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外研版八年级上册Module 8 Unit 2

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Unit 2 I was trying to pick it up when it bit me again.

What was she doing?

She was using a mobile phone to call.

What was she doing? She was using a mobile phone to listen to music.

What was he doing?

He was using a mobile phone to take photos.









I can use a mobile phone to call people/play music/take photos…

1. Where did the accident happened? In a restaurant.

2. When did he leave hospital? The next day.

1. Where did the snake bite him? The snake bit his hand. 2. When did Jackson pick up his mobile phone? While the snake was lying on the table, he quickly picked up his mobile phone. 3. Why couldn’t the doctor help him at first? Because they didn’t know what kind of snake bit him.

1. The snake bit Mr Jackson again when _______. b a) he was throwing it across the kitchen b) he was trying to pick it up c) it was climbing out of a box

2. When Henry was trying to find the c snake, _____. a) he could take a photo b) the snake became cool c) his hand began to hurt badly

3. Henry hurried to hospital because ________. a a) his hand was hurting b) he had a photo of the snake c) the doctors called him on his mobile phone

4. The doctors gave Henry the right a medicine after _______. a) they knew what kind of snake bit him b) they saw the snake in the photo c) he left hospital the next day

climb hide hurt medicine pain throw

climbed A snake (1) _______ out of a box of hid bananas and (2) ____ somewhere. When Henry was working, the snake bit him. He (3) _______ the snake on a table and took threw its photo. When he was trying to find the snake, his hand began to (4) ______ badly. hurt

climb hide hurt medicine pain throw

At the hospital the (5) ______ got worse. pain The doctors sent the photo to a zoo. After they found out what kind of snake bit him, they gave him the right (6) _________. medicine

1. It climbed out and hid somewhere. climb out 表示“爬出来”。 climb out of …表示“从…爬出来”。 e.g. The cat couldn’t climb out of the hole. 那只猫没法从洞里 爬出来。

2. I was trying to pick it up when it bit me again. be doing …when …表示一个动作正在 进行的时候另一个动作突然发生了。 此句强调“蛇又咬了我一口”这个动作。 e.g. They were working in the fields when it began to rain. 他们正在田 里干活儿,突然下起雨了。

pick sth. up表示“捡起某物”,代词要 放在中间。 pick sb. up 表示“接某人”。 e.g. He picked up his knife and fork. 他捡起了刀叉。 The next morning, my mum came to pick me up. 第二天早上, 妈妈来接我。

3. I threw it across the kitchen, and it landed on a table. across是介词,在本句的意思是 “从……的一边到另一边”, across还 可以表示“对面,穿过”等。 e.g. The children ran across the street in front of our car. 这些孩子在我们的 汽车前横冲过马路。 My best friend l

ives across the road. 我最好的朋友住在马路对面。

4. While the snake was lying on the table, Henry quickly picked up his mobile phone and took a photo with it. while引导的时间状语从句用进行时。 当主句的时态是现在时,while引导的从 句用现在进行时; 当主句的时态是过去 时,while引导的从句用过去进行时。 e.g. While the boy was reading the book he found a secret. 男孩读书的时 侯,他发现了一个秘密。

5. As the doctors were checking him, the pain get worse. 句中的as表示当…的时候,用来引导时 间状语从句。 get worse表示“变得更糟”。 worse是bad的比较级,worst是最高级。 e.g. As time goes by, my memory seems to get worse. 随着时间的流逝,我 的记忆力似乎越来越差。

6. As he was lying there in great pain, … in pain表示“疼痛” in great pain表示“极其疼痛”

When you write, make sure you use the correct tense. Underline the time and the verb, and check if they agree. For example: I was having breakfast at seven o’clock yesterday morning. I took a photo in the park yesterday.

While, when, as引导的时间状语从句。 重点短语: bite one’s hand pick up get worse in great pain give sb. the right medicine

1. The girl ____ a kite when I was riding a B bike in the ground. A. flying B. was flying C. is flying 2. The car came out suddenly ____ I was B walking. A. so B. while C. but

3. The children ran _____ the street to A catch the early bus. A. across B. cross C. through 4. The policeman was hurt in _____, so A he was sent to hospital at once. A. pain B. medicine C. plate

1. —What were you doing this time yesterday? —I ____ on the grass and drawing a D picture. 【2011北京】 A. sit B. sat C. am sitting D. was sitting

2. While I _____ TV, the bell rang. 【2011 D 广西北海】 A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. was watching 3. —Why didn’t you answer my telephone yesterday? —Sorry. I ____ a bath. 【2011山东 D 淄博】 A. took B. take C. am taking D. was taking

Write a passage to tell about your experience when you were in danger.

Useful expressions for you: One day… A few days earlier… …when … While … When…was… As … As soon as…

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