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九年级Module5 Unit2_外研版

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Module 5 Unit 2 There’s no shouting and no running.

? 学习目标:
1. 2. 3. 4. 掌握U2 单词,词组。 完成阅读任务,学会抓住关键词阅读。 可以简单介绍科学博物馆。 小组活动:介绍一个你去过的博物馆。

? What can you often see in a history museum? ? Some animals, such as ? zebras, dinosaurs, deer, tigers, lions, monkeys and so on. ? ? ? ? Some people: famous great people in history Some famous buildings pyramids and so on

What can we see in the Science Museum in London?

? What can we do in a science museum?
? We can see lots of
machines and robots

? We can do lots of


boring quiet not allowed to touch exhibits

unusual fun do experiments

Task 3: read new words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? experiment n. 实验 exhibit n. 展品 unusual adj. 不同寻常的 work out 设法弄懂,计算出 try out 试用,试验 Launch Pad 发射台 physics n. 物理 falling adj. 下降中的 sand n. 沙子 truck n. 卡车 wheel n. 轮子 position n. 位置 rocket n. 火箭 travel n&v 旅行 human n. 人类 speed n. 速度 obey v.遵守 above all 最重要的是 drop in 顺便走访


task 3: read the passage


The most unusual(最不寻常 ) museum in London is the Science Museum. In most museums, there’s no shouting and no running, and you aren’t allowed to touch the exhibits. But the Science Museum is different…because it’s noisy! People talk about what they can see and do there, and some of the machines are noisy as well.( 也 ) Visiting the Science Museum is fun and it’s a great way to learn about science because you can work things out( 解决事情 ) and try out ideas.(尝试点子 )


When I visit the Science Museum, I go to the Launch Pad. This is my favourite room because you can do physics experiments.( 做物理实验) For example, if you want to fill a bag with falling sand,( 用袋子装沙子 ) you have to move a kind of truck on wheels into the correct position ( 正确的位置 ). I also go to the Rocket Show. You can learn how we travel into space and back again.


Then I go upstairs to the Human and Nature
room. You can compare your speed with

animals(比较你和动物的速度 ) there. You hear
a noise and push a button. If you aren’t fast

enough, 不够快 ( me.

)the lion catches you! I’m

faster than all my friends, but the lion still catches


There are also rooms on( 关于 ) transport, the environment( 环境) and space( technology(科技), as well as( 太空 ) ) 和 maths, physics

and chemistry.
? You can do a lot of things in this museum, but you

have to obey some rules as well. For example, you
mustn’t take photos of the exhibits(展品) in the

museum. But you can buy postcards of them in the
museum shops.


Above all, ( 最重要的是 )the Science Museum is free. 免费的 ( )That means you can drop

in( 顺便拜访 ) for a few minutes or you can stay as long a

s you like( 尽可能久 ) —— it’s open every day, from 10am to 6pm. So if you ever go to
London, make sure( 确定 whole world.(全世界 ) ) you visit the Science Museum. It’s my favourite museum in the

Task 1: read and complete the table Name of

London Science Museum museum London place Favourite The Launch Pad room do physics experiments: 1. fill a Exhibit/ Experimen bag with falling sand by …2. learn t how to travel into space and back

Rule Open Charge

again…3. compare your speed with animals
No photography

from 10am to 6am, everyday

1, Compare the red skirt with the blue skirt, I think the red one is better. 比较一下红色裙子和蓝色的裙子,我觉得红色的好 点。 知识归纳:把 A和B比较 compare A with B Exercise: ? 请比较一下你的作业和他的作业。 Please compare your homework and his homework.

? ? ? ? ? ?

2.2. not + 形容词/ 副词 + enough 不够… Exercise: 1. Jim的年纪不够大,不能去上学。 Jim is not old enough to go to school. 2. Tony跑得不够快,所以赶不上那趟公交。 Tony didn’t run fast enough to catch the bus.

3. drop in 顺便拜访 (没有计划好的)

drop in on + sb. 顺便拜访某人

drop in at + spl. (地点)


e.g. 你来南海的时候,请到我家.
Please drop in at my house when you come to

I dropped in on my teacher.

对比:pay a visit to sb./ sp. ; (专程拜访)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

4. as well as 和,也 ( = and) Exercise: 1. 他既种菜也种花。 He grows flowers as well as flowers. 2. 除了他弟弟以外,他也来了。 He as well as his brother came.
注意: as well as 使用的时候,属于插入语, 要注意主谓一致。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Important phrases: 1.也 as well 2.一个好方法 a good way 3.设法弄懂;计算出 work out 4. 算出一道数学题 work out a maths questions 5. 尝试;试验 try out (idea, machines) 6. 尝试一些想法 try out some ideas 7. 做实验 do an experiment

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

8. 装满 fill… with… 9.去某地旅行 travel to… 10. 把 A和B比较 compare A with B 11. 不够快 not fast enough 12. 一本关于数学的书 a book on maths 13. 也, 和 as well as 14.遵守规则 obey the rules

15.首先,最重要的 above all 16.拜访某人 drop in on + sb. 17.拜访/参观某处 drop in at + spl. (地点) 18.和…一样 as….as….

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