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2013 初一下册 期中试卷

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第一节 单项填空。从A、B、C三个选项中选择最佳答案填空。

21. Don’t ______ late for school next time.

A. arrives B. be C. was

22. Victor can play ______ piano. He can join the music.

A. a B. an C. the

23. -- ______ can you do? -- I can sing.

A. Who B. Why C. What

24. He can speak English and he can ______ play soccer.

A. too B. either C. also

25. The girl brushes her ______ twice (两次) a day.

A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths

26. They get to school _______ 7:30.

A. at B. in C. for

27. Dr. Lei often goes to the hospital _______ .

A. by a bike B. by bike C. ride a bike.

28. -- _______ is it from your home to school?

-- It’s about three kilometers.

A. How B. How long C. How far

29. My parents are _______ to music now.

A. listening B. listen C. listens

30. —The pandas ______ interesting.

A. kind of B. kinds of

第二节 完形填空。 通读短文,掌握其大意,选择最佳答案。

Jennifer is very well-known (出名的) at school. Almost everyone versatile (多才多艺的all kinds of musical instruments (乐器), like the also dance . Many girls want to learn dancing from her. Jennifer does sports well, She is a good runner and she can play good student at school. Her English is very good. She wins the first place (得第一名) in the English her.

( ) 31. A. sees B. shows C. knows

( ) 32. A. sing B. play C. paint

( ) 33. A. basketball B. piano C. e-mail

( ) 34. A. or B. but C. and

( ) 35. A. well B. little C. good

( ) 36. A. then B. too C. also

( ) 37. A. the football B. tennis C. the guitar

( ) 38. A. picture B. pictures C. photos

( ) 39. A. game B. contest C. club

( ) 40. A. take B. likes C. like

Ⅲ. 阅读技能 (35分)

第一节 阅读下面短文,判断所给句子的正(T)误(F)没有涉及的(N)。(10分)

A Notice in the Lab (实验室)

a. Come to the lab at 9:00 AM. Don’t arrive late for class.

1 C. are kind of

b. You can’t fight in the lab.

c. When you come into the lab, listen to your teacher carefully(仔细地). Do what he tells you to do.

d. After the experiment(实验), you must put everything back, and wash your hands with soap. e. When you leave, you must turn off(关) the lights, close(关) the window, and lock(锁) the door.

The Lab.

Oct. 26, 2004

( )41. You can fight in the lab.

( )42. You can read books in the lab.

( )43. You must listen to your teacher carefully.

( )44. You can’t use the soap to wash your hands.

( )45. You must turn off the lights when you leave.

第二节 阅读选择。阅读下面的短文,选择最佳选项回答问题或完成句子。(20 分)


It’s Saturday morning. Betty is having her breakfast. Betty’s mother and father are with her. On Saturday morning, Betty doesn’t go to school. She helps her parents do some housework.

This morning she says to her mother. “Can I help you, mum? ” “Yes, you can help me.” her mother says, “You can go to Mr. White’s shop. Something is wrong with our clock. Mr. White mends (修理)clocks. Our clock is in his shop. ” “Is he mending our clock? ” Betty asks. “Yes.” her father says. “And this morning it is ready. ” “Yes, it is ready. ” Her mother says, “Go to Mr. White’s shop. Take this bag. You can put the clock in it. ” Betty takes the bag and goes to the shop to get the clock back home.

( )46. What is Betty doing on Saturday morning?

A. She goes to school.

B. She is having her breakfast.

C. She is cooking with her mother.

( )47. Betty often helps her parents _______on Saturday.

A. do some cleaning

B. do some shopping

C. do some housework

( )48. There is something wrong with their ______.

A. radio B. clock C. car

( )49. _______ is mending their clock.

A. Mrs. White B. Mr. White C. Mr. Brown

( )50. Which is right(正确的) in the following?

