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2013 九年级上外研版Module1

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2013 九年级上外研版Module1—4单元测试


( )1.Our English teachaer always encourags us _____ English in class.

A.speaking B.speak C.to speak D. to say

( )2—I won’t come to the party unless Tom ___, too. --- You mean if Tom comes , you will come .

A.will invite B.invites C.invited D.is invited

( )3.The children must ___. A.look after B.be taken good care

C.look the same D.be taken good care of

( )4.The same information____ read or _____ on the website.

A.can be;listened to B.can be;listened C.can; listen D.can; listen to

( )5.Young trees should ____ every day.

A. water B.watered C be watering D.be watered

( )6.They have made a plan to ____ the enemy.

A.win B.lose C.get D.defeat

( )7. Great changes___ in the small town already.

A.took place B.have taken place C.have been taken place D were taken place

( )8.An online magazine means paper won’t __ any longer.

A.need B.be needed C. be using D.use


( )9. Stamps are used for __ letters.

A.send B.to send C.sending D.sent

( )10. Jim works hrd on his Chinese and ___.

A.so Lucy does B.so is Lucy C.so does Lucy D.so lucy is

( )11.__ I know,he isn’t coming today.

A.Even though B.As for C.As far D As far as

( )12.Many people think that many things ___ by computers in the near future. A.can replace B.can replaced C can be replaced

D.can be replacing

( )13.—Make sure you look after my MP4 player well. OK?

— _____ . A. Here it is . B.Brillant C.Nice work D.Promise

( )14.I have ____ things to do. A.couple B. a couple

C. a couple of D. a couple with

( )15. Paper is made ___ wood.

A.of B.by C.form D.up of

( )16.—Can you __ this novel __ me?

—You’d better ___ it __ the library. A.lend ,from ;borrow, to

B.borrow,to ;lend,from C.lend ,to; borrow, from

D.borrow, form; lend, to

( )17.I can’t hear clearly. Could you ___ the radio a bit?

A. turn on B.turn up C.turn off D.turn down


( )18.Many foreigners perfer things that are made in China___.

A.with hand B.in hands C.by hands D. by hand

( )19.Chinese people in the accient times printed books by putting ink ___ a wooden block and holding the paper __ it.

A.in, on B.in, against C.on, in D.on ,against

( )20.She likes swimming rather than __ football.

A.plays B.playing C.played D.play



( ) 1. Which of the two hotels can we swim at ?

A.Beijing Hotel . B.Changcheng Hotel . C.Neither .


( ) 2. Which departure date should we choose to save the most money ?

A.June 8 , 2007 . B.July 29 , 2007 .

C.August 30 , 2007 . D.September 30 , 2007 .

( ) 3. We cannot book by telephone at .

A.9:00am , Monday B.9:00pm , Thursday

C.9:00am , Friday D.9:00pm , Sunday

( )4.How many nights do we stay in Beijing?

A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5

( )5. How can we book it?

A. online B.call C.email D.both A and B


Mr. Brown are going away for a week. Before he left, he said to his son, " If anyone asks for me, you can tell him that your father has been out for doing something, and will be back in a week, then be sure to ask him to sit down for a cup of tea."

"OK, Dad," said his son. But Mr. Brown was afraid his son couldn't remember this, he wrote these words down on a piece paper and gave it to his son. His son put it to the small pocket, took it out and looked it every now and then.

Four days passed, but no one came to see his father. The boy thought 4

that no one came and that piece of paper was of no more use for him, so he burnt(燃烧) it that evening.

The next evening, someone knocked at the door. The boy opened it. A man was standing at the door and said, "Where is your father?" The boy put his hand into his pocket at once and looked for the piece of paper. He couldn't find it. He suddenly remembered that he had burnt it, so he shouted, "No more."

The man was surprised. He asked, "No more? I met your father last week. When did it happen?"

"Burnt yesterday evening."

6. Mr Brown told his son that _________.

A. he would be away from home for four days.

B. he would be back in seven days.

C. he would be back in a month

D. he liked a cup of tea

7. Mr Brown wrote the words down on _________.

A. on the wall B. the door

C. a piece of paper D. his son's pocket

8. A man came to visit the boy's father on________

A. the second day B. the third day

C. the fourth day D. the fifth day

9. The man was very surprised because_________


A. he thought the boy's father was dead

B. the child didn't ask him to sit down C. the child gave him a cup of tea D. he couldn't find that piece of paper

10. What was burnt? ________.

A. The piece of paper B. Mr Brown

C. The visitor D. The boy


When I was about twelve years old, a girl in my class liked to point out my shortcomings (缺点).

Week by week her list grew: I was very thin; I wasn't good at math; I talked too much; I was too proud, and so on. At last, I became very angry. I ran to my father with tears in my eyes.

He listened to me quietly, and then asked, "Are those things true or not? Jane, didn't you ever think about what you're really like? And he added, "Well, you have that girl's opinions (意见). Make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are true. I did as he told me. To my great surprise, I found out that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn't change, like being very thin, but many I could. Suddenly I wanted to change. For the first time I got a clear picture of myself.

