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●基础巩固 (50分)


1. --Where are the brooms?

--You can’t see them, they are ____the door.

A. to B. of C. behind D. in

2. Who’s _____duty today?

A. in B. on C. to D. of

3. I can’t ride a horse _____ride a bike, ____my father can.

A and, and B. or, and C. or, but D. and. But

4. Take more ____,and you’ll be thinner and healthier.

A. meals B. homework C. medicine D. exercise

5. My friend, Li Ling invites me _____ his home.

A. for B. to C. on

6. When is the film _____?

A. begin B. start C. on D. show

7.--How__do you go to the cinema? --Twice a month.

A.always B.usually C.often D.never

8.--Would you like to go there with me? --________

A. Yes, I would like to. B. No, I wouldn’t.

C. Good idea. D. Why?

9. --Let him _______ down the stairs

--It’s dangerous.

A. not jumps B. not jump

C. not to jump D. not jumping

10. I can find a girl _____ under a big tree.

A. cry B. crying C. to cry D. cries

11. I like _____very much and I’d like ______with my friends this afternoon.

A. swimming, to swim B. to swim, swimming

C. swimming, swimming D. to swim, to swim

12. Two to one is __________.

A. 13: 58 B. 12:58 C. 1:02 D. 2:01

13. This is a painting ____ Van Goph.

A.on B.by C.to D.for

14. The boy ___ red trainers is my brother.

A. put on B. wears C. on D. in

15. --When is your P.E. lesson?

--It’s ______ 10:00 o’clock ____ Friday morning.

1 D. at

A. at, in B. at, on C. 不填, on D. 不填, in


16. Fruit and v__________are good for our health.

17. Do you like beef or p_________?

18. Houston Rocket is my favorite basketball t _____.

19. Would you like to come to the c__________?

The film named the Lion King is on.

20.--What’s the p_____of the magic show?--200 yuan.

21. I like drawing, and a______ is my favorite lesson.

22. School s ______ at half past eight.

very well.

24. --Where do you live?

--I live in a tall b______ in Beijing.

25. Different people have different h__________.


26. Let’s_______ (be) friends.

27. This is ___________ (Mr. Smith) book.

28. Please write__________ (they) down.

29. I have got an ______ (invite) to the cinema.

30. It is five o’clock in the afternoon. It’s time _________ (go) home.

31. Look! Li Hong ____________ (carry) water.

32. Would you like ______ (send) him a birthday card?

33. How many _______ (child) are there in the room?

34. Drink some __________ (orange), please.

35. Li Lei with his parents ____ (go) home every year.


36. I want ________ hot water.

37. He hasn’t got _________apples.

38. Is there __________ juice in the glass?

39. Have they got __________picture books?

40.--Would you like _____ potatoes?--Yes, please.



41. Has Lucy’s father got any brothers? A. There are five.

42. What’s your favorite drink? B. That’s all right.

43. Have you any watches? C. I’m from England.

44. Are you from China? D. No, he hasn’t.

45. I’m sorry. E. It’s Lucy’s.

46. Is there any water in the glass? F. It’s orange.


47. What’s the weather like in London? G. No,I’m not.

48.Is this book Lucy’s or Lily’s? H. No, I haven’t.

49. How many oranges are there I. Yes, there is.

in the fridge?

50.Where are you from? J. It’s hot.


51. There isn’t any milk in his fridge. There aren’t any eggs, either.

He _____ ______any milk ______eggs in the fridge.

52. What about playing basketball in the school?

_______ _______basketball in the school.

53. My parents don’t go to work on Saturday and Sunday.

My parents don’t go to work _____ ____ _______.

54. I like watching football match best.

My ______is_________football match.

55. She buys all her family presents.

She________presents_______all her family.

●综合提高 ( 50分)



Good news for all Chinese middle school students in the countryside. They don’t have to pay for school anymore. 51-year-old Ren Yuqi is even happier than the students. It was Ren who suggested the idea to the government about this.

Ren is not a government official but the boss of a big company in Hunan. He talks to the government as a deputy (代表) of the National People’s Congress (人民代表大会). He is in Beijing for the NPC’s yearly meeting.

