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(Attributive clause) ?概念:在复合句中修饰前面的名词 或代词的句子叫定语从句. Mary is a beautiful girl.

Mary is a girl who has long hair.
句子作定语,修饰girl, 叫做定语从句

先行词 + 关系词 + 从句

Mary is a girl. Mary has long hair.


Mary is a girl who has long hair.
先行词 关系词 定语从句

that 指人,指物 作主语(不能省略) 或宾语(可以省略)

Which 指物 Who 指人

Whom 指人(做宾语)
Whose 指人,指物(+名词)作定语

? 定语从句的用法:
?当先行词是物时, 用 that、which、 whose 引导.
These are the trees which were planted last year.

?当先行词是人时, 用who, whom, whose, that引导.

?who, that , whom, whose用法区别.
?who 作定语从句的主语或宾语.

The man who is speaking at the meeting is a worker.
The man is a worker. 分解 The man is speaking at the meeting. 作主语

?that 可以作定语从句的主语和宾语.

注意: 关系代词作动词宾语时可
省略. The woman (whom/ that) they wanted to visit is a teacher.

?Whom 作定语从句的宾语 The woman whom they wanted to visit is a teacher.
分解 The woman is a teacher. They wanted to visit the woman.


?whose 作定语从句的定语. I know the girl whose mother is a teacher.
I know the girl. 分解 The girl’s mother is a teacher.


whose 作定语,表示所属关系。 The boy is my classmate. The boy’s father is a policeman.
The boy whose father is a policeman is my classmate.


A child _____ parents are dead is called an orphan( 孤儿). A. who B. whose C. who’s D. which

1. I have a friendwho/that likes ________ listening to classical music. 2. Yesterday Emily was wearing the which/that new dress __________ I gave her. 3. The man whose leg broke in a ______ match used to be a football player.

which/that 4. My parents live in a house__________ is more than 100 years old.
which/that 5. Kevin is reading a book __________

is too difficult for him.

Exercise 2 :用关系代词填空
1. The boy ____________ is playing ping-pong is who / that my classmate. 2. The e-mail ___________ I received yesterday which/ that was from my sister. who / that 3. I hate people ______________ talk much but do little. which / that 4. The car _____________ my father bought last month is very beautiful.

小结: ? that- 既可指人,也可指物 ? which-指物, ? who- 指人, ?既可以作主语,也可以作宾语。 ?作主语,不能省略;作宾语,可以省略,

(who常用whom) 注:当关系代词在定语从句中作主语时,定语 从句的谓语动词形式由先行词定。

二、只能用 that ,常见的情况有五种: 1.当先行词是 all, any, few, little, none, anything, everything, nothing , everybody, nobody, everyone, no one 或被它们

修饰时。 That’s all that I know. Is there anything that I can do for you? He answered few questions that the teacher asked. 2. 当先行词被形容词最高级或序数词修饰时 That is the most interesting book that I have ever read.

The first thing that I should do is to review my lessons. 3. 当先行词有the very, the only, the same等修 饰时。 That’s the only thing that I can do now. These are the very words that he used. 4. 当主句以 who 或 which开头时,定语从句的 关系词用 that. Who is the girl that spoke to you just now? Which is the pen that you lost ?

5. 先行词同时包括人或物时,关系词用that.
The man and his dog that I always meet are standing by the gate.

whose 5. The man ______ hair is white is his grandfather. whose 6. Is there a student _________ father is a business man? 7. 8.I’ve never heard of the people and things ________ you talked about just now. that

当先行词同时指人和物时,关系代词 只能用that.

Exercise 2.
1. My father and his teacher talked a lot about that the persons and things ______ they couldn’t remember. that 2. Say all ________ you know.

3. Is there anything ______ I can do for you? that

当先行词是something, anything, nothing, all 等词时,关系代词只能用that.

4.This is the first play ________ I have seen that since I came here.
5. This is the best novel _______ I have read. that 当先行词被序数词,最高级等词修饰时,关系 代词只能用that.

6.Who is the girl _______is standing under the tree? that
that 7. Which is the machine ____ we used last Sunday.

当主句是who或which 引导的特殊疑问句, 而中心词指人或物时,关系代词只能用 that.

三、关系代词与介词: 介词放在关系代词 的前面时,介词宾语只能用which代物, 用 whom代人。

1)This is the hero of whom we are proud .

2)The room in which I live is very big.

注意: 固定动介词组不可分割,介词不能提前. 例如:look after,look at …

1.This is the house in which ________ we have lived for 10 years.

2. The boy with _______ John spoke is whom my brother.



1. This is the job ______they laughed at. A.which B.how C.what D.who C 2. Beihai Park is a beautiful park____built about 300 years ago. A.where was B.that were C.which was D.where B 3. Who was the grey-haired man ______at yesterday’s meeting? A.we saw him B.we saw C.we saw who D.she was seen D 4. The man ______is painting the house is my uncle. A.which B.whom C.whose D.who B 5. What is the animal ______baby is sleeping in its pocket? A.who B.whose C.its D.which

6. This book is for the students ______mother language C isn’t English. A.that B.of whom C.whose D.who’s 7. The robbers shouted, “Hands up!I’ll shoot anyone ______moves!” C A.whom B.that C.who D.whose 8.The dictionary_____he paid 50 yuan for is very useful. A A.which B.for which C.on which D.about which

A 9The boy_____parents died two years ago lives with his grandpa now. A.whose B.who C.his D./ 10.The man_______ is smoking is a bus driver. B A. whom B.who C. which D. what

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