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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.

Section A

Study Task
? 1. Revise how to describe people. ? 2. Learn the new words and phrases. ? 3. Complete Section A—1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c. ? 4. Grasp the usage of ―used to‖. ? 5. Practice your listening.


Look at the pictures and describe the people.

short, tall, fat, straight hair, curly hair, long hair

How can we describe the personality?







in the past
Kate used to be short.


Kate is tall now. But she was very short in the past.

? I used to be afraid of the dark. ? 我过去怕黑. ? ―used to +动词原形” 表示过去的习惯或过去经常反复 发生的动作或状态 (现在已经不再存在)。 ? 有一种形式,即过去式,用于所有人称。否定形式为 used not to do,疑问形式为Used you to…? Used he to…? ? 例如: I used to be short. ? He used to like playing games. 但日常口语中常用助动词did,例如:
You used to be short. Did you use to be short? He used to play tennis. Did he use to play tennis?


Ye Feng Ms. Lee

Sep 18, 2006
tall long hair

Sep 18, 1994
short short hair

Mr. Liu



Complete 1a

参考词汇: fat, heavy, medium height, medium build, curly

hair, long /short hair, friendly, kind, beautiful, ugly

Complete 1a

What are they doing? What did…use to be like?


short Mario used to be ______. He used to wear glasses ______. Amy used to be _____. tall She used to have short ____ hair. curly Tina used to have ______ and _______ hair. red

quiet outgoing

sport s

1. I’m more interested in sports.
be interested in 对……感兴趣

interested 主语是人
interesting 主语是物

2. I’m on the swim team. 我参加了游泳队。
3. People sure change. 人们肯定会变化的。

Practice the conversation in activity 2b. Then make conversations about yourselves.

A: I used to be really quiet.
B: I know. Now you’re very outgoing.

Ask your group members question and fill in the chart, then do a report.

Name What did he /she use to like /hate to do?

Report: XX used to like… He /She used to hate…


1. Recite the conversation in 2b. 2. Make a new conversation about your past look. 3. Prepare for the next class.


Talk about your partner's photos in the past and make a conversation about your change.

1. 我年轻时个子很矮。

I used to be very short.
2. —你过去是直发吗? —是的。

Used you to have straight hair?
– Yes, I used.
3. —你过去弹钢琴吗? —不,我不弹。

Used you to play the piano? – No, I used not. I 4. 我过去走着上学。 used to walk to school.


used to be 1. I ____________(我过去) really quiet. used to have You _____________ (过去有) long hair. Used you to have 2. ________________ (你过去有) str

aight hair? Yes, I used.
used to play football 3. I _____________________ (过去常常踢足球) after school.

used not to smoke 4. He __________________(过去不抽烟) = didn’t used to smoke He _______________________.

(1) Mario, short, used to, be

Mario used to be short. _________________________
(2) short hair, she, used to, have

She used to have _________________

short hair.

(3) Amy, didn’t, used to, short, be, you, ?

Amy, didn’t you used to be _______________________________short?
(4) use to, did, you, piano, the, play, ?

Did you used to play the piano? ___________________________________
(5) change, sure, people _________________________

I used to be afraid of snakes. But now I’m not afraid of them. How about you?

speaking in front of a group

big dogs

high places

3a Here is a list of things many people are afraid of. Which of these things did you use to be afraid of? Which ones are you still afraid of? Put checks (?) in the first two columns. I My partner I used to be I’m still afraid of… afraid of… a. the dark b. being alone c. snakes d. flying in an airplane e. big dogs f. high places g. speaking in front of a group My partner My partner used to be is still afraid of… afraid of…

A: Did you use to…
B: Yes, I did.

A: Are you still afraid of…

3b PAIRWORK Now ask your partner. Put checks (?) in the last two columns.
A: Did you use to be afraid of the dark?

