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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

Do you often help others?
Tell us something about the last time you helped others.


helped clean the classroom. helped my parents with the chores. _________________________. _________________________.

There are many other ways you could help people.

You could help clean up(打扫,清 洁)the city parks.

You could cheer up(使 某人高兴)the sick people in the hospital .

You could give out(分发,派发) food at the food bank

They are hungry and homeless(无家可归的).

You could help stop hunger(饥饿).

Key word:
clean up (把……) 打扫干净;(把……) 收拾整 齐 ? hunger n. 饿;饥饿 ? homeless adj. 无家可归的 ? cheer up 使振奋;使高兴起来 ? give up 分发;发放 ? clean-up n. 打扫;清洁 ? sign n. 招牌 ;标牌 ? advertisement n. 广告;广告活动 ? put off 推迟;拖延 ? set up 建立;创建;开办 ? establish v. 建立;创建;设立 ? think up 想出


? clean up




give out


What other ways we could help people?
Just think and fill in the chart. other ways we could help people
_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

B : What would you like to help others?
A: I’d like to work outside. B: You could help clean up the city parks A: I’d like to help homeless people. B: You could give out food at the food bank. A: I’d like to cheer up sick kids. B: You could visit them in the hospital. A: I’d like to help kids with their schoolwork. B: You could volunteer in an after-school study program.

1b Listen and complete the sentences. 1. I’d like to _____ outside. You could work up help clean ____ the city parks. help 2. I’d like to _____ homeless people. You could give ___ food at the food bank. out 分发;发放 up 3. I’d like to cheer ____ sick kids. You visit could ____ them in the hospital.
adj. 无家可归

4. I’d like to help kids with their ____ volunteer schoolwork. You could _________ in an after-school study program.

1.Visit Sick Children in the Hospital 看望生病住院的孩子
? ? ? ?

sick adj.生病的,有病的。如: a sick chil 生病的孩子 She is sick.. 她病了 在美式英语中,sick可用作表语,表示 “生病”的意思,而在英式英语中,一 般使用ill作表语,而不用sick

give out food 分发食物 give out 动词短语,用法如下: 1).分发,散发,如: We took the grain and gave it all out to the farmers. 我们没收了这些粮食,全部分发给农民。 2)用完。如: After two days their food gave out. 两天之后,它们的粮食吃完了。 3)失灵。如: The car engine suddenly gave out. 汽车发动机突然失灵了

2.A:I’d like to help homeless people. B:You could give out food at the food bank.

【拓展】 常

与give搭配的短语 ? give in 投降;让步 ? give up(doing sth.)放弃(做某事) ? give off 发出(气味、光、烟等) ? give away 赠送,免费送出 这些短语均为动词与副词构成,若有代词作 宾语,必须将代词放于动词与副词之间, 如:Don’t give it up.不要放弃它。

3.We can’t____ ____making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.


.from now 从今以后 【拓展】 有关from的短语

far from 距……远 from then on 从那时起 from now on 从今以后 from…to… 从……到…… from today on从今天起 different from 与……不同

4.I’ll ____ ____all our ideas.
.I’ll =I will/shall 意为“我将要……”。如: ? I’ll clean up my bedroom tomorrow.明天我要打 扫我的卧室 非常点拨:一般将来时小结 ? “will/shall+动词原形”表示将来要发生的动作 或者存在的状态。Shall仅限于第一人称即I,we; will可用于各种人称即第一、二、三人称。如: ? He’ll ser up a food bank to help hungry people. 他将要建造一个食品库来帮助挨饿的人们。

1).一般将来时通常与表示将来的时间状语联用,如: tomorrow,the day after tomorrow,next week,in 2006等. eg.They’ll study hard next year.明年他们将要努力 学习。 2).缩写形式will/shall 与主语一起通常缩写为主 +’ll,其否定的形式为will not,所写为won’t; shall not缩写为shan’t。如: eg. He’ll go to zhe zoo tomorrow.他明天要去动物 园。 其否定形式 eg. He will not(won’t) go to the zoo tomorrow.他明天 将不去动物园。

