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Unit 5
Do you want to watch a game show?

Section A

Look at the picture and answer:

What kind of TV show is it?

Quiz Show 《开心辞典》 game show 知识竞赛节目

Tell it like it is 《实话实说》

talk show 脱口秀


soap opera

sports show

sitcom (situation comedy)

game show


hope English

Chinese culture

Chinese cooking

Animal World

Weather Report

What do you think of talk shows?

I can’t stand them.

What do you think of soap operas?

I don’t like them.

What do you think of sports shows?

I like them.

What do you think of sitcoms?

I don’t mind them.

What do you think of game shows?

I love them.

What do you think of weather reports ?

I like them.

Do you like movies?
What kind of movie is it?

It’s a comedy.
What do you think of it?

It’s relaxing.

What do you think of… ? I … him / her …

What does Mark think of TV shows?
Mark loves game shows. He likes sports shows. But he doesn’t like soap operas. He doesn’t mind sitcoms. He can’t stand talk shows. game show sports show


soap opera

talk show

What do these faces mean?
Love like don’t mind don’t like can’t stand

Make your own conversations.
A: What do you think of game shows ? B: I don’t like them . C: What does he /she think of game shows ? D: He / She doesn’t like them.

The ways to express likes and dislikes a. Expressing likes
1. I (really) enjoy … 2. I like watching TV / playing football / … 3. I quite like … 4. I think Dumpling King is interesting.

b. Expressing dislikes 1. I don’t like dancing. 2. I don’t think / find dancing is interesting. 3. I can’t stand the music. 4. I don’t mind watching the TV show.

1. think of 认为
What do you think of…?

=How do you like …?

What do you think of Chinese food?
= How do you like Chinese food?

I like it…

2. I don’t mind them. 我不介意他们。 mind 介意;在乎。多用于以下句型:(表 示请求或征求意见)

Would you mind doing …?

Would you mind opening the door?
Do you mind …?

Do you mind my dog?

3. I can’t stand it! stand 忍受


(多用于否定句、疑问句)常与 can’t 连用 I can’t stand the movie! It is too boring!

can’t stand后接名次、代词和动词ing形式。 We can’t stand standing too long.
I can’t stand him any more.

1a Match the TV show with the pictures (a-g) 1.talk show ___ e 2 .soap opera ___ d

3. sports show ___ 4. sitcom ___ b c

g 5. game show ___ 6. talent show __ a f 7. news ___

1.educational adj. 有教育意义的 education n. This is an educational movie.
2.plan v. n. 计划

I am planning to go shopping.
Let us make a plan.

3.hope v. n. 希望
I hope to relax at home. 4.find out 查明 Let us find out the truth.

5.discussion n. 讨论

discuss v.

He is having a discussion with his friends about his

plan. 6.happen v. 发生 I want to know what happens next.

7.may v. 可能
I may be late tomorrow.

8.expect v. 预料;期待
I expect good news. I expect to visit Beijing. 9.joke n. 笑话 He likes telling jokes.

3a Make a conversation and then practice it with a partner. A: What do you plan to watch on TV tonight? B: I hope to _________________, but I watch a talk show watch a game show also want to ______________ . How about you? Do you watch to watch a ____________ talk show or a game show ? __________ A: Oh, I want to ________________. watch a talk show

I don’t like them.

I like to watch cross talk.

No ,I don’t .

I can expect to learn something about our country from the news.

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