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by the time到…..时候 get up起床

leave sth. at home把某物落在家里 get home到家

go back to school返回学校

start to do sth./doing sth.开始做某事

be late for迟到 go off发出响声 wake up醒来

wake sb. up把某人叫醒

wait for sb. to do sth.等候某人做某事

take a shower洗澡 run off迅速离开 get to school到校 on time按时,准时 in time及时 come by经过

give sb. a ride让某人搭车 go for a ride去兜风

make it to a place刚好到达某地 make it +time约定时间

forget to do sth. 忘记做某事 forget doing sth.忘记做过某事 forget one’s appointment忘记与某人的约会

break down出现故障 a costume party化妆舞会 get dressed穿衣服 stay up熬夜 all night整晚上

show up出现,出席

invite sb. to do sth.邀请某人去做某事

invite sb. to sp.邀请某人去某地 land on着陆

so …that如此…..以至于 hundreds of 数以百计的 set off激起,引起,出发 set out出发

thousands of数以千计的 stop doing sth.停止做某事 stop to do sth.停下来去做某事 flee from sp.=escape from sp.从某地逃走

sell out卖光

TV star电视明星 movie star电影明星

marry sb.与某人结婚,嫁给某人 get married to sb. 与某人结婚,嫁给某人

marry sb. to sb.把某人嫁给某人 a happy ending一个快乐的结局 play a joke/jokes on sb.开某人的玩笑


Unit 9

be used for doing sth.被用作…… in the dark 在黑暗中 the style of ……的样式 in style流行的 out of style过时的 last year 去年

all day (long)= the whole day整天 by mistake 错误地

in the end = at last = finally最后 sprinkle …on…把……撒在….. in the world在世界上 not… until直到…….才 more than = over超过 according to 根据

boil drinking water烧开水 an open fire室外火炉上 some time一段时间 sometime某时 sometimes 有时候

some times 几次,几倍 in this way这样

in the way 挡道的,妨碍的 in a way总而言之 on the way在…的路上

one of the world’s favorite drinks世界上最受喜欢的饮料之一 flying disk飞盘

travel around world环游世界

at college在大学里

be asked to do sth被要求做某事. during the long winters在漫长的寒假里

the hard wooden floor坚硬的木制地板

the safety of…..的安全

knock into sb./sth.与某人、某物相撞

knock at the door敲门 fall down摔倒

divide…into…把…..分成 the aim of…..的目标 in history在历史上

the number of…..的数量 a number of许多,大量

dream of doing sth.梦想做某事

Unit 8

clean up 打扫干净

would like to do sth.= want to do sth.=feel like doing sth. 想要做某事

give out =hand out 分发;发放 cheer sb. up =make sb. happy 使某人高兴 help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人做某事

help sb. with sth.在….方面帮助某人

in hospital (生病)住院 in the hospital 在医院

come up with = think up 想出 need to do sth.需要做某事

plan to do sth.=plan on doing sth. = make a plan to do sth.计划做某事 put off doing sth.推迟做某事 from now距今 write down写下 put up 张贴;举起 after school 放学后

call sb. up = ring sb.up= phone sb. = telephone sb. = make a call to sb.给某人打电话

ask sb. (not) to do sth.要求某人(不要)做某事

have breakfast/lunch/dinner吃早/午/晚餐 Clean-Up Day 清洁日 a group of 一群 talk about谈论

set up = establish = start 建立,创立 volunteer one’s time to do sth.自愿花费时间去做某事

put…good use by doing sth.通过做某事把…好好加以利用

after-school care center课后辅导中心 sb. spend time/money on sth./(in) doing sth.

It takes sb. time/money to do sth. Sth. cost sb. money. Sb. pay money for sth.

not only…but (also) 不仅….而且

neither…nor既不…也不 either….nor或者….或者

run out of =use up用尽,用完 take after sb.=be similar to sb.与某人相像 fix up = repair修理 give away捐赠 last week 上周

try to do sth.努力做某事 on Monday在星期一 ask for 寻求

tell sb. about sth.告诉某人关于某事 work out产生结果 ,成功,计算出

help sb. out帮助某人解决困难 hang out 闲逛

a little = a bit + adj./adv. a little = a bit of + u.n

make money = earn money挣钱 send sb. sth.= send sth. to sb.把某物寄/送给某人

Thanks for doing sth.因做某事而感谢 the disabled (people)残疾人 be filled with =be full of 充满 Let sb. do sth.让某人做某事 the blind 盲人 the deaf聋子

