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Courage is the life of the treasures

洛城二中 九年级四班 张佳昊 The book tells the story of a sea adventure.One day, a old seaman called Bill came to an inn, he was drinking all day.once,a man called black dog gave Bill a black rolls, and he died as soon as he read it.Jim opened the Bill’s box.He found a lot of gold.Immediately, Jim realized that maybe pirates would rob at night.He escaped with her mother at once. It makes me very admirable.Jim face danger fearlessly.He is brave and resourceful. Jim and a doctor, a squire organized a treasure hunt, they found a ship, recruited a caption and some sailors. Then they set out. However, seamen’s leader——Silver wanted to head a revolt on treasure. When they plotted, little Jim heard and told Jim. So when they arrived , the two groups have a fierce fighting. Jim was caught by sailor in battle. but his courage made Silver admirable and released him. Finally Jim and Silver made concerted efforts to find the treasure. The story Let me understand: If you love your life, thank the giver of life, try to go beyond yourself, you'll be successful.

After reading this book, I harvest: as long as you work hard, anything is possible; the stubborn spirit and courage are the life of the treasures. If you have a difficulty, you must be

advance despite difficulties. Of course, courage is not the reckless act.

Jim’s brave spirit is worth learning, his cleverness and wit are worth learning,too. When Jim had been found in the apple barrel, his calm help him escape the crisis. "Treasure island", this masterpiece tells us a truth cleverly: in times of trouble, you can't throw in the towel. You should defeat it with courage. and to be strong, so you can success and victory finally! Let us grow more insight

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