“This year I have 20 suggestions for making farmers’ lives and the environment better. They all come from studying country people’s lives,” said Ren.

Ren went to several provinces to find out about how people live in the countryside. He saw that many children dropped out of school because they are poor. So at the last NPC meeting he suggested the

government spend more money in helping kids get back to school. Most of the NPC deputies agreed to it, the government adopted and make it law.

The Chinese people elect Ren, just like they do the other 2,977 NPC members. The lower-level (较低级别的) deputies choose the upper-level ones.

At NPC meetings deputies also take part in making and changing laws. They help decide on State leaders and public policies (政策) as well.


( )56. Many poor kids from the countryside can go back to school because Ren Yuqi’s idea to help poor children from the countryside has been adopted by the government.

( )57. The underlined word “adopted” mean “按照” in Chinese.


( )58. The government chooses the deputies.

( )59. 2979 deputies are there altogether according to the passage.

( )60. “They all come from studying country people’s lives”. “They” refers to (指) suggestions.


Can you remember how excited you were when the Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI spacecraft went into space? And how interesting it was when the Chinese astronauts told us about what they had seen on the trip! It’s time to get excited again. Shenzhou VII is just around the corner!

Earlier several months ago, Chinese space scientists announced that Shenzhou VII will be sent up in 2008.

“All our work on Shenzhou VII is going well,” said Qi Faren, former (前任的) chief designer of the Shenzhou spaceship.

Will Shenzhou VII be sent up in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Scientists say no. They say the timing of the mission (任务) depends on when they finish designing the spacesuit.

Shenzhou VII will take three astronauts into space. It will travel around the Earth for up to five days. At least one of the astronauts will do a spacewalk. Who will fly? Who will the astronauts be? Yang Liwei, Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng, who have all made trips into space in the past few years, are all competing for a place. But it seems that it’s unfair for women astronauts.

What about Chinese space exploration in the future?

After the Shenzhou VII flight China will build a space lab and then a space station. Chinese astronauts will then be able to do experiments in space.

What’s special about the Shenzhou VII spacesuit?

Chinese spacewalkers will wear 160 million yuan spacesuits. Each weighs about 100 kilograms on Earth. The Shenzhou VII spacesuit is heavier and more complicated (复杂的) than the suits the Shenzhou V and VI astronauts used.

Spacewalks need other equipment (设备) too for astronauts to be able to work outside the spacecraft.

61. When will Shenzhou VII be sent up?

A. Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

B. After 2008 Beijing Olympics.

C. In time for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

D. We don’t know the exactly date.

62. Mainly because ______, Shenzhou VII hasn’t been decided when to be sent up.

A. the astronauts haven’t been chosen

B. the design of Shenzhou VII hasn’t been finished

C. the spacesuits haven’t been designed

D. the money isn’t enough

63. By now, ______ has done a space walk.

A. Yang Liwei B. no astronauts in China

C. both Nie Haisheng and Fei Junlong


D. either Nie Haisheng or Fei Junlong

64. Which of the following is NOT true about Shenzhou VII?

A. It will take more astronauts into space.

B. It will travel around the Earth longer than any spacecraft.

C. Astronauts will be able to walk outside the Shenzhou VII spacecraft.

D. It will take no women astronauts into space.

65. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The Shenzhou VII spacesuits are heavier than those for Shenzhou V and VI astronauts.

B. Chinese astronauts will be able to do experiments in the science lab that was built by Shenzhou VI astronauts.

C. All the Shenzhou VII astronauts will be spacewalkers.

D. Shenzhou VII spacecraft will cost 160 million yuan in all.


The idea for Father’s Day started in 1909. A woman named Sonora Dodd thought about(66)______ ( start) a Father’s Day holiday while she (67)__(listen) to a Mother’s Day speech at church. She wanted a special day to give her father, William Smart. Mr. Smart’s wife died while she was giving birth to their sixth child. He raised the baby and his other five children on a farm.

