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九年级一单元ppt Study English

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Unit 1 How do you study for a test
Language Goal: Talk about how to study

work with friends ask the teacher for help

make flashcards

read the textbook
book 书 √ flashcard 抽认卡 × end up 告终 √ quickly 快地 √

read the notebook

make vocabulary lists listen to the tapes / cassettes

How do you go to school?
How do you learn English? How do you… for…? by +doing

? ? ?

Practice : 1.learn new words, make a list; 2.study for a test, work with friends; 3. study for a test, read my notes; 4. study for a test, read the textbook.

Ask your partners how he or she studies for a test and then do a report. Name How to study for a test ?

Report: XX studies for a test by …

Expressions for Part 3: ? more specific suggestions 更多特别建议 ? read English magazines 看英语杂志 ? for example 例如 ? pop songs 流行歌曲 ? study grammar 学语法 ? watch English movies 看英文电影 ? join the English club 参加英语俱乐部

not…at all 根本不,一点也不 Not at all 没关系/别客气, 不用谢 be excited 令人兴奋的 (主语是人) be exciting (主语是物) end up 结束,告终 do a survey (about…) 做……调查 keep an English notebook 整理英语笔记 watch English-language TV 看英文电视

Page 4, 4


Do a report about it. I often….

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Page 6-7 短语: first of all 首先 begin with= start with 以……开始 end with 以…….结束 later on 稍后,以后,随后 be afraid to do… 害怕去做…… laugh at sb. 嘲笑/取笑某人 make sentences with… 用……造句 the secrets of… ……的秘诀/秘密

take notes 作笔记 own original sentences 自己写出的新颖句子 enjoy doing… 喜欢干某事 lots of =a lot of 后接可数/不可数名词 许多 many 可数名词 很多 much 不可数名词 native speakers 操本地/土语言的人 make up 组成/构成

? ?

? ?

? ?

? ? ? ?

Difficult sentences for 3a: 1.This week asked students at New Star High School about the best ways to learn more English. (ask sb. about sth. 问某人关于某事) 2.She said that memorizing the words of pop songs helped a little . eg. Seeing is believing. 百闻不如一见. 3.He’s been learning English for six years and really loves it. 他一直学英语六年了,十分喜欢它.(现在完成进行时) 4.I make mistakes in grammar.我在语法方面出错. Wang Lin is weak in Chinese but good at math. 王林汉语学得差但擅长数学

5.Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English ? # Why don’t you+动词原形…? =Why not +动词原形…? 为什么不…….? # practice doing 练习干…… 6.I don’t have a partner to practice English with. =I practice English without a partner

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