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人教版八年级英语上册1~2单元综合测试卷及答案-Go for it

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八年级英语上学期Unit 1-2单元测试

姓名: 得分

Ⅰ. 单项选择。(30分)

1. Today is day at school.

A. first B. the my first C. my first D. my the first

2. In the first picture, he a little boy.

A. looks B. like C. looks like D. look at

3. —Your sweater looks nice. Is it wool?

—Yes, it is.

A. made of B. made in C. made for D. made from

4. Danny is playing and Tom is playing A. piano, football B. a piano, a football

C. piano, the football D. the piano, football

5. Mr. Smith asked Jenny some new words and let her to on the blackboard.

A. write them down B. write it down

C. write down it D. write down them

6. Jack to _______ China five weeks ago and he ________ back to school tomorrow.

A. went; was B. go; come

C. went; will be D. has gone; will come

7. I’m glad ________ the good news that he joined the Party.

A. to hear B. hearing C. of hearing D. for hearing

8. Jenny plays ________ piano, and I play ________ basketball every day.

A. /; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; /

9. He ________ reading, but he ________ to read this novel (小说).

A. enjoys; doesn’t enjoy B. likes; dislikes

C. likes; doesn’t dislike D. enjoys; likes

10. On Sunday morning, I want to do _______.

A. someone different B. different something

C. something different D. different someone

11. A young man ________ John bought this expensive painting.

A. name B. call C. named D. calls

12. We have to ________ the wall ________.

A. have; painted green B. paint; green

C. get; to paint green D. paint; to make green

13. John Brown is our English teacher. We call him ________.

A. Mr. John B. Mrs. Brown C. Mr. Brown D. Sir John

14. He is ready ________ someone to his class.

A. introduce B. introduced C. to introduce D. introducing

15. I’m full (我饱了). I can’t eat ______.

A. another B. other C. some D. any more


1. I also go to the cinema. (改为否定句)

知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 1 -


I _____ go to the cinema, ______.

2. Last Saturday my mother bought me a new watch. (改为同义句)

Last Saturday my mother ______ a new watch ______ me.

3. Jenny is in Class 2. Brian is in Class 2, too. (改为同义句)

Jenny and Brian are in ______ ______ class. 对划线部分提问)

______ ______ _______ Mr. Green _______ in the hospital?

5. May I have another question? (改为同义句)

May I have ______ ______ question?


Jane is a nice girl and likes small animals. On her way back from school afternoon, she always stops the animals in the pet(宠物)shop. She likes to see the dogs. One of them is a little white dog, and Jane likes it the dog in the pet shop. She often forgets(忘记) the time. So she comes home very . One day her parents asked she was late. Jane told them about the dog in the pet shop.

The next day Jane stopped to look the window of the pet shop, but she could not the dog. She was very sad and went home early.

When she home, her mother showed her a big cake and her father gave her the little white dog from the pet shop. It was her birthday. Jane was very glad. From that day, she did not come home late. She ran home early to play with the little white dog every day.

1. A. each one B. every C. this D. ×

2. A. looking at B. looks at C. to look at D. looked at

3. A. very many B. very much C. very D. little

4. A. watches B. watch C. see D. saw

5. A. to play B. play C. played D. plays

6. A. late B. early C. fast D. first

7. A. what B. why C. when D. where

8. A. at B. to C. into D. onto

9. A. looked B. looked at C. saw D. see

10. A. got B. got to C. arrived in D. arrived at

Ⅴ. 阅读理解。(20分)


Do you have to carry a heavy bag to school? Does it make your back (背部) hurt? Well, students at a high school in Kansas (堪萨斯州), America, have a meeting with their city’s mayor to complain (抱怨) about their heavy bags. They say their bags are giving them headaches, and making their necks (脖子) and backs hurt. The mayor says he is very sorry. He says students may do more of their homework on the Internet (国际互联网) to give their back a rest.

1. A heavy bag may make students __.

A. headache B. earache C. toothache D. A, B and C

知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 2 -


2. Kansas is in__.

A. China B. America C. Australia D. Canada

3. The students talk about their heavy bags to__.

A. the mayor B. their parents C. their teachers D. their friends

4. “Mayor”in Chinese means__.

A.校长 B. 队长 C. 市长 D. 省长

5. The mayor says__.

A. he has a headache B. he wants the students to do more homework

C. he is sorry D. he has to work hard


We talked to 300 people. One hundred were from 11 to 18 years old. One hundred were from 19 to 26. One hundred were 27 to 35 years old. We asked them what they like to do on weekends. Please look at the chart.

