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八单元 Section B 2课件

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1. month (复数) ______ 2. party (复数) parties _____ months 3. 学校旅行 school trip _____________ 4. 英语聚会 English party _____________ 5. 这学期 this term 6. 两场球赛 two ball games ________ ___________ 7. 在下午______________ in the afternoon 8.下个月 ___________ next month 9. 举行一次艺术节 __________________ have an art festival

10. 举行一次图书减价销售 have a book sale ________________ 11. 在学校图书馆里 __________________ in the school library 12. 祝玩得高兴!____________________ Have a good time! 13. 一些有趣快乐的事情 some interesting and fun things _______________________________

Ask and answer.
When is your school basketball game?

It’s on….

It’s on…

When is your school volleyball game?

When is the...

It’s on…

It’s on...

When is the...

It’s on... When is the...

Retell the passage.
Dear students, We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. Dates Activities On September 21st have a school trip October 12th soccer game volleyball game October 15th School Day October 22nd art festival November 3rd November 30th English party book sale December 3rd

3a Complete the note with the words in the box.
my school game September like basketball Dear Alan, 应是一动词 应是一表事物的名词

basketball Do you ____ sports? Do you have a _________? like my school Please come to ___________ next week. We have a game September basketball _______. It is on __________ 2nd. See you there! Guo Peng

应是表地点的词 应是一表月份的词


Write your own note to a friend. 3b Invite him / her to an activity in your school. Use the questions to help you. What is your friend’s name?· What does your friend like to do? What activity do you have in your school? When is the activity?

Dear _________, __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ _______________




1. Do you like (have) …? 你喜欢(有)…… 吗?2. Please come to …next week/this Friday. 请下周/这周五来……(某地). 3. We have a (an) …. It’s on …. 我们举 行……(活动). 它在……(日期). 4. On …, we have a(an) … in …. 在……(日期), 我 们在……(某地)举行……(活动). 5. See you there!/Have a good time! 那儿见!/祝 你玩得高兴。

One possible version: Dear___________________________________ Jane, _______________________________________ Do you like English? Do you have a tape _______________________________________ player? Please come to the English party _______________________________________ next week. On November 16th, we have an ______

_________________________________ English party in our school library. See you _______________________________________ there! _______________________________________ Eric ____________________________________

One first

Complete the chart with the correct forms of the numbers.





two seven seventh thirteen thirteenth Three third eight eighth twenty twentieth four










Write the dates for these holidays in China.

1. When is Children’s Day(儿童节)? It’s on __________________. 2. When is National Day(国庆节)? June 1st It’s on __________________. 3. When is Women’s Day(妇女节)? It’s on __________________. October 1st 4. When is New Year’s Day(新年)? It’s on __________________.

March 8th January 1st

中国的主要节假日: New Year’s Day 元旦(January first) the Spring Festival 春节(农历正月初一) the Lantern Festival 元宵节(农历正月十五) Women’s Day 妇女节(March eighth) May Day 五一劳动节(May first) Children’s Day 儿童节(June first) Army Day 建军节(August first) the Mid-autumn Festival 中秋节(农历八月十五) National Day 国庆节(October first)

英美国家的主要节日: New Year’s Day 新年(January first) St. Valentine’s Day 情人节(February fourteenth)

April Fool’s Day 愚人节(April first)
Mother’s Day 母亲节(the second Sunday in May) Father’s Day 父亲节(the third Sunday in June)

Halloween 万圣节 (November 1st) Thanksgiving 感恩节 (the last Thursday in November) Christmas Day 圣诞节(December twenty-fifth)

H om e w or k
你们学校计划举行减价售书活动。假如你 是Frank,参考下面的表格信息,给你的 朋友Bob写一个便条,邀请他一起参加。 活动 地点 时间 售书 校图书馆 十月十六日

1. 排球比赛______________ 2. 英语日English Day __________ volleyball game basketball game 4. 在五月_________ in May 3. 篮球比赛 __________ 5. 在九月二十日 on September twentieth _____________________ in the morning 6. 在上午 _____________ at seven this afternoon 7. 在今天下午七点钟 ____________________