face the challenges 面对挑战

one of adj.最高级 + n.(pl.) ….之一 answer the telephone 接电话 shut/close the door关门

right away = at once = in a minute立刻,马上 because of 因为

show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb. 把某物给某人看

be used to do sth 被用作… used to do sth.过去常常做某事 be/get used to doing sth. 习惯做某事

offer sb. sth.= offer sth. to sb. 向某人提供某物

offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 donate money to charity 把钱捐给慈善构

be unable to do sth.不能做某事 in hunger 处于饥饿之中

major in + subject 专修某个科目

Unit 7

would like to do sth.= want to do sth.=feel like doing sth. 想要做某事

hope to do sth. 希望做某事 hope (that) +宾语从句

trek through the jungle 徒步穿过丛林

go on vacation 去度假

be friendly to sb.对某人友好 some day/one day有朝一日 one day(过去的)一天

somewhere wam 温暖的地方

consider doing sth.=think about doing sth. 考虑做某事 the capital of ….的首都 in general 一般,大体上

take the underground train=take the subway 乘地铁

be supposed to do sth. 被期望做某事

take a trip 去旅行

provide sb. with sth.=provide sth. for sb. 向某人提供某物

offer sb. sth.= offer sth. to sb. 向某人提供某物

travel to a place 到某地去旅行 mind doing sth.介意做某事

mind not doing sth 介意不要做某事

mind one’s doing sth,介意某人做某事

mind +宾语从句 a kind of 一种

all kinds of各种各样的

different kinds of不同种类的 by dong sth.通过做某事 near the ocean 靠近海洋

give sb. sth.= give sth. to sb.把某物给某人

by plane乘飞机 by train乘火车 by bus乘公交车 be away离开

sail across the Pacific横穿太平洋 dream of doing sth.梦想做某事 in the future在将来 take part in 参加

across China =around China =all over China全中国

across the world =around the world =all over the world全世界

receive /get sth from sb.从某人那儿受到某物

finish doing sth.完成做某事 as soon as possible尽快地

so that 以便于 ,引导目的状语从句

so adj./adv.的原形 that 以至于 ,引导结果状语从句

continue doing sth./continue to do sth.继续做某事

go to college/university去上大学 according to根据

computer programming电脑编程 tour guide导游

quite a few相当多,不少

be willing to do sth. 乐意/想要做某事

work hard努力学习/工作 achieve the dreams实现梦想 be famous for以….而闻名 be famous as以做….而出名 be able to do sth.能够做某事 It seems that似乎

Sb. seems to do sth.某人似乎要做某事

on the one hand在一方面 on the other hand在另一方面 hold on to sth.坚持某事 come true实现

be important to对….重要 be different from与…..不同

Unit 6

dance to music随音乐跳舞

sing along with music随音乐唱歌 prefer sth.更喜欢某物

prefer to do sth更喜欢做某事

prefer sth to sth.相对于后者,更喜欢前者

prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 相对于后者,更喜欢做前者

what/how about sth./doing sth.?做某事怎么样?

play different kinds of music演奏不同种类的音乐

gentle and quiet music安静柔和的音乐

remind sb. of sth./sb.使某人想起某物/某人

remind sb. to do sth.提醒某人做某事

Brazilian dance music巴西舞曲 What do you think of sth.?= How do like sth?你认为某物怎么样? enjoy sth.=like sth喜欢某物.

enjoy doing sth.=like doing sth喜欢做某事.

enjoy oneself =have fun=have a good /great/wonderful time玩得高兴

over the years多年来 look for寻找

look up(在字典中)查找 a few/few + c.n a little/little + u.n

be sure to do sth.一定/务必做某事 be sure of sth.对某事确信,有把握 on display=on show在展览中 see sb. do sth.看见某人做了某事 see sb. doing sth.看见某人正在做某事

let/make sb. do sth.让/使某人做某事

make sb./sth. + adj.使某人/某物处于….的状态中

pop music流行音乐

have fun doing sth.高兴做某事 last night昨天晚上 most of 大多数

keep/stay healthy=keep in good health保持健康

talk about sth. = discuss sth.谈论/讨论某事.

