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Review of units 1-5


Down ? 1.______ stories make me laugh. Funny ? 2.Sports are some of the activities you can do after _________ school. concert ? 3.My friend played the violin at a _________ . ? 4.A game with a net and a white ball.volleyball ? 8.We all _______ food to eat. need ? 9. I eat too many _______ between meals. snacks ? 10. This is a _______ problem. Nobody should joke serious about it . ? 13.Nothing bothers her. She’s very ______ . calm ? 15. The opposite of good. bad ? 16. Young people should help _______ people. old ? 17.The opposite of small. big ? 20.It’s not out . It’s ________ . in

Across ? 2. The present tense of asked. ask ? 5. I like to listen to piano_________. music ? 6. Red is my favorite __________. color picnic ? 7.Let’s take our lunch to the park and have a _________ ? 9. I don’t like to talk to new people. I’m _______ . shy ? 11. Don’t be late for your test. Be __________ . early ? 12. Bananas are one kind of _________ fruit ? 13. I would if I could ________ , but I can’t . ? 14. I’m trying to study. Please turn off the TV. noisy ? It’s ___________ ? 18. I see with my eyes and hear with my ______ . ears ? 19. A polar bear is a kind of ________ . animal ? 21. A popular pet in many countries. dog


2 3

She used to …, but now she …

contact lenses




4 2 5 3
No sth /doing sth 禁止做某事 No photos. No parking. No garbage. No talking.

( C )1. If she you, she’d have a long vacation. A. was B. am C. were D. is (D )2. If I __________ her address, I _________ write to her. A. know, will B. knew, will C. would know, wrote D. knew, would ( B )3. you deal with your problems, you can become unhappy. A. If; easily B. Unless; easily Unless, easy D. If; easy ( C )4.If you _____ here, that would be much better. A are B. was C. were D. has been

By taking notes
By practicing conversations with friend

By memorizing the words and using them very often

used to+动词原形这个句型结构表示过 去的习惯,暗示现在已无此习惯。 get / be used to doing 习惯于做… be used to do被用来
I am used to getting up early.

Pens are used to write .

( B )1. ___________ work in Hangzhou? A. Did you used to B. Did you use to C. Do you used to D. Do you use to ( C )3. You used to be really thin, _________ you? A. did B. do C. didn’t D. use

You often stay at the office now. You still at school now. work have glasses now.
make sb / sth + adj. 使某人/某物…

short hair glasses. strict with students. pijin with friends . to work in a bank.

allow句型 (1)allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某 事 We do not allow people to smoke in the hall. (2)be allowed to do 被允许做某事 (3)should be allowed to do 应该被 允许做某事

What should we be allowed to do?

go out on weekend nights
make decisions for ourselves. have longer vocations have more freedom

should 虚拟语气 could 构成: might 主句:主语+would+动原 从句:if+主语+过去式(be动词一律用 were) 用法: A. 表示与事实相反的假设 B. 表示不可能实现的事情 C. 用于提建议

I`d give it to the Lost and Found I`d ask my classmates for help I`d call 110. I`d say sorry to him or her. I`d ask the police for help.

It could also be a map of islands. It might be a cup. It could also be two faces. It might be an old woman looking down. It could also be a young woman looking away.

8 1.Have you ever been to another country? 2.How long have you been studying English? For... Since... 3.When did you first read an English? When I was... 4.Have you ever met a movie star? Yes, I have . No, I haven`t. 5.Do you ever listen to English radio? Yes,I do. No,I don`t.

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