8. 举行一次英语考试 ______________________ have an English test Have a good time! 9. 祝你玩得高兴!___________________
want to do sth. 11. 想要做某事 ______________________

二、用括号内单词的适当形式填空。 1. August 23rd, 2009 is her eighth (eight) _____ birthday. 2. When is _______ (Jeff) birthday? Jeff’ s 3. My birthday is July _________ (20). twentieth 4. How old ____ (be) William and Dick? are 5. His ___________ (his mother) birthday is mother’s 2nd. November

6. May is the _____ (five) month of the fifth year. 7. November is the _____ (nine) month. ninth 8. This is his ______ (twelve) birthday. t

welfth third 9. Father’s Day is on the _____ (three) Sunday in June.

三、选择填空。 1. Do you have _____ Art Festival? B A. a B. an C. the 2. There are ____ months in a year. A December is the _____ month. A. twelve, twelfth B. twelve, twelve C. twelfth, twelfth

B 3. —___ Lisa have a birthday party? —No, she ____. A. Do, don’t. B. Does, doesn’t C. Do, does 4. My trousers are on the bed, but ______ on the sofa. C A. Linda is B. Linda are C. Linda’s are

1. They have an English test. (一般疑问句) Do ______ have an English test? ______ they 2. We have a school trip every month. (一般问句) _____ Do you _____ a school trip every month? have 3. Does Sally have an English Party? (肯定句) Sally ____ ____ English Party. has an 4. The English party is October 6th. (划线部提问) ______ ____ the English party? 5. They have a school trip on November 17th. When______ they _____ a school trip? do have _____

When is

1. May Day 2. Women’s Day 3. Children’s Day 4. Teacher’s Day 5. National Day 6. Christmas Day 7. Mother’s Day 8. Father’s Day 9. New Year’s Day 10. Tree Planting Day

A. September 10th B. in June C. December 25th D. March 8th E. in May F. March 12th G. January 1st H. May 1st I. October 1st J. June 1st

A. That sounds good. B. How old are you? C. When is your birthday? D. Do you have a party on your birthday? E. My birthday is in June, too. F. How are you?

A: 1. ______ Wu Fei? F B: I’m fine, thanks. A: 2. ______ C B: My birthday is June 21th. A: Really? 3. ______ E B: Oh, what’s the date? A: June 28th. 4. _______ D B: Yes, On my birthday, all my friends come to my home and we have a big dinner. A A: 5. ____ I’ll go to your party this year.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

C 1.When is your birthday? It’s ________. A.February B.second C.February second D.1990 2.________ shirt is white. A.My brother B.My brothers C.My brother’s D.My brothers’ 3.Do you have a pop concert? Yes, ________. A.we have B.we do C.we are D.I am 4.________ is your mother? She’s forty. A.How old B.How C.How age D.What age 5. What’s the month between July and September? ________. A.June B.August C.October D.November 6.________ is very difficult. A.Lesson fifth B.The lesson fifth C.Fire lesson D.The fifth lesson 7.Our school has a sports meeting ________ October 15th. A.at B.on C.in D.after


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

8.There are ________ months in a year. The ________ month is December. A.twelve, twelve B.twelfth, twelfth C.twelve, twelfth D.twelfth, twelve 9.What’s the ________ today? It’s October twelfth. What ________ is it today? It’s Sunday. A.date, day B.day, date C.date, date D.day, day 10.________ Day is on June fi

rst and ________ Day is on September tenth. A.Children’s, Teacher’s B.Children’s, Teachers’ C.Childrens’, Teacher’ D.Children’, Teachers’ 11.Mrs Green is ________ mother. A.Jim and Kate B.Jim’s and Kate’s C.Jim and Kate’s D.Jim’s and Kate 12.The baby is only ________. A.ten months old B.ten monthes old C.ten month old D.ten old months 13.Where ________ you born? I ________ born in Wuhan. A.was, were B.were, was C.were, were D.was, was 14.When ________ you have a school trip? Sorry, I ________ know. A.are, don’t B.do, aren’t C.are, aren’t D.do, don’t

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