be good for对…..有益 be bad for对…..有害 too much 太多 much too太

take care of = look after照顾,照看 stay away from sb./sth.远离某人/某物

be in agreement with sb.同意某人的观点

be in agreement that+宾语从句 cause cancer致癌

increase the risk of增加……的风险

not …at all一点也不,根本不 instead of sth. / doing sth.代替某事/做某事

a balanced diet平衡的饮食 be shocked at对….感到震惊

Unit 5

classical music 古典音乐 belong to 属于 play soccer踢足球 hair band发带 at school在学校

go to the concert去听音乐会

I don’t have any idea=I don’t know我不知道

make up组成,构成 the final exam期末考试 in the sky在天空中 be late for迟到

make a movie拍电影 catch a bus赶公交车 call the police报警 next door neighbor邻居 at first首先

at last =in the end = finally最后 late-night footsteps深夜脚步声 in front of在….的前面

in the front of在….(内部)的前面 escape from sp.从某地逃走 an ocean of….的海洋

get on / off the bus上/下公交车

Unit 4

Share sth. with sb.与某人分享某事/物

Give sth. to charity把某物捐赠给慈善机构

medical research医学研究

bring a present/gift带来一份礼物 at the party在聚会上

wear a shirt and tie穿衬衣打领带 talk to / with sb.与某人交谈 what if如果…将会怎么样? get nervous紧张 get pimples起疹子

too + adj./adv 的原形to 太….而不能

a lot of =lots of = many / much许多,大量

be confident of doing sth.有信心做某事

in public (places)在公共场合 give / make a speech做演讲

borrow sb. sth.=borrow sth. from sb.从某人那儿借某物

lend sb.sth.= lend sth. to sb.把某物借给某人

be in a movie出演电影

make friends with sb.与某人交朋友 have a cold患感冒

tell sb. (not) to do sth告诉某人(不要)做某事. next time下次

wait for sb./ sth等候某人/某物. wait for sb. to do sth.等候某人做某事

introduce oneself to sb.把自己介绍给某人

invite sb.to do sth邀请某人去做某事.

invite sb. to sp.邀请某人去某地 have dinner吃晚餐

not …. in the slightest一点也不 plenty of大量,许多

get along/ on with sb.与某人相处 a good listener一个号的听众

all day (along)= the whole day一整天

at lunch time在午餐时间 in fact事实上

English speech contest英语演讲比赛

come top位列前茅,得第一 let sb. down让某人失望 the rest of…..的剩余 think of认为,想出 first-aid book急救书

deal with sth.处理某事/某物 deal with sb;与某人打交道 come out出版,发芽,出来

by accident =by chance意外地,偶然地

see a doctor=go to the doctor去看医生

stop to do sth.停下来去做另外一件事

stop doing sth.停止做某事 more than = over超过

refuse to do sth.拒绝做某事

the dangers of smoking吸烟的危害 agree with sb.同意某人的观点 agree to do sth.同意做某事

Unit 3

allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事 allow doing sth.允许做某事

be allowed to do sth.被允许做某事 go out 出去

part-time job兼职工作 full-time job全职工作

have / get sth p.p使某物被….样 go to the mall去逛街 driver’s license驾照 at night 在晚上

stop sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事

cut one’s hair理发 need to sth.需要做某事

need time to do sth.需要时间做某事

at that age在那个年龄段

on school nights在上课的晚上 go to the movies=go to a movie= see a film=go to the cinema去看电影

go shopping= do some shopping= shop去购物

be late for class = get to class late上课迟到

get to = arrive in/at =reach到达 finish doing sth.完成做某事

fail to sth./fail in doing sth.未能作某事

fail a test考试不及格 take the test参加考试 pass the test 通过考试 be strict in sth.对某事严格 be strict with sb.对某人要求严格 the other day 前几天

concentrate on doing sth专心做某事.

learn from sb.向某人学习

learn …from sb.从某人那儿学…… learn from each other互相学习 both …and两者都….

keep/ make sb./sth adj.使某人/某物处于……的状态中

keep sb doing sth使某人一直做某事.

keep doing sth.一直做某事 make sb. do sth.使某人做某事 keep/stop sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事 in groups小组 at present目前

have a chance/an opportunity to do sth.=have a chance/an opportunity of doing sth有机会做某事 grow up长大

a pair of jeans一条牛仔裤 at least至少

a special day一个特殊的日子 old people’s home养老院 more often更加频繁

primary/elementary school小学 once a week一周一次 have ….off休息

reply to sth.对某事做出答复 reply to sb..向某人做出回答 obey/keep the rules遵守规定 break the rules违反规定 get in the way妨碍

worry about sth./doing sth.担心做某事

practice sth./doing sth.练习某事/做某事

running star跑步明星

on the soccer tean在足球队 professional athlete专业运动员 be against doing sth.反对做某事 be for doing sth.赞成做某事

think about doing sth.考虑做某事 in the end = at last = finally最后 make decisions to do sth.= decide to do sth决定做某事.