I brought the list back to Daddy, and he said, "Now you know better about yourself. But you have to learn to listen, not just close your 6

ears and feel hurt. When something said about you is true, you'll find it will be of great help to you. Don't shut your ears. Listen to the truth, and do what you know is the right thing to do." Daddy's advice has returned to me at many important moments. In my life, I've never had a better piece.

11.When Jane was ______, a girl in her class liked to point out her shortcomings.

A. about 10 B. about 12 C. about 14 D. about 16

12.Jane thought she couldn't change one thing. It was that ______.

A. she was very thin B. she wasn't good at math

C. she talked too much D. she was too proud

13. What did Jane's father really mean by saying "Make a list of everything?"?

A. To listen to her classmate's opinions.

B. To take others' right and useful suggestions.

C. To find out what is right and what is wrong.

D. To know herself better and improve herself.

14. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. My Father B. My School Life

C. The Girl's Opinions D. The Best Advice

15. Who change the writer’s opinion?

A. Her father B.Her mother C.Her sister D.Her brother 7



16. Leave a note on your parents’ bedside table if___________.

A. your parents quarrel with each other

B. you find it difficult to talk with them

C. you want to be the best possible child

D. you go outside to your friend’s house

17. From the above we learn_________.

A. if we want to help do house work, parents always refuse us.


B. your parents will be hurt if you get angry back at a wrong time.

C. parents often ground children and control their use of the telephone

D. if we want to discuss with parents, we should wait till they are happy

18. The underlined word “compromise” probably means_________.

A. 抗争 B. 妥协 C. 承诺 D. 辩论

19. What’s the topic of the above?

A. How to cooperate with family and friends

B. Arguments between children and parents

C. Tips for teenagers on family problems

D. Advice on educating angry children

20. You can read the above _________.

A. in a magazine B. in a newspaper C. in a poster D. on the Internet



Someone says:"Time is money,"but I think time is even more (1)i_____ than money.Why?Because when money is spent,we can get it

(2)b____.However,when time is gone,it will never(3) r____.That's why we must't wast time.It goes without saying that the(4) t____is usually limited(有限的).Even a second is very important.We should make full use of our time to do(5) s____useful.But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time.They

(6)s___ their limited time smoking,drinking and (7)p____,They do not know that wasting time means wasting part of their own(8) l____.In a word,we should (9)s___ time.We shouldn't leave today's work for tomorrow.Remember we have n____time to lose.



Jerry comes from Pairs, France. Two years ago, he (1) ______ (fly) to China with his parents. They (2)_______ (live) in Beijing now. His parents both teach French in a university and Jerry studies in a primary school. He likes the school and (3)___(get) on well with his teachers and classmates. His family like traveling. Jerry with his parents (4) ______ (visit) many great places of 11

interest since they came to China. They think China is a beautiful country.

Now Jerry (5)______ (speak) only a little Chinese, but he works very hand. Every day, he asks his classmates (6)___( help) him learn Chinese and he spends 30 minutes (7)______ (practice) it very day. He is sure he will speak Chinese very well.

Last weekend, his family went shopping. The shops were very crowded and Jerry got lost. It made his parents (8)________ (feel) worried. Luckily, he (9)______ (find) by a kind man at last. Next month, they (10)______ (go) to Hainan for the summer vacation


Mr King worked in a shop and drove a car for the manager. He drove carefully and could stay cook in time of danger. And he escaped from several accidents.

Mr Baker, one of his friends, worked in a factory outside the city. (1) It's far from his house and he had to go to work by bus. As the traffic was heavy in the morning, sometimes he was late for work. His manager said the young man would be sent away unless he got to his office on time. Mr Baker hoped to buy a car, but he didn't have enough money. Then he decided to buy an old one. He went to the market and at last he chose a beautiful but cheap car. He said he wanted 12

to have a trial drive, the seller agreed.He asked Mr King to help him.

Mr King examined the car at first and then drove it away. It was five in the morning. (2) There were few cars in the street. (3) At first he drove slowly and it worked well. Then he drove fast. And when he reached a crossing, the lights turned red. He tried to stop it, but he failed and nearly hit an old woman. A policeman told him to stop, but the car went on until it hit a big tree by the road. "(4) Didn't you hear me?" the policeman asked angrily. "Yes, I did, sir," said Mr King, "but the car didn't."

1. 写出(1)处划线句子的同义词。

It's far from his house and he had to a bus work.

2. 将(2)处划线句子改为反意疑问句。 There were few cars in the street, ___ _ ?

3. 把 (3) 处划线句子译成汉语。

4. 用don't和know 仿造一个与 (4) 处划线句子相似的句子。


5. Why did Mr Baker want to buy an old car?(根据短文内容回答问题)



提示词: capital of China, lie in the north, many places interest,autumn ,best season, Chinese traditional food... of 14

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