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Review Unit 1
1.一般过去时 2.复合不定代词 3.常用常考短语

用所给词的适当形式填空。 ? 1.She ____(have) an exciting party last night. had ? 2.She________(not visit) her aunt last weekend. didn’t visit do ? 3.---What ___you___(do) last Saturday did afternoon. watched read ? ---He _______(watch) TV and ____(read) an interesting book. ? 4.---___he practice ______(practice) the guitar yesterday? Did ? ---No, he didn’t. write did 5.---When ___you_____(write) this song? ? ---I _____(write) it last year. wrote

1.There was some water in the cup.
There wasn’t any water in the cup. 否定句: 一般疑问句: Was there any water in the cup? 肯定回答: Yes, there was. 否定回答: No, there wasn’t.

2.Lucy did her homework last night.
否定句: Lucy didn’t do her homework last night. 一般疑问句: Lucy do her homework last night? Did 肯定回答:Yes, she did. 否定回答:No, she didn’t.

3.I got up at six this morning.
否定句: I didn’t get up at six this morning. Did 一般疑问句: you get up at six this morning? 肯定回答:Yes,I did. 否定回答:No, I didn’t.


something, anything, everything, nothing, anyone

anything 1.Did you do_______ interesting on your vacation? Everything 2._________in Sanya was really interesting. anyone 3.Did you go to the movies with ______ last night. something 4.I bought ________ for my parents, but _____ nothing for myself. anything 5.Why didn’t you buy _______ special for yourself. something 6.I ate _________delicious at the restaurant last Tuesday.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.决定做某事 2.想要做某事


decide to do sth want to do sth; would like to do sth; feel like doing sth 3.帮助某人做某事 help sb. (to) do sth. 4.玩得开心 have fun; have a great time; enjoy oneself 5.喜欢做某事 enjoy doing sth. 6.到达 get to; arrive in/at 7.忘记要做某事 forget to do sth 8.忘记做了某事 forget doing sth 9.开始做某事 start doing/ to do sth 10.停止做某事 stop doing sth.


? ?

? ?

? ? ? ?

stop to do sth 11.停下来去做另一件事 12.如此·· ·以至于·· ·that·· · so·· · 13.在某人回家的路上 one’s way home on 14.·· ·怎么样? what/how about+n./V-ing 15.去爬山 go to the mountains 16.去海边 go to the beach 17.去夏令营 go to summer camp 18.待在家 stay 19.乘坐火车 at home take a train 20.拍照 take photos

一. 请写出下列动词的过去式
is/am__________ go _______ visit___________ are ________ make________ help______ give________ tell________ buy _______ see ______ study_________ write_______ play__________ do_______ have_______ find ________ eat ________ sit_________ teach ______ think ________

二、单选题 ( )1.He helped me _____ my lost book. A. found B. find C. finding ( )2. I don’t want to go to the museum , it’s too ____

A. relaxing B. boring C. awful D. beautiful ( )3. Yesterday afternoon , we ____to the park. A. went B. go C. goes D. goed ( )4.It’s cold ,so we decided _____ at home. A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed ( )5. –How were the people? ---They ____ unfriendly. A. was B were C. are D. is ( )6. I have only ten yuan with me,__ I can't buy the expensive CD A.though B. but C. so D. because ( )7. Today is Children's Day. There are lots of people in Happy Valley. It's very _____. A. busy B. uncrowded C. hot D. crowded

( )8. I didn’t have any money for a taxi , ______ I walked back to the hotel. A. and B. because C. so D. or ( )9.She didn’t ____ me about it . A. told B. tell C. telling D tells ( )10 ______ was the food in the restaurant? A. How many B. Why C. How D. Where ( )11. –Where ___she _____ on vacation? ---She ____ her uncle. A. did, go , visited B. does , go visited C. did , went , visited D. does , went , visit ( )12. Did you visit your grandma on Friday evening? —No, I ______ to a wonderful movie with my mother. A. didn't go B. went C. go D. did went

三 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1. Kate (not do) her homework last night. 2.My mother and I (be) in Beijing last Sunday. 3.We (see) an interesting movie on TV yesterday. 4.They want (buy) some tomatoes. 5. I ____________( not visit ) the Great Wall(长城) last summer. I_______(go) to Qingdao for my vacation. 6. Bod’s father _____ (be) in Toronto yesterday. 7.--_____Nancy ______(go) to New York City three days ago? -- Yes. She______(go) there with her parents. 8. Mary _______ (stay) at home and _________ (study) for the exam last Sunday. 9.We ________(go) to the movie last night. The film _____(be) very good. 10.Everyone (enjoy) their weekend.

四. 句型转换 1、Lucy did her homework at home.(改否定句) Lucy _______ _______ her homework at home. 2、He saw some meat on the table.(变一般疑问句) ______ he _____ ______ meat on the table? 3、She stayed there last week.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ she _____ there? 4、There was some orange in the box.(变一般疑问句) _____ there _____ orange in the box? 5. She went to the beach last Sunday.(改为一般疑问句, 并做否定回答) she to the beach last Sundaay? No, she . 6. The weather was hot and humid.(改为否定句) The weather hot and humid.

7. I went to summer camp on vacation last week. (对划线部分提问) you on vacation last week. 8. They stayed at home on vacation. (对划线部分提问) they on vacation? 9. Jim went to Central Park.(改为一般疑问句, 并做肯定回答) Jim to Central Park? Yes, he . 10.Tina went to the mountains yesterday afternoon. ( 对划线部分提问) Tina go yesterday afternoon? 11.He wants to visit his uncle every day. (改为一般过去时) He visit his uncle every day.

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