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Unit 1

Where did you go on vacation?

1 Complete the conversations with the correct words in the box.

anything anyone

everything everyone

nothing no one

1. A: Did anyone go on vacation with you last month? B: Yes, my family went to the countryside with me. 2. A: Did your family go to the beach with you last weekend?

B: No. no one from my family went, but my friend went with me. 3. A: I didn’t bring back anything from Malaysia. B: Nothingat all? Why not? 4. A: Did you buy anythingin the shopping center? B: No, I didn’t.everything was very expensive. 5. A: How was the volleyball game yesterday? B: Great! everyone had a fun time!

2. Complete the passage with the correct
forms of the verbs in brackets.

Last August, our class ______(do) did
something very special on our school trip. went We _______(go) to Mount Tai. We _______ (start) our trip at 12:00 at night. started took Everyone in our class _______(take) a bag with some food and water.

After three hours, someone looked at the map found and _______ (find) out we weren’t (be, not) _______ anywhere near the top. My legs _______ was (be) so tired that I wanted to stop. My classmates

told went _______(tell) me to keep going, so I _______(go) on.
At 5:00 a.m., we got to the top! Everyone __________ (jump) up and down in excitement. jumped Twenty minutes later, the sun _______ (start) to started forgot come up. It was so beautiful that we _______

(forget) about the last five hours!


1. It _______ (rain) yesterday. rained
went 2. Jim ______ (go) to the library this morning.
3. Lily _______ (help) me ____(do) my homework. helped do
4. Lily _______ (buy) a bike last week. bought

5. My mother often makes me ______(help) her. help

1. She went to the beach last Sunday. (变一般疑问句) Did she go to the beach last Sunday?

2. They stayed at home on vacation. (就划线部提问)
Where did they stay on vacation?

3. The weather was hot and humid. (变否定句)

The weather wasn't hot or humid. 4. Nancy went to the cinema last night.
(改为同义句) Nancy went to see a film last night. 5. The people in New York were friendly.

(就划线部分提问) How were the people in New York?

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