A. The clock is ready this morning.

B. Betty goes to the shop to get the clock with a schoolbag.

C. Betty and her mother go to the shop together.


The favorite day of the week for shoppers is Saturday. In America, women do most of the shopping. Teenagers(青少年) also enjoy shopping with their friends. Men usually don’t like taking the time to be in stores for many hours.

There are many places to shop but the best place is the shopping mall. A mall is a group of many shops where you can buy clothes, furniture(家具) and everything you need for every room in the house. Usually, the mall is under one roof so the people don’t get cold or wet from the wind, rain or snow.

Mothers can buy clothes for each family member. They buy their children shoes, socks, pants, 2

dresses, coats and sweaters in August for the new school year. Athletic clothes include(包括) tennis shoes, heavy white socks, sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and perhaps a ball cap with the name of a favorite sports team from the N.B. A.

51. Who don’t like shopping?

A. women B. men C. teenagers

52. Where is the best place to shop?

A. The supermarket. B. The store. C. The shopping mall.

53. What is a shopping mall?

A. It’s a supermarket which sells food. B. It’s a market for selling furniture.

C. It is a group of many shops where you can buy clothes, furniture and everything you need for every room in the house.

54. Who usually buys clothes for the family member?

A. Mother. B. Father C. daughter.

55. Which doesn’t belong to(属于) athletic clothes?

A. tennis shoes . B. a sweat shirt. C. A skirt.

第一节 阅读答问。阅读下面的材料,然后根据材料内容回答问题。(5分)

Dear Zhang Qian ,

Thank you very much for your letter. You want to know about my favorite sport and instrument. Now I tell you. I like swimming very much, and I like volleyball, basketball and ping-pang. Swimming is my favorite sport. I am good at chess, too. My favorite instrument is violin. I like playing the violin every weekend. What about you? What's your favorite sport? Do you like to play the violin? Who's your favorite player? And who is your musician? Please tell me. I want to hear from you again.


Ren Lijuan

56. Who is the letter from?


57. Who is the letter to?


58. What does Zhang Qian want to know?


59. What does Ren Lijuan like?


60. What does Ren Lijuan want?


Ⅳ. 写作技能(四节,计 25分)

第一节 单词拼写 根据所给汉语、英语首字母或上下文写出短文中所缺英语单词的正确形式。(5分)

Mary is my sister. She usually 61.______ up at six thirty. Then she always 62. ______ a shower and eats a good breakfast. After that, she goes to school 63. ______ eight thirty. At twelve, she eats

64. l_______ of fruit and vegetables for lunch. After lunch, she sometimes 65. ________ volleyball. She always eats ice-cream 66. a________ dinner. She knows it’s not good 67._______ her, but it tastes good! 68. ________the evening, she 69. ________ her homework and usually swims or takes a walk. At nine thirty, she goes to 70. ________ (睡觉).


第二节 句型转换。(5分)

76. She is listening to a CD. (改为一般疑问句)

77. He can play the violin. (改为否定句)

78. Mary has breakfast at 7 O’clock. (改为一般疑问句)


_______ ______ _______ Bob _______ home?

80. Ann does her homework at home. (改为否定句)

Ann ______ _______ her homework at home.

第三节 完成对话 请选择方框中的句子填入对话,有一项是多余的。(5分)

A: Can you go to the movie this evening?

B: _____76______. I can’t go out on school nights.

A: _____77______. I can go out, but I have to be home by ten o’clock.

B: You’re lucky. I have too many rulers.-

A: _____78_____?

B: I can’t play with my friends after school.

A: ____79_____?

B: Yeah, I have to do my homework after school.

A: Oh, I do, too. ________80___________.

第四节 作文(计10分)

根据表格内的信息,以 Sally’s Day 为题,描述一下她的一天的活动安排。要求不得遗漏任何一项,数字可以用阿拉伯数字写,也可以用英文,字数不少于50词。(用一般现在时以及三人称单数)


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