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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?


What do you think you will read in the passage?

a dream His dream is to be the best football player in the future.

a hope She hopes to get better grades in the final exam.

1. If you hope to do something, it is very possible that it will come true in a short time.

2. If you dream of doing something, it will take a long time for it to come true.

Knowledge enlarging ( 知识扩展):
1.The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in _______. A. 北京 B. 伦敦 C. 巴塞罗那 D. 纽约

2. Who made a most famous speech in the world named I have a dream? A.华盛顿 B. 马丁· 路德· C. 林肯 金 D. 奥巴马

3. The smallest oceans in the world is _______. A. the Pacific Ocean C. the Indian Ocean B. the Atlantic (Ocean) D. the Arctic Ocean

Word learning :

sail v. sailor n. 航行,驾驶 Pacific n. 太平洋 finding n. findings 发现,发现物 (使)继续,坚持下去 continue v.doing sth./to do sth. 编程,规划,设计 programming n. 翻译员 translator n. 报道,报告 report v. 运动员 sportspeople n. 结论 draw a conclusion n. 态度 attitude n.

s___________ to travel on water by ship sail P__________ one of the biggest oceans Pacific f___________ something learnt as the result finding c___________ go on doing continue programming p______________ planning the system for a computer t___________ a person who translates from one translator language to another sportspeople s___________ persons who play or enjoy sports; c___________ the end ; decision; agreement conclusion a___________ ways of thinking, feeling or behaving attitude

Phrase learning :
梦想 dream of / about

许多 数以千计的 愿意做某事

as soon as possible one can/could
quite a few thousands of be willing to do sth.

坚持,不放弃 hold on to one’s dreams

Word guessing(猜词):
¤ When you read the passage, you need to read : with focus. A. 焦点 B. 重点 C. 集中 D.兴趣

¤ Adjust the speed you read according to the : amount of detail you need to take in. A. 订购 B. 包含 C. 取得 D.理解

Fast reading:
1.What do we dream about ? We dream about things that we’d like to do and things we hope to achieve in the future.

2.What are the two questions in the survey?
No1. What are the hopes of teenagers?

No2. What are the dreams of teenagers?

Slow reading

Read the passage and underline

the main ideas of each paragraph.
Or write in your own words.

(that) we’d like to do We all dream about things ___________________

(that) we hope to achieve and things ___________________
the same in the future. Are everybody’s dreams__________ ? hopes dreams We did a survey about _______ and _______,

thousands of students across China took part in it, here
are parts of the _______. findings

1. What would some students like to do? Why?
They would like to work as soon as possible, so that they can provide better lives for their parents.

2. What do other students hope to do? Why?
They hope to continue studying after finishing school and to go to university, because they want to do jobs they enjoy.

many students go on exciting trips quite a few students fly in the sky some students three students one student be volunteers at the Olympics

go to the moon; become famous
sail across the Pacific I want to fly in the sky freely!

The survey result:
Teenagers have ______________hopes; but they similar different dream of ______________ things. Hold on to your dreams, one day they may come true.


1题判断正误,2题完成句子,3、4简短回答问题,将文 中画线部分译成汉语。

1.To dream of sailing across Pacific is one of the most realistic dreams. ( F ) finishing your 2.What would you like to do after _______________ education __________. 3.What is important to students about the work they do? Doing the jobs they enjoy. 4. What example is given of an impossible dream? To be able to fly . 5. Many students reported that they they were willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. 许多学生都表明他们愿意为实现梦想而努力工作。


actor pilot

basketball player cook


Free talk:
What is your dream? What do you need to do for it? Make a list. e.g. My dream: to be a scientist 1. I need to study hard. 2. I am supposed to read widely about science. 3. … 4. …

1. Revise the words and phrases we learn in the reading. 2. Choose one of the two topics and write a short article. The best ways to achieve your dreams Holding on to your dreams

Difficult points
Here are some of the findings of a survey about hopes and dreams, in which thousands of students across China took part. in which …为非限定性定语从句。先行词为 survey。引导非限定性定语从句的关系代词只能 用which 。 in 与从句中的took part 构成短语 “参加”, in 不能省略。 e.g. This is an old house, in which my grandparents lived for 30 years.

Difficult points

in order that It seems some students would like to start work

as soon as possible, so that they can help provide

better lives for their parents. (1)It seems (that) 看起来\似乎……。 过去时 It seemed that …… 。 (2)so that 以便, 为了。引导目的状语从句,常与can, could, may, might, be able to 等连用。 e.g. He must get up early so that he can get the first bus.

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