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九年级Unit5 Section B (3a-4)课件

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla Section B (3a-4)

What do you think the rabbit is doing? I think he is ---. He could/might be shopping .

What could the cat be doing? He could/might be playing tennis.

What could/might Mr. Donald be doing? He could/might be --.

What could/might Simba be doing? He could/might be --.

What could/might Mr. Wolf be doing? He could/might be --- .

(must/could/might/can’t) +be+doing 表示 推测正在进行的动作

Reading (3a:)
Please answer the following questions:

1. What can you see in the picture? There is a woman looking out of the window. 2. What can we know about the woman?

She looks kind of scared.

3. Where is the article from ? It’s a newspaper article. 4. What is the passage about?

The passage is about strange events in Bell Tower neighborhood.

New words:


adj. 不快乐的;不愉快的
adv. 极其;非常


interview v. 访问;会见;接见 noise
n. 噪音;喧闹声;嘈杂声


n. 风

neighbor n. 邻居;邻人

3a Read the newspaper article and underline what people think could be causing the strange things that are happening in Bell Tower.

Strange events in Bell Tower neighborhood
Our neighborhood used to be very quiet. However, these days, strange things are happening in our neighborhood and everyone is unhappy. Zhou Gu, the local school teacher is extremely worried. When he was interviewed by the local newspaper, he said, “Every night we hear strange noises outside our window. My wife thinks that it could be an animal, but my friends and I think it must be teenagers having fun. My parents called the police, but they can’t find anything strange. They think it might be the wind. I don’t think so!”

Zhou’s next door neighbor Qi Hui is unhappy too. “At first, I thought it might be a dog, but I can’t see a dog and I still hear the noises outside.” Everyone in our neighborhood is worried, and everyone has his or her own ideas. There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood, but what is it?

精讲点拨 used to do /be used to doing
1.他习惯每天早起床 2.我母亲过去经常听到奇怪的声音 3.她过去曾经是一名老师
1.He is used to getting up early every morning . 2.My mother used to hear strange sound. 3.she used to be a teacher.

have fun doing = have a good/great/ wonderful time doing Children had fun swimming in the ocean.
to call 1.They have no time ______(call) The police. 2.He had many chances to escape _____ (escape) from the room.




hear— listen (to )

听到,表示结果 听,表示一个动作

2.在课堂上我们应该自习的听老师讲。 1.we can hear the sound of the sea. 2.we should listen to teachers carefully in class.

昨天一个事故对她来说发生了。 看!那边发生什么事了?

1.An accident happened to her yesterday. 2.Look!what is happening over t


I happened to meet her on the road yesterday.

Writing (3b: P38)
One sample version: Late that night, the Chu family found some strange footsteps in the hallway, they thought they might their neighbor’s. Lao Zheng, one of the Chus’ friends thought it might be something trying to get in the window.

Then one morning, Xiao Ning, a student who lives next door, found some garbage in front of her house, she thought it must be of some wild dogs. But the old hunter thought it could be garbage of cats. There must be some animals visiting the hallway. But what could it be?

Speaking (4: P38)
A: Last night I had a dream. In my dream, I was chased by a group of people. I was very frightened. B: Maybe it means you feel nervous under the pressure of study. You are afraid of falling behind others.

A: The night before last I had a dream. In my dream, I saw my grandma. In fact, she has been dead for 3 years. B: Maybe it means you’re looking forward to seeing her. You must

miss her very much.

1.Think of a dream you had recently and tell your classmates about it. Your classmates guess what the dream might mean?

2. Write a composition about your dream.


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