When she became an adult, Sonora Dodd understood how kind and loving her father had been while

(68)_____ (raise) her six children alone. She believed her father had worked very hard (69)__(make) sure his children grew up healthy and strong. Sonora’s father (70) _____ (bear) in June. So she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebration(庆祝)on June 19th, 1910. Since 1966 the third Sunday in June (71) _____ (become) a national Father’s Day in America. In early times, people (72) _____ (wear) red roses to show respect for fathers who were still living and white flowers for fathers who (73)_______( die ). Today, Americans (74) ___________ (celebrate) Father’s Day in many different ways. However the holiday is celebrated, the idea is for children to let their father know that he (75) _________ (love).


One day I found a little girl sitting in the park sadly. Lots of people passed by but never s______ (76) to see why she looked so sad. As I got closer I saw that her b_______ (77) had a strange shape. That’s a hump (驼背)! Perhaps that was the r ________ (78) why people just passed by and make no effort to help. I sat down beside her and said, “Hello!” Then she, in a low voice, said, “Hi.” I smiled and so d _____(79)she, shyly. Then we talked there u________(80) it got dark. I asked the girl why she was so sad. She looked at me and said with a sad face, “Because I’m d______ (81).”

“But, you make me remember an angel (天使), sweet and friendly,” I said. She looked at me and asked, “Really?” I immediately said, “Yes, I think you are an angel who is s________ (82) to watch over all those people walking by.” Hearing this, the little girl jumped up. “I am! I’m an angel!” I was happy because she was no l________ (83) sad.

After that, my life also changed. I learned how to s_________ (84) both happiness and sadness. I

believe now we give something to o_____ (85) in the same way we get the same.



People all over the world eat rice. Millions of people in Asia, Africa and South American eat it every day of their lives. (88) Rice is a kind of grass. There are more than 7,000 kinds of rice. Farmers grow rice in many countries, even in the southern part of the United States and in eastern Australia.

No one really knows where rice came from. Some scientists think that it started to grow in two places. came from India, and Indian travelers took it to other parts of the world.

These are two main ways to grow rice. Most rice grows in wet soil. People in many countries do all of the work of growing rice by hand. This is the same way farmers worked hundreds of years ago. In some countries, people now use machines on their rice farms.

People use every part of the rice plant. They make animal feed and rice oil from it. They also make baskets, brooms and roofs for their houses. They burn dry rice plants in fires for cooking.

A. 根据短文内容简要回答下列问题:

86. Where do scientists think rice came from?

B. 翻译划线句子。

88. 译成英语


C. 请你给短文拟一个适当的标题:




6 请根据以上调查数据,约80词左右写一份简单的调查报告。需包括表格的所有内容,报告开头已给I recently surveyed(调查)my classmates about their views on whether parents can be friends, _________

初一上册Module 5-8答案

一、1-5CBCDB 6-10CCABB 11-15ABBDB

二、16.vegetable 17.pork 18.team 19.cinema 20.price 21.art 22.starts 23.tennis 24.building 25.habits

三、26.be 27.Mr. Smith’s28.them 29.invition 30.to go 31.is carrying 32.to send 33.children 34.orange 35.goes 四、36.some 37. any 38. any 39. any 40.some

五、41-45DFHGB 46-50IJEAC

六、51.has,not,or 52.Let’s play 53.at the weekend 54.hobby,watching 55.buys,for

七、56-60√×××√ 61-65DCBBA

八、66. starting 67. was listening 68. raising 69. to make 70. was born 71. has become 72. wore 73. had died 74. celebrate 75. is loved

九、76. stopped 77. back 78. reason 79. did 80. until 81. different 82. sent 83. longer 84. share

85. others

十、86. Southern Asia and West Africa.

87. Using machines is the best way. Because farmers may work faster and easier.

88. Some people eat almost nothing but rice.

89. 在中国,5000多年以前就有关于水稻的记载了。

90. Rice

十一、One possible version:

I recently surveyed my classmates about their views on whether parents can be friends. According to the survey, 65% of the students in our class think it impossible to make friends with their parents as they’re always too busy to show their concern. On the other hand, 35% of the students believe they can make friends with their parents because their parents often talk with them like friends at home. In my opinion, it’s just natural for parents and children to be friends so long as they trust each other, the parents often talk with their children and know how to share.


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