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Test of Unit One


1. fit and healthy____________ 2.a kind of food____________

3.as for____________ 4. try to do sth____________

5. have a party ____________ 6.一天许多次 ____________

7.两块面包 ____________ 8.改变我的饮食习惯和生活方式 ____________

9.一个健康的人 ____________ 10.对……有益 ____________


1. Mum wants children to eat meat _______(two) a week.

2. Do you do eye _______(exercise) every day?

3. I want to go _______ (shop).

4. How often do you _________(shop)?

5. The doctor asked her ___________(eat) more fruit.

6. Here ____ (be) a letter for you.

7. No___________(student) do homework once or twice a week.

8. I read English books about _________ (one) a week.

9. Tom ____________(exercise) three times a week.

10. Eating fruit can help you____ (get) more vitamins.



1. Wei Hua always helps others_______they are in need.

A. though B. if C. because D. but

2.-______do you have a sports meeting?

-Twice a year.

A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How far

3.-How often are the Olympic Games held?

-_____four years.

A. Every B. Each C. In D. For


4. The film is interesting. I think______people like it.

A. a few B. few C. many D. some

5. They are______teachers. How serious they are!

A. women B. woman C. man

6. There is______water in the room.

A. too much B. many C. a few

7. Is this new bike the same as______

A. Mary B. Mary’s C. Mary is

8. _____ do they play football?

-Every day.

A. How much B. How many C. How often

9. His mother wants him______at home today

A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying

10. Here _____the results ______the student activity survey.

A. is; with B. are;of C. is , of D. are, with

11. _______ homewolk, we do their homework on Junday.

A. As for B. As to C. As of, D. As from

12. These days Mrs Li looks_______ healthy.

A. nice B. pretty C. heavy D. cool

13. Although he is very old,____ he works very hard.

A. and B. but C./ D. so

14. The old man is well because he often_____ .

A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. plays

15. I try to eat junk food only once a month,_____I love it.

A. through B. but C. and D. although

16. You should go to see the doctor, _____ you feel sick

A. if B. although C. but D. because of

17. He _____ late for school.

A. is often B: often is C.does often D. often does


18. -Would you like to come to,dinner tonight?

-I'd love to, _______I'm too busy.

A. and B.if C. so D.but

19. She says that her brother is good _______ swimming.

A. for B. at C. to D. of

20. -Does Liu Hua ever guess the meaning of English .words?,

-He ______ guesses the, meaning, of new words. He uses his dictionary all the time.

A. usually B. always C. never D. sometimes

21. -How do you go to school every day? - ______

A. Sometimes B. On foot C. Usually D. Never

22. -Do you like______

-Yes, I do.

A. playing basketball B. playing the basketball

C. play a basketball D. play basketball


Student's life in America

From Monday to Friday students usually get up at seven. Then they wash their faces and have breakfast. They usually have eggs, bacon(熏肉),bread, fruit and a glass in their lockers(柜子)and take only one book, a notebook and a pencil to each class. In middle school students for six hours. Their classes are English, writing, math, and so on.

most students like pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers better. Students don't have go back to lunch until three o'clock. Then they go home.

Students usually play or watch TV have supper at six in the 3

面食).After supper they do their homework. Sometimes they play or talk with their parents.

( )1.A.car B. bike C. bus D. plan

( )2.A.school bags B. clothes C. pencil-boxes D. money

( )3.A.meals B. a rest C. each class D. classes

( )4. A. music, playing football B. Chinese, running

C. music, art(艺术) D. P.E, listening to music

( )5.A.buy B. have C. eat D. bring

( )6.A.So B. And C. Because D. But

( )7.A.sleep B. talk C. drink D. holiday

( )8.A.at B. before C. after D. in

( )9.A.a supper B. supper C. the dinner D. a dinner

( )10.A.vegetables B. dumplings C. fishes D. potatoes



A good breakfast is important. You can easily understand it. By breakfast time you have not eaten anything about twelve hours. Your body needs food for morning activities(活动). One good breakfast should be rice or bread, an egg , milk and fruit. On a cold morning a cup of hot drinks is necessary(必需的). A good breakfast helps you to smile more easily. It helps you to be more friendly and also to work better and play more happily. Your whole day will be more fun after you have enjoyed a good breakfast.

( )1.It's not very important to have a good breakfast.

( )2.Food is needed in the morning because you have had nothing to eat for the whole night.

( )3.Only rice or bread will be a good breakfast.

( )4.A good breakfast is helpful to you.


Fish and chips, and Chinese take-away food(熟食) are very popular in England. But they are less popular in the USA. In the USA, they eat take-away food, too, like 4

fried(油炸的) chicken. But the most popular kind of take-away food is hamburger. It looks like bread with meat in it. Hamburgers are delicious. They are very popular in the world.

Chinese food has different tastes and is usually very delicious. It's also very popular in the world.

( )1.What's the favourite food in the USA?

A. Hamburger. B. Fish and chips. C. Fried chicken. D. Take-away food.

( )2.What does hamburger look like?

A. It looks like a mooncake. B. It looks like a sausages(香肠).

C. It looks like bread with meat in it. D. It looks like a banana.

( )3.Which food has different tastes and is usually very delicious?

A. English food. B. American food. C. Chinese food. D. French food.

( )4.Are fish and chips and Chinese take-away food very popular in the USA?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren't.

C. Yes, they were. D. No, they weren't.

( )5.Who do you think likes hamburgers best?

A. The old people. B. Children.

C. Most of the people. D. Nobody

A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year. You may fail in an exam if you

are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you want to be good at English, you have to read stories in English, and speak English as much as possible. A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Do not go to bed late at night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, and try to understand the exact meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, read over your answers. Correct the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

1. If people want to do well in an exam, they have to work hard_____

A. every day in a year B. for most of the month


C. for only a few days D. late at night

2. If people want to learn English well, they_____

A. only need to learn grammar B. must often practice English

C. have to go to England D. should go to bed early

3. It's important to______ a few days before the exam.

A. play too much B. have a good sleep

C. read the question papers D. have a good drink

4. When people have finished the exam, they should______

A. stand up and leave at once

B. answer.a few more questions

C. make sure that they have not missed anything out

D. leave some mistakes on the question paper

5. The best title for this passage is______

A. An Important Exam B. An Easy Exam

C. Get Ready for an Exam D. How to Pass an Exam





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