3).其他表示将来时的结构: ①“be going to+动词原形”表示按计划或者打算 去做某事。这种计划或者打算往事预先就有的。 如:
eg.She’s going to be a teacher when she grows up. 她长大后打算当老师 ②be+现在分词,表示按计划、安排即将发生的动 作。这一结构常用于表示位置转移的动词。如: come,go,leave,start等。

eg.We are going to Beijing on Friday.我们星期 五将去北京。

③在现代英语中,尤其是美式英语,人们习 惯使用现在进行时,表示他们将来的打 算或活动。如: eg.—Where are you going for vication?你要 去哪儿度假? —I’m going to New York.我要去纽约


5.Huiping loves to read,and she puts this love to food use by working in the after-school care center at her local elementary school. put处理。put...to use意为“加以利用”。
如:Put your time to good use.好好利用你的时间。 【拓展】 有关put的短语 put ...right把......修好。如: Uncle Wang put my TV set right.王叔叔修好了我的电视机。 put off 推迟,拖延。如: The meeting was put off till Saturday.会议推迟到了星期六。

put up举起,挂起

。如: Put up the pictures on the wall.请把图画挂到墙上。

6.by prep. 意为“用,借,由于,通过”。
如:by mistake 由于错误 eg.She puts her love to good use by working.她把爱都
【拓展】 by的用法

1).by+交通工具,意为“乘……”。如: He goes to work by bus.他乘公共汽车上班

This novel is written by him.这部小说是他写的

6.Lin Pei loves animals and plans to study to be a veterinarianwhen he leaves school.
.plan n. (1)计划,方案,如:a five-year plan 五年计划,make plans for vacation制定假期计划 (2)plan作名词用时后面接for或of,在for或of后接名词或动 名词。如We have a plan for building a new school.我们计划建一 所新学校。 (3)plan作动词,表示“计划”时,只接不定式,不接动名词, 即plan to do sht.如: He plan to set up a student volunteer project.他打算开办一个学 生志愿者计划。

plan还有以下结构: plan on doing sth.计划做某事 plan for 为......作计划 eg.We haven’t planned on going anywhere this evening.我们今晚没打算外出。

7.Not only do I feel good about helping other people,but I get to spend time doing what I love to do.
not only意为“不但”,通常与but also连 用,also经常省略,即not only ...but(also) 意为“不但……而且……”。
如: Not only you but (also) I like English.不但是你而且我也喜 欢英语。 He learns not only English but Japanese.他不但学英语,而 且学日语。



1.I’ve run out of it a.I repaired it. 我已经用完了。 我修好它了 2.I take after my mother. b.I don’t have any more of it. 我长得像我妈妈。 我不再有了 3.I fixed ti up. c.I am similar to he 我修过它了。 我与她相似 4.I gave it away. d.I didn’t sell it. 我把它赠送出去了。 我没有卖它。

8.repair vt.“修理,修缮”。如:

They are repairing their house.他们正在修缮房屋。

辨析:fix up,repair与mewnd
fix up,repair与mend都有“修理,修补”之意,有时可以 通用,但也有区别。

(1)repair和fix都表示使受到一定损坏或失灵的东西恢复其 性能或机能,其对象范围很广,从道路、机器到日常用品, 如:

repair/fix a machine/road ? (2)mend表示修补破损的东西,使其恢复原样,一般指较 小的物品。如: mend the window/sock

9.take after“与(父母)相似”,指由于血缘 关系而(在外貌、性格等方面)相似。
如:Tom takes after his father.汤姆像他父亲 同义词look like,多指外貌方面相似。 如: Tom looks like his father.汤姆长得像他父 亲

10.similar adj.相似的,be similar to与…… 相似。 ? 如: Cats and tigers have similar features.猫和虎有类似的特征。 A cat is similar to a tiger in many ways.猫 和虎有好

多方面的相似。 提示“与……相同”应用be the same as。 ? 如: The ringt one is the same as the lefe one.右边的那个与左边的完全一样。

11.give away的用法 (1)“赠送,分发”.如: She gave away all her toys to them. 她把她所有的玩具都送给他们了。 (2)“泄露”.如 ? Don’t give away my secret.不要泄露 我的秘密。 (3)“失去,牺牲”。如:
? ?