Favourite things to do (by age)

6. People of 19-26 most enjoy A. taking a walk B. playing computer games

C. watching TV D. going to the movies


A. talking a walk B. watching TV

C. going to the movies D. playing computer games

8. How many people enjoy playing computer games in the 19-26 group?

A. 75 B. 60 C. 25 D.50

9. Which things do most people enjoy doing?

A. Watching TV and playing computer games.

B. Playing computer games and taking a walk.

C. Going to the movies and watching TV.

D. Taking a walk and watching TV.

10. Which of these sentences is true?

A. People aged 27-35 like playing computer games best.

B. People aged 11-18 like going to the movies best.

C. People aged 19-26 enjoy playing computer games more than watching TV. 知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 3 -


D. Both A and C.

八年级上册Unit2What’s the matter?SectionA第一课时达标测试题(A)

一、通过本节课(1a),你掌握了那些身体器官? 并口头按从上到下的顺序排序。

1.a______ 2. b_______ . e_______ 4. e___________ 5. f_____ 6.h__________ 7.s________ 8.t_______ 9.m__________ 10.l______


1.What’s the mwith you,Tom?

2.I’m so tbecause it’s hot today and I walked for a long time.

(lie) on the grass and looking at the sky.


1.我牙痛。I _________ a ________________.

2.我累了。I am ___________.

3.你头痛吗?_________you _________ a ______________?

八年级上册Unit2What’s the matter?SectionA第一课时达标测试题(B)


1.If you have a t__________ , you should see a dentist.

2.The little girl’s i_________ (ill) is very serious, we must take her to the hospital at once.

3. ---I have a sore throat.

---You should drink lots of w_________.

4.She has a fever .She should lie down and r__________. 5. I’m not feeling w________, I have a cold.


1. I don’t feel _________ today , I feel as if I ‘m going to be sick.

A. nice B. good C. well D.badly

2. There is something wrong ________ my throat.

A. for B. in C. at D. with

3.He is not __________well.

A. feel B. feeling C. should feel D. felt

4. ------- What’s the matter?


A. I’m coming in a minute B.I have a bad cold.

C. I’m going to buy some food. D.I watched TV last night.

5.---- Do you have a toothache?

----__________ A.Yes , I am B.Yes ,I don’t. C. No ,I do . D. No , I don’t.

6.----- Are you tired?


A. Yes, I do .B. Yes ,I am not .C. Yes, I am. D. No , I am.

7.-----What about playing football?


知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 4 -


A. That’s a good idea. B. I’m tired. C. Let’s go . D. Yes , I like.

八年级上册Unit2What’s the matter?SectionA第一课时达标测试题(C)


1.一个好主意___________ 2.have a fever ___________

3.lots of water ____________ 4.后背痛

5.去看牙医 6.躺下___________

7.休息 8.热的蜜茶


1. 你怎么了?_____________________________________________?

2. 我牙痛。 ____________________________________________.

4. 我认为这样___________________________________________.


1. 你应该去睡觉。You ________ _______ ______ bed.

2.你不应该吃任何东西。You __________ eat __________.

知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 5 -



一、1.arm 2. back 3. eye 4. ear 5. face /foot

6. hair 7.stomach 8.tooth 9.mouth 10.leg

二、1.matter 2.tired 3.lying 4.toothache

三、1.have toothache 2.tired 3. Do have headache


一、1.toothache 2.illness 3. water 4.rest 5.well

二、1.C 2.D 3. B 4.B 5.D 6.C 7. A


一、1.a good idea 2. 发烧 3. 许多水 4.have a sore back

5. go to see a dentist 6.lie down 7.have a rest /rest

8.hot tea with honey

二、1.What’s the matter? /What’s the matter with you?

三、1. should go to 2. shouldn’t anything


Ⅰ. 1-5 CCADA 6-10 CADBC 11-15 CBCCD

Ⅱ 1. don’t; either 2. bought; for 3. the same

4. How long has; worked 5. one more

Ⅲ. 1-5 BCBAB 6-10 ABCDA

Ⅴ. 1-5 ABACC 6-10 CCBCB

知识的传播不再是一种给予而是一种需求,一种渴求,这是课堂追求的最高境界! - 6 -

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