B: Yes, I did.
A: Are you still afraid of the dark? 使恐惧 be terrified of B: No, I’m not. How about you?

terrify v.使害怕;

A: Me? Oh, yes! I’m terrified of the dark. B: So, what do you do about it? A: I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.
入睡 adj.开着的;接通的; 工作着的


1. be afraid of +n. /ving

2. be terrified of
3. with the light on 1. 我们都怕蛇。 We are all afraid of snakes. ___________________________. 2. 我爸爸过去怕在大众面前讲话。

My father used to be afraid of speak in front of people. _________________________________________
3. 武松见到了老虎非常恐惧。

造 句 练 习

WuSong was terrified of meeting the tiger. ________________________________________.
4. 我从不开灯睡觉。 I never go to sleep with the light on. __________________________________________.

4 GROUPWORK What did you use to do when you were younger? What do you do now? Fill in the chart. Then talk about how you have changed with your classmates.
Activity Past Now

read… watch…on TV

do…at school


你认为本课有哪些重要的单词, 短语和句子? Words: ____________________________________ Phrases: _____________________________________ Sentences: —————————————————


1. 她过去留短发,但现在长长了。
2. 过去我总是吃糖。

3. 我过去是足球队员。
4. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉。 5. 我过去害怕独自一个人呆着。

6. 我仍然害怕在大众面前说话

What did your parents use to do when they were children? How is it different from what you do? Fill in the chart.

books music sports favorite things

my parents

favorite subject

Study Task
? 1. 词汇学习: insect, candy, chew, gum, chat, daily, comic ? 2. 语法探究: used to ? 3. 课本操练: ? Section B-1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a ? Listening and reading

New words

What did you use to like when you were a child?

gym class, painting pictures, music class, insects

1a Check (?) the things you used to like when you were a child. gym class painting pictures music class spiders and other insects 1b PAIRWORK What other things did you use to like to do when you were a child? Write sentences in the box. Then discuss them with a partner.

Used you to like tests? Did you use to hate gym class? Did you use to walk to school? Did you use to be on the soccer team? 2a Listen and check (?) the sentences you hear.

1. ? I didn’t use to like tests. 2. ? We used to walk to school. 3. ? I used to hate gym class. 4. I used to be on the soccer team.

2b Listen again. What do the girl and the boy say about things in the past and now? Fill in the chart. In the past Now I didn’t use to like tests . I don’t worry about tests . We used to play every We study all the time. day after school. We have to take the bus to school. We used to walk to school. I love gym. I used to hate gym .

3b Complete this letter. Use the information from the chart in activity 2b.
How I’ve change! My life has changed a lot in the last few years. My daily life is different and I used to like different things when I was a child. For example, I didn’t use to like tests. Now I don’t mind them. Iused to hate gym . Now it’s my favorite class. I used to play every day after school . Now, I study all the time . I used to walk to

school. Now, I take a bus to school .

1. Do you have much time these days? Did you use to have much time when you were young?
2. What did you use to do before you went to high school? Talk about your whole day?

3a Read the story about Rose Tang’s problems and then complete the chart. My biggest problem My biggest problem is that I’m too busy. When I was young, I used to have so much time, but these days I get up early and stay in school all day. Then I go right home and eat dinner. Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends, but I just don’t have the time anymore. In the evening, I used to watch TV or chat with my grandmother, but now I have to study. I love music, and my father used to take me to concerts. These days, I hardly ever have time for concerts. I do my homework and go to bed. I really miss the old days. so much +不可数名词so right adv. 直接地 chat…with 与…闲聊 many +可数名词 hardly ever (= almost never) 几乎从不

Rose Tang then had so much time.

Rose Tang now

gets up early and stays in school all day. spent a lot of time pl

aying no time for playing games. games with friends. has to study. watched TV or chat with no time for concerts. her grandmother.
went to concerts with her father. does homework and goes to bed.

1. Review this class.

2. Complete your exercises.
3. Re-tell the text.

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