the importance of……的重要性 be serious at/ about sth.对某事严肃的,认真的

be serious to sb.对某人严肃认真 care about关心

Unit 2

be used to do sth 被用作… used to do sth.过去常常做某事 be/get used to doing sth. 习惯做某事

be afraid to do sth.害怕做某事

be afraid of sth./doing sth.=be terrified of 害怕做某事

wait a minute/while/moment稍等片刻

play the piano弹钢琴

be interested in sth./doing sth.= take an interest in sth./doing sth.对某事或作某事感兴趣

go/get to sleep=fall asleep入睡 go to bed上床睡觉

walk to school= go to school on foot步行去上学

after school放学后 all the time一直

thank you all the same 同样要谢谢你

these days这几天,目前 be busy doing sth.忙于做某事 be busy with sth.忙于某事

all day (long)= the whole day一整天

play computer games玩电脑游戏 chat with sb.与某人聊天 hardly ever几乎不

in the last fem years在过去的几年里

be different from与……不同 be stressed out =be tired劳累,筋疲力尽

move to sp.搬到某地 look like 看起来像

look the same看起来一模一样 give sb. sth.=give sth. to sb.把某物给某人

afford to do sth.负担得起做某事 pay for支付

look after =take care of照看,照顾 get into trouble陷入麻烦中

get into trouble with sb.与某人产生冲突

send sb. to sp.把某人送到某地 boarding school寄宿制学校

cause a lot of trouble制造很多麻烦 to one’s surprise令某人惊讶的是 no longer不再

take pride in= be proud of以….感到自豪,骄傲 be alone一个人

try to do sth.努力做某事

pay attention to sth./sb.注意某人或某事

pay attention to doing sth.注意做某事

Unit 1

study for a test为考试而复习 listen to tapes听磁带

make flashcards制作抽人卡 ask sb. for help向某人寻求帮助 study with a group小组合作学习 practice conversations with friends与朋友练习对话

speaking skills说的技能 learn about听说,了解到 learn sth. by heart背诵,记忆 read aloud大声朗读

ask sb. about sth.关于某事询问某人

the way to do sth.=the way of doing sth.做某事的方法 pop songs流行歌曲

see sb. do sth.看见某人做了某事

see sb. doing sth.看见某人正在做某事

get /be excited at /about sth.对某事感到兴奋

end up doing sth.以作某事结束 do / make a survey做调查

remember/forget to sth.记住或忘记做某事

remember/forget doing sth. 记住或忘记做过某事

WRITING PRACTICE写作练习 pen pal=pen friend 笔友 join sb.加入某人(的活动) join +组织 加入某个组织

take part in 参加(具体的活动) last year去年

first of all= at first首先 to begin/start with开始 later on 稍后

It doesn’t matter.没关系 Laugh at sb.嘲笑某人 make sentence造句

start to do sth./start doing sth.开始做某事

a good language learner一个好的语言学习者

decide(not) to do sth.= make a decision (not)to do sth.决定(不)做某事

take notes做笔记

enjoy doing sth.=like doing sth.喜欢做某事

enjoy oneself= have fun= have a good time玩得高兴

have trouble / problems /difficulty/a hard time (in) doing sth.做某事有困难

try to do sth.努力做某事

try /do one’s best to do sth.尽最大的努力做某事

all over /around /across the world全世界

help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人做某事

help sb. with sth.在某方面帮助某人

learn to do sth.学会做某事

be angry with sb.= be mad at sb.=be annoyed with sb.生某人的气

be angry about/at sth.= be mad about sb.=be annoyed at/about sth.对某事感到气愤

go by(指时间)过去,消逝 each other互相

regard ….as….把……视作 complain about sth.抱怨某事

complain about doing sth.抱怨做某事

change …into…把…..变成….. with the help of sb.=with one’s help在某人的帮助下

compare ….to….把….比作…. compare … with …把….和….作比较

be famous for以…..而闻名 face to face面对面

face the challenges面对挑战

instead of doing sth.而不是做某事 break off中断

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