You have given away a good chance. 你已经失去了一个好机会。

12. He also put up some signs asking for old bikes and called up all his friends and told them about the problem.
ask for (1)要求 She asked for some water.她要了些水。 (2)向……请求…… If you are in trouble,you can ask the policeman for help.如果你有困难,你可以向警察求助。

call up 意为“打电话,打电话给……”。如: He called up his friends and told the story.他 给朋友打电话,并告之整个事情。 【拓展】
有关“打电话”的说法: (1)make a telephone call打电话 He’s making a telephone call.他正在打电话。 (2)give sb. a call 给某人打电话 When you get there,please give me a call.你到那时, 请给我打个电话。 (3)ring sb.给某人打电话 I rang you ,but you were out.我给你打电话,但你出 去了。

13.I’d like to thank you for sending money to Animal-Helpers
send…to…意为“寄……给……” ? Send是及物动词,意为“送,寄,派遣, 发射”。可接双宾语。

如: Please send Maru this letter.=Please send this letter to Mary.请把这封信寄给玛 丽

【拓展】 (1)send for派人去叫。如:Send for the doctor,please.请叫医生来 (2)send up 发射,往上送。如: China has send up manned spaceships into space. 中国已把载人宇宙飞船送入太 空。 (3)send away撵走,开除,解雇。如: Why did the teacher send the boy away from school? 为什么老师把那个男孩从学 校开除?

14.make it possible for sb. to do sth.“使得某人 有可能……” 如: Your help makes it possible for him to succeed.你的帮助使他有可能成功。 【拓展】

去分词、名词或形容词的复合宾语,如make+宾语+ 名词,意为“使……”。如: We made him monitor.我们选他当班长。

What he said made me happy.他的话使我高兴。

(3)make+宾语+过去分词,其中宾语往往 是主语本身“onself”或“one’s…”。如: I can’t make myself understood.我表达不清 我的意思。 She tried to make her voice heard.她尽量让 别人听到她说话的声音。 (4)make+宾语+动词原形,“让……做……” He made me work ten hours a day.她让我一天工作 10小时。

(5) 相关短语: be made of … 由……制成(

物理变化) be made from…由……制成(化学变化) be made into…把……制成…… be made in… 在……生产(制造)的 make sure 务必,确信 make up one’s mind to do sth.下决心做某事


如fill a glass with water往杯里注满水
【拓展】 (1)fill in 填充,填写。Fill in then blank 填入空白 be fillde with 填满,充满,表示状态,如: I’m filled with joy.我内心充满着快乐。 The glass is filled with water.杯子里盛满了水。 (2)形容词形式是full“饱的,满的”。如:I’m full. 我饱了。 The glass is full of water.杯子里盛满了水。 (3)反义词是empty adj.&v“空的,倒空”。如: The glass is empty.杯子空了。

16. a friend of mine 我的一个朋友, 相当于one of my friends。 如: a book of mine=one of my books 我的 一本书

17.help sb. out “帮助某人解决难题(或 摆脱困境)”。如: I can’t work out this math problem.Please help me out. 我做不出这道数学题,请帮我解决。
【拓展】 Hele sb. with sth.在某事上帮助某人。如: I help him with his English every day. 我每天帮他学 英语。(此结构等于 help sb. do sth.)

(1)help oneself to sth.自由食物等。如: Help yourselves to apples,boys.男孩们,请随便 吃苹果。 (2)with the help of 在……的帮助下。如: With the help of the teachers,I have made great progress in all subjects. 在老师们的帮助下,我的各门功课取得了很 大进步。(此机构等于with one’s help)

18.fetch v.拿来,取来,请来,带来(=go and bring;go and get)
如:fetch a doctor 请个医生来 Fetch the dictionary.=Fetch the dictionaryt to me.把 那本词典给我拿来。 辨析:bring,take,carry与fetch (1)bring带来,指把东西从远处拿到近处,方向向 里。 如:Please bring your homework to school tomorrow. 明天把你的作业带到学校来。

(2)take拿走,指把东西从近处往远处拿,方向 向外。 如:Whose book is this?Please take it away.这是水的 书?请把它拿走。 (3)carry运送,搬运,指任何方向。如:He is carrying apples.他在运送苹果。 (4)fetch去取来,指把东西从别处拿来,再回到 说话者所在地,有一个来回的过程。如:Please fetch me the box.请把盒子拿给我。

