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Section C
一.单词 competition follow 二.词组 So that more and more……



Section D
? 一.单词: tired habit fresh fruit ? 二.词组: instead of build … up have fun doing sth ? 三.句子: 15-year-old = 15 years

Topic3 Section A
? 一.单词: 三.句子: foreign 1.join in maybe/perhaps 2. take part in ? 二.词组: 3.first time to have fun 4.Maybe/perhaps lots of/a lot of =may be get/be ready for…… made friends

Section B
? 一.单词:

pick stick hit congratulation ? 二.句子: 1. make it 2. shall 3.will be

? 一.单词: diary winner finish encourage improve environment ? 二.句子: be able to

Section C

Section D
? 一.单词:

modern symbol ring ? 二.词组: a/the symbol of stand for at least

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