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Module 10 My future life Unit 3 Language in use

Language Practice
It’s very enjoyable. That’s a nice handbag. Head teacher, teachers, grandparents, parents and classmates… I’ve learnt the importance of friendship. Thank you for your help with our homework. We can never pay you back for your kindness, your patience, and gift of knowledge.

1.Complete the conversation. Join the words

in Box A with those in Box B.
A after class hair hand (x2) B bag cut made mates noon

1. handbag 2. haircut 3. afternoon

4. classmate 5. handmade

2. Complete the sentences. 1. Something you enjoy is enjoyable 2. Something which you suggest is a (enjoy).

suggestion (suggest).
3. The activity of learning is your

education (educate).
4. Being friends with someone is called a

friendship (friend).
5. The act of being kind is called kindness (kind).

6. Someone who teaches is a teacher (teach).

3. Look at the pictures and discuss

the questions.
1.Which two things tell you that the party is international? a) The menu b) The language c) The flags

2. Why are the people clapping?

a) They are celebrating someone’s birthday.
b) They are watching a play.

c) They are listening to a speech.

3. What do you think the person
making a speech is saying?

a) Excuse me.
b) Welcome.

c) Sorry.

A4:Answer the questions.
1.What are the most important qualities a teacher should have?
I think a teacher should be knowledgeable, kind, patient and strict.

2.Do you think teachers need to be strict? Why? Yes, I think so. Because students are sometimes naughty and lazy, the teacher should be strict with them in order that they can get good grades and make fewer mistakes. As we all know, the strict teaches are most likely to educate outstanding disciple.

3.Is there anything you would do differently, if you could have your junior high school education all over again? What?
I didn’t study hard in the past. If I could have my junior high school all over again, I would spend more time on my study.

Before I often made the teachers angry, I would not make them angry if I had a chance to have my junior high school again.

4.Do you think your junior high school

education has prepared you for the
future? Why? Yes, of course. Because the knowledge and skills we have learned in this period are the bases for our further study.

5.Is there anything about starting senior high school that makes you feel nervous? Why?
Yes. For example, I hear that the knowledge in the senior high school is very difficult. I am a little afraid. We will have to learn to communicate with many new friends. Maybe at the beginning, I will feel lonely.

6.What are your plans for the vacation?
I am going to preview what I will learn in

senior high school.
I am going to Beijing for sightseeing

Reading6. Read the passage. Match the photos and the paragraphs.

Take a year off!

Paragraph c Paragraph b Paragraph a

Part a

Part b Working for no money

Part c Work experience


Useful expressions

1. take a year off
take a gap year


2.between…and… 在。。。两者之间
3.teach important values 教人一些重要的行为 准则 4.I felt I’d grown up. 我觉得自己长大了 5.the importance of relationships with people 人 们之间联系的重要性 6.on all sorts of levels 在各个方面

7.get paid for 得到报酬 8.find answers to problems 找到问题的答 案 9.in one day 在将来的某一天 10.apply for 申请得到

8.Choose the best answers. 1. These days, a) some students in the UK take a gap year. b) many c) all d) a few

2. Travelling can teach you values such as learning about .

a) flights

b) money

c) relationships d) jobs

3. Working on projects in poorer countries is

all about


a) helping b) entertaining c) managing d) paying

4. To help poorer people, you have to

be prepared


a) to live in another country

b) to be paid very well
c) to be paid very little d) to work for free

5. University graduates with some work

experience often get
without experience.

than graduates

a) more money
b) more important jobs c) jobs more easily d) more jobs in other countries

Around the world
Junior high school dances

Read and complete the table.





a student committee balloons the gym (very nice) special lights other things The food from the restaurant or the food made by the parents girls: Pretty dresses boys: smart clothes eat, dance and have competitions

Module task
Making plans for your future 1. what you are planning to do in the next three years 2. what you would like to do after that Do you want to go to university and get special training or would you like to work after senior high school?

3. what other areas of your life you want to develop Do you want to be better at sports, learn

to play music, or develop artistic skills?
4. how you use your personal life

5. what sort of values you think will be
important to you

Reading is very important in English learning. I’ll give you some advice which can improve your English reading. First, it’s a good idea to choose some important books or some books you are interested in to read. But you should remember that you’d better read easy books at first. Don’t read books you can’t understand at all. Also it’s helpless for you to read so slowly and you shouldn’t look up some words as soon as you meet them, you can guess the meanings first. What’s more,

when you get the main idea about the article, please read again and read slowly and carefully, then you can look up some words which are necessary. Above all, you must read every day and you can’t give up, or you will be defeated. I think if you are careful to learn it, you’ll be successful. That’s all, thank you for listening.

The sample passage: I am leaving senior high school soon and I have a plan for my future. I want to go to university and get special training. I like English and I am also good at English, So I w

ant to be better at English and I plan to specialize in English for science and technology. I want to be skilled in it and make it my career.

I hope one day I could translate some articles of science and technology. I want to be knowledgeable person and I want to make my life fruitful.

1. Remember the words and phrases we learned in this module. 2. Join the sentences together and revise their passages. 3. Go over the Language notes on page 136.

Homework 完成形成性评价题Module 10中的内容。

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