(1) vt.希望,渴望。后跟宾语或动词不定式。

I wish you well.我希望你健康。 I wish you success.我祝你成功。 (2)n.常用于复数,有“预祝,祝愿,好意”之 意。如: Please give(send) my wishes to your parents.请代我 向你父母问好。

1.Uncle Rick spent the whole afternoon f_____ our broken bike.
答案:fixing 解析:“里克叔叔花了整个下午来修理我损坏的自行 车”。结合句意及spend的用法,所以填fixing


u Xiang’s success _____all the Chinese people.We believe that he can do better in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A.cheers up B.wakes up C.calls up

答案:A 解析:heer up使振奋,使高兴起来;wake up醒来, 叫醒;call up打电话。结合句意,故选A

3.Our sports meeting has been _____till next Monday because of the bad weather. A.put on B.put up C.put off D.put down 答案:C 解析:题考察四个动词短语的用法。put on 意为“穿上”;put up意为“举起”;put off意为“推迟”;put down意为“放下”。

4. China’s sport stars Yao Ming and Liu Xiang_____Goodwill Ambassadors(亲善大使)for Shanghai. A.has been named B.have been named C.has named D.have named
答案: B 解析:主语是两个人故助动词用have,不用has, 排除A、C;由句意“中国体育明星姚明和刘翔被命 名为上海亲善大使。”可知应用现在完成时的被动 语态,故选B.

5. We have to ____our sports meeting till next week because of the heavy rain. A.put off B.put on C.put up D.put down

答案:A 解析:题考查put短语辨析。put off推迟; put on穿上;put up搭起,建起;put down写 下,根据句意应选A

1.Not only the students but also their teacher_____it. A.like B.likes C.liking D.to like 2.His wish is _____a singer A.becoming B.become C.to become D.will become 3.Can you help me some up_____ideas_____making money A.for;with B.with;for C.good;about D.some;on

4. Bill Gates,Chairman of Software in the USA, have a habit of _____his evenings_____books. A.taking;to read B.spending;looking at C.costing;watching D.spending;reading 5. -Must we hand in the money for the tickets now? -No,you____.

6. Mike didn’t know anything about it_____Tom told him. A.after B.if C.because D.util

7. I_____an hour and a half on my homework yesterday A.took B.spend C.used D.until 8. Gold is similar in color_____brss(黄铜)。 A.at B.of C.for D.to

9. We’ll have a _____holiday.What about going to the West Lake? A.two days B.two-day C.two-days D.two-days’
10.Could you tell me_____the bike without any help this moring? A.how does he fix up B.how he fixs up C.how he fixed up D.how did he fix up

1.清扫 clean up 2.give out分发,发放 3. 使...高兴,使...振作 cheer up=make…happier 4. 课外学习班 after school study program 5. 提出,想出 come up with=think up 6. 推迟 put off 7. 写下,记下 write down 8. 张贴 put up 9.hand out 分发,发放 10.call up 打电话 11. 建立 set up=establish 12.be home to sb 是某人的家园 13. 自愿花时间干... volunteer one’s time to do sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

? ? ?

14.put…to use… 把...投入使用 15.elementary school 小学 16.plan to do sth 计划干...打算干 17.coach a football team for kids 训练少年足球队 18.start a Chinese History club 开办一个中国史俱 乐部 19.run out of 用完,耗尽 20.take after 在性格或长

相方面与父母相象 21.fix up 修理 22.give away 捐赠 23.be similar to 与...相似 24.ask for 索要 25.a call-in center for parents 家长热线 26.hang out 闲荡 27.put up signs asking for singing jobs 张贴寻求唱歌工作的广告 28.run out of money for singing lessons

29.disabled people 残疾人 30.for sure 确实如此,毫无疑问 31.fill…with... 用...填充... be full of 装满了... 32.help...out 帮助...做事,解决难题(摆脱困境) 36.part of speech 词性 33.a specially trained dog 一只经过特殊训练的狗

34.train sb to do sth 训练某人干... 35.fetch my book 把我的书拿来

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