new message. He then placed the sign by the of the blind man, and left.

Later that afternoon the creative young man returned by the blind man and noticed that his hat was almost completely full of bills and coins. The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked 52 it was him who had changed his sign? He also wanted to know what the man wrote 53 it so that people put a lot than before?The creative young man answered: "I changed your message so people could relate to it." He wished the man well, said goodbye, and went on his way.

The blind man didn't know it, but his new sign now read: TODAY IS SPRING AND I CANNOT SEE IT

46.______ 67.______ 48.______ 49.______ 50.______

51.______ 52.______ 53.______ 54.______ 55.______

Ⅴ. 补全对话(5个小题,每小题2分,共10分)

根据下面的对话情景,在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意义连贯、完整。 A: Hi, Pierre! I haven’t seen you for a long time.

B: Yeah, I am busy writing a novel these days. B: Yes, you are right. I used to read novels. But people sure change. A: What is it about?

B: It’s about how a “problem child” changed into a successful man. B: Yes, I have. I finished it yesterday. How about you?

A: I am free, so I’ll travel to China with my children next week. B: Oh,that’s great.A: We’ll stay there for 15 days. A: Thanks

56. ________________________________ 57. ________________________________ 58. ________________________________ 59. ________________________________ 60. ________________________________ Ⅵ. 书面表达(20分)




I. 1~5 CDABC 6~10 CDBBC 11~15 DBCDC

Ⅱ. 16~20 BADCC 21~25 ABDCB

Ⅲ. 26~30 CBADD 31~35 CADCA 36~40 DACDB 41~45.CBEAD

Ⅳ. 46. sitting 47. blind 48 stopped 49. his 50. around 51. feet

52. if 53. on 54. more 55. just

Ⅴ. 56. What are you doing these days?

57. You didn’t use to write novels.

58. Have you finished it yet?

59. How long will you stay in China?

60. Have a good journey!

Ⅵ. One possible version:

I am Li Lei, I used to be a problem student. I used to be late for classes, even miss some lessons. And I used to fight with my classmates and smoke a lot. I caused much trouble. Later with the help of my teachers and my classmates, my life has changed. Now I am never late for class, I often help others, my classmates like me, we get on well with each other. I have made great progress in my study. I thank my teacher and my classmates.

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