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九年级Unit5 Section B (1-2c)课件

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1- 2c

1.This hook ________ be Carla’s. Her name is on the book. C A.might B.Could C.must D.can’t 2.Jack’s bike is blue, so this yellow one ________ be his. B A.mustn’t B.can’t C.couldn’t D.mightn’t 3.The guitar ________ belong to Alice. Only she plays the B guitar here. A.could B.must C.can’t D.can 4. --Mike is not here today. Where is he? B --He _____ be ill at home. A. can B. might C. must D. should B 5. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet. A. must B. may C. can D. will 6.The book must be B . A. Carla B. Carla’s C. her D. him

Task: 利用图表所给的信息造句
Things owners possibility reason

1 3

notebook guitar




2 French book



too small

1.______________________________________________ It must be Carla’s. It has her name on it.

It could belong to Fred. He studies French. 2.______________________________________________ It might be Alice’s. She plays the guitar. 3.______________________________________________
It can’t belong to John. It’s too small for him. 4.______________________________________________

Words & expressions
chase v. 追逐;追赶 sky n. 天;天空 helicopter n. 直升机 creature n. 生物;动物

The UFO is landing.

The man is running.


The alien is chasing the man.

Look at the pictures.Then use the words from the box to write a sentence about each picture.
Land man UFO alien chase

a. The UFO is landing.

b. The alien is chasing the man. c. The man is running. 1

2a. Listen and number the pictures 1-3 .

3 2

2b Complete the sentences.
They see… 1. A man running. The man says… He could be The woman Says… He might be

running for exercise

late for work

2. Something in It could be It must be a helicopter a UFO the sky. 3. A Strange It must be I must be an alien dreaming creature. 4. A woman with a She could be They must be from the TV news make a movie camera.


Why do you think the man is running?

He could be running for exercise.
No, he’s wearing a suit. He might be running to catch a bus.

小结:must /could be +doing 表示“ 可能正在做”… 2c

a strange creature 奇怪的动物 must be doing sth.一定是在做某事 run for exercise 跑步是为了锻练 be late for work 上班迟到 拍电影 make a movie 赶公共汽车 catch a bus

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