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Get Ready A

短元音: (17)
a:an.d c.la.ss da.d a.pple e:e.ve.ry.one ye.s be.d s.pe.ll

i:i.t Mi.ss in
o:wha.t f.ro.m no.t song s.to.p u:cou.n.try mu.m

字名音: (29)
a_e:name they g.rea.t late say

e_e:be he she we mee.t eve.ning tea.cher
i_e:hi my I nice time nigh.t tire.d high why o_e:he.llo no OK go low know

u_e:s.tu.dent new

普通元音: (7)
ar: or:mor.ning for

ow: oo:coo.l a.f.ter.noo.n goo.d s.choo.l

air:where ear:


字名音问题: ()

特殊单词问题: (10)

you your to too friend a bye English
yeah the

Get Ready B

短元音: (30)
a:ma.th.s tha.t a.t fa.mi.ly than.k.s ha.ppy e:se.ven ten e.le.ven twe.l.ve twen.ty ve. ry we.ll we.l.come le.f.t

i:hi.s.tory thi.s hi.s ci.ty si.s.ter i.ts si.x li.ttle wi.th o:ge.o.g.ra.phy o.f.ten
u:su.b.je.c.t b.ro.ther mu.ch some

字名音: (19) a_e:eigh.t to.day s.traigh.t

e_e:chi.nese thir.tee.n th.ree four.tee.n fi.f.tee.n si.x.tee.n se.ven.tee.n eigh.tee.n nine.tee.n
i_e:five nine fine righ.t like

o_e:o.l.d u_e:mu.si.c

普通元音: (13)
ar:ar.t or:s.por.t four tall

er:bir.th.day tur.n wor.d
ow:how a.bou.t sou.n.d oo:loo.k boo.k ba.lloo.n

air:their ear:year here


字名音问题: (3)
P.E. science favourite 特殊单词问题: (4)

our one two Mr.

Get Ready C

短元音: (40)

a:g.ran.d.ma g.ran.d.pa an man han.d.some fa.c.tory ta.xi a.f.ter ca.t ha.t ba.t ca.p e:me.m.ber me.di.cine se.ven.ty le.t b.rea.k.fa.s.t be.d.time pen.cil pen ge.t
i:fi.f.ty si.x.ty bi.g di.nner o:o.f jo.b do.c.tor lo.t ho.s.pi.tal c.lo.ck do.g

u:un.cle love u.s bu.s nu.m.ber hun.dre.d
lun.ch ju.m.p

字名音: (9)
a_e:eigh.ty cake e_e:wee.k tree

i_e: ride bike driver ki.n.d nine.ty
o_e: u_e:

普通元音: (10)
ar:far.mer or:for.ty be.fore ball

er: wor.ker nur.se thir.ty gir.l wor.k
ow: oo:coo.k

air: ear:


字名音问题: (4)
photo over both only 特殊单词问题: (5)

aunt who have do really

Get Ready D

短元音: (26)
a:c.la.ss.room p.lan.t b.la.ck.boar.d ba.g s.tan.d an.s.wer fan e:e.xer.cise de.s.k she.l.f ne.x.t te.ll ze.b.ra i:thing win.dow di.c.tion.ary pi.c.ture li.s.ten si.t fi.sh o:wa.tch on bo.x u:un.der b.ru.sh u.p

字名音: (12)
a_e:p.lay.er page a.gai.n game e_e:be.twee.n rea.d me s.pea.k p.lea.se i_e:chi.l.d write


普通元音: (9)
ar: or:chal.k re.cor.der door tal.k

ow:dow.n mou.th oo:s.choo.l.ba.g ru.ler zoo

air:chair ear:


字名音问题: (5)
DVD TV eraser dialogue open 特殊单词问题: (3)

woman half zero

Get Ready E

短元音: (14)
a:fa.s.t b.la.ck la.m.p e:re.d ye.llow que.s.tion

o:so.ck wa.n.t o.ran.ge ho.t long u:come co.lour

字名音: (16)
a_e:tape p.lay base.ball rai.n e_e:these see rea.l g.ree.n quee.n

i_e:white ligh.t
o_e:coa.t so those home u_e:com.pu.ter

普通元音: (7)
ar: or:s.mall wall

ow:b.row.n oo:roo.m be.d.roo.m b.lue jui.ce


r:there hair ear:


字名音问题: ()

特殊单词问题: (4)

shoe wow many give

Unit 1

短元音: (23)

a:a.s dan.ce can ba.s.ke.t.ball e:pe.t c.le.ver e.l.se
i:hi.m sing vi.si.t thin thin.k in.te.re.s.t fi.l.m o:s.trong po.p u:cou.sin son hu.s.band run you.ng

bu.t yu.m

字名音: (6)
a_e:same age e_e: lea.der

o_e:phone u_e:mu.si.c

普通元音: (9)
ar:par.k or:daugh.ter call shor.t

er: u.ni.ver.si.ty bir.d wor.l.d
ow: oo:soo.n foo.d

air: ear: near idea


字名音问题: (1)
mobile 特殊单词问题: (7)

live them parent Mrs. pretty hour whose

Unit 2

短元音: (24)

a:a.s.k ca.rry c.la.ss.mate pa.s.t Sa.tur.day p.ra.c.tice e:di.re.c.tion he.l.p che.ck then len.d when
Wedn.e.s.day ne.x.t le.sson che.ss

o:bo.rrow so.rry

u:rea.dy hea.vy u.p.s.tair.s fun.ny Mon.day c.lu.b

字名音: (8)
a_e:take wai.t e_e:

i_e: fi.nd F.ri.day
o_e:note.book c.lothes home.wor.k u_e:Tues.day

普通元音: (6)
ar:s.tar.t or:quar.ter

er:Thur.s.day fir.s.t
ow:ou.t oo:Ju.ly

air: ear:


字名音问题: (1)
CD 特殊单词问题: (1)


Unit 3

短元音: (26)

a:ba.th.room ba.ck g.la.ss
e:s.wea.ter u.m.b.re.lla me.ssy e.ve.ry.where e.ve.ry.thing i:ki.tchen li.ving room f.ri.dge pi.llow sci.ssor.s b.ring hi.ll ri.ver s.wi.m o:mo.del wrong fo.re.s.t sho.p so.f.t u:f.ro.n.t a.bove cou.n.try.side s.tu.dy fun

字名音: (12)
a_e:p.lane c.ray.on may.be p.lace lake p.lay.g.rou.n.d e_e: i_e:kite be.side mine be.hi.n.d


普通元音: (12)
ar:car or:draw.er all

er:fur.ni.ture per.son.al shir.t her.s
ow:show.er now tow.el hou.se trou.ser.s oo:too.th.b.rush

air:pair their.s ear:


字名音问题: (5)
dining room sofa table tidy diary 特殊单词问题: (6)

move key yours ours put usually

Unit 4

短元音: (20) a:lan.gu.age a.c.t ta.lent pi.a.no han.d e:ten.ni.s F.ren.ch le.g

i:s.ki.ll li.s.t whi.ch in.ter.net O.ly.m.pic a.bi.li.ty win.ner sin.ger o:vo.lley.ball bo.ring u:o.ther mu.s.t

字名音: (8)
a_e:make pai.n.t in.for.ma.tion e.mail e_e: tea.m ea.ch

o_e:show ow.n u_e:

普通元音: (7)
ar:gui.tar ar.m or:draw al.so cour.se

ow: oo:foo.t.ball

air: ear:


字名音问题: (1)
famous 特殊单词问题: (1)


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