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2013年秋季人教版8年级Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show Section B-1a-1e

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?

?Do you like watching movies?
?Do you know the kinds of movies? Which kind do you

like best? Why ?

The kinds of the movies:

action movie




['k?m?d? ] 喜剧


Scary movie 恐怖片

Other kinds of movies:

science fiction 科幻电影

documentary 纪录片 [d?kju'ment?r?]

romance 爱情片

war movie 战争片

Beijing opera 京剧



1a What do you think of these TV shows and movies? Choose words from the box and write them under the pictures. educational relaxing exciting serious boring wonderful

meaningless enjoyable

soap opera boring _________

game show __________ enjoyable

talk show educational ________

sports show exciting —————

News serious _____

comedy relaxing _________

cartoon __________ enjoyable

talent show educational ________

action movie exciting —————

scary movie _____ meaningless

1b Listen and circle the description words you hear in the box in 1a.

educational relaxing exciting

serious boring


meaningless enjoyable

1c Listen again. Write down the words John and Mary use to describe the TV shows or movies. John Action movies exciting Scary movie Game shows exciting Mary

meaningless relaxing relaxing wonderful

Talk shows

boring boring enjoyable

1d Tell your partner what John and Mary like to watch and why. Then tell your partner what you like to watch and why.
John wants to watch talk shows

because they’re enjoyable. Ilike
to watch action movies because they’re exciting.


1. Cheng Long is a f ________ movie star. amous
2. My grandfather likes Beijing O _______ pera

a lot.
3. I have a lot of work today. I’m very b usy _____.

4. My classmates often help me. They are
f ________ to me. riendly

5. The story is very i nteresting ________.The children like
reading it.

6. What movie do you like best? My f avorite ______ movie is Titanic.

7. Where’s my key? I can’t f ________ it. ind
8. Speed is a very successful action movie. I

think it’s e ________. xciting
9. Xu Beihong(徐悲鸿) is a Chinese

a ________. ctor
10. I think thrillers are s ________. I don’t cary

want to see them.

1. 你喜欢什么样的电影? 喜剧。 What ____ of ________ do you like? kind movies I like comedies. 2. 他不喜欢京剧, 因为京剧太没意思了。 doesn’t He ______ like Beijing Opera, it boring because ___ is very _______.

3. 他是我最喜欢的演员, 我认为他很 出色。 He is my _______ actor. I ______ he favorite think great is ______. 4. 她认为喜剧很有趣, 所以经常和朋友 去看喜剧。 thinks She ________ comedies are very funny often goes ______, so she _____ ______ to see with comedies ______ her friends.

三.单项选择 1. What do you ________ do? B A. want B. want to C. like D. to like 2. My grandfather _____

___ stay ________ home C and watch TV. A. like, at B. like, in C. likes to, at D. likes to, in 3.________ kind of movies ________ Lucy like? A A.What, does B.What, do C.What’s, does D.Which, do

4.________ a word, we can learn a lot B ________ Chinese history.
A.For, for C.For, about B.In, about D.In, for

5. Gina likes action movies, ________ she doesn’t D

like thrillers.
A.and B.so

A.nineth C.the nineth

B.ninth D.the ninth

D 6. September is ________ month of the year.

7.I don’t like action movies. I think they’re ________. A A.boring C.interesting A.well B.difficult D.exciting B.thriller

8.— How is the new movie? — It is ________. D



1. Write your movie review using the notes in 3b. 2. Make a survey and then make a report.
S1 action movies comedies Cartoons Scary movies Beijing Opera S2 Why

3. Write a movie review about your favorite movie.

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