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九年级上 U1-Sb-P3

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Unit One

How do you study for a test?

Section B Period 3

Words & Expressions (P5)
pronounce 发……音 spoken 口语的; 口头的 slowly 慢地; 缓慢地 mistake 错误; 过失; 误解 make mistakes 犯错; 出错 逗号 comma 挑战 challenge (问题、疑难等的) 解决; 解答 solution

Words & Expressions (P6)
later on realize afraid be afraid of laugh at complete term trouble fast
以后; 随后 认识到; 了解到 怕的; 害怕的 害怕去做…… 笑话; 取笑 (某人) 完整的; 完全的 学期 困难; 苦恼; 忧虑 快地; 迅速地

Find out your own difficulties in learning English. ? I have a problem. I can’t remember the new words. ? I can’t pronounce some of the words. ? I can’t understand spoken English. ? I always make mistakes in grammar.

? I read very slowly.

? I don’t know how to speak
English well.

? You should read English aloud.

? Listening can help you.

? Why don’t you join an English

language club to practice speaking?
? Would you mind remembering new

words by flashcards?
? Please try to talk with your friends in English as much as possible.



Ask your partners their problems in learning English. Then give your advice. You can use these to give your advice:

?You can ______________________________. ?You should ______________________________. ?You could ______________________________. ?Maybe you can ______________________________. ?Why don’t you ______________________________? ?Why not ______________________________?


Paul is learning English. Listen and check ( ) the learning challenges he talks about.

Ms Mitchell: You look worried, Paul. Paul: I am, Ms Mitchell. I’m having trouble learning English. Ms Mitchell: You said you liked English. What’s the problem?

Paul: I can’t get the pronunciation right.
Ms Mitchell: Well, listening can help. Why don’t you borrow the teacher’s tapes? You can listen to them at home and repeat the sentences that are difficult for you. Paul: That’s a good idea. But what about all the new words? I forget a lot of new words.

Ms Mitchell: You can always write the new words in your notebook and study them at home. You can even study in the train on the way to school. That might really help! Thanks. Ms Mitchell: Can you understand when people talk to you?

Paul: Well, no. Not always. Sometimes I just don’t understand what people are saying. Ms Mitchell: Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English? The English club meets after school on Tuesday and Thursday.

Paul: Maybe I’ll go. The only other problem I have is that I don’t get much writing practice. Ms Mitchell: Maybe you should find a pen pal. Paul: That sounds like a fun way to practice writing. Thanks, Ms Mitchell.

2 a. __ You can always write the new words in your notebook and study them at home. b. __ You sh

ould find a pen pal. 5 c. __ Listening can help. 1 3 d. __ Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English?

Challenges can’t get the pronunciation right.


Listening can help.



You can always write the new words in forget a lot of your notebook and new words study them at home. can’t always Why don’t you join understand an English language when people club to practice talk to me speaking English?

don’t get much writing practice

Solutions You should find a pen pal.


表示顺序或承接的连词或词组: first of all 首先 to begin with 一开始 later on 后来,随后 also 也,而且(用于肯定句) either 也(用于否定句) so 因此 then 然后

? What did the writer think of last year’s English class? ? Why did the writer think so?
? How did the writer improve English? ? What do the writer think of the English now?

True or false
The writer found learning English difficult because… 1.The teacher’s pronunciation was F poor.

2. People always laughed at her when she spoke. F

3. She had trouble making complete sentences. T 4. English grammar was difficult. T 5. Going out with English speaking friends. F 6. Lots of listening practice. T 7. Using grammar in original sentences. T

After reading 3a, complete the conversation in pairs.
A: I’m glad to hear that you got an A in English this term. B: Thanks a lot. A: Did you have any difficulties in learning English last year? B: Yes. To begin with, 1________________. A: Really? B: Later on, I realized 2_________________.

A: Can’t you speak in class? B: No. and I couldn’t always make complete sentences. A: How did you improve it? B: 3___________________. It helped a lot. A: How did you learn English grammar? B: 4__________________________.


A possible version: Dear Li Lei, I know it isn’t easy to learn English well, but I have some ideas that may help. You said you couldn’t understand people who talked fast. Well, you can try to listen for the most important words, not every word. You can also do lots of

listening practice. I think it’s one of the secrets of becoming a good language learner. Another thing that I think important is English grammar. In order to learn it well, you have to take a lot of grammar notes in every class. You can write English sentences using the grammar you

are learning. You can also read more English books. Reading is as important as listening for us to learn English well. If you do so, I believe that you can learn English very well later on. Yours, Meimei

Write a letter telling a friend how to become a better language learner.

Dear_____, I know it isn’t easy to learn _____, but I have some ideas that may help. You can try to _______________ _______________ _______________ yours __________

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