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九年级上册1-6重要短语 Module 1

1. have a meeting 2. listen up 3. get out of 从…… 4. reply to sth./sb. 5. on the edge of

at the bottom of 6. do some reviews about…7. 8. suggest doing sth. 9. go through 10. go across 11. in front of in the front of 12. in five minutes 13. too…..to…… 14. look down 15. look across 16. faster and faster 1

17. all kinds of 18. as…as possible/ one can


1.as far as 2. not …any more 3. run away 4.for a time 5. grow up 6. talk about 7. think about 8. sound like 9. be known as… be known/famous for be surprised at sth. to one’s surprise

13. in the 19th century 14. try to do sth. 15. prefer to do sth. prefer sth./doing sth. to sth./doing sth. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.


1.allow sb. to do sth. allow doing sth 2. stand for 4. set up 5. first of all

7. so …that… 8. get to sb. 9.be mad with sb. 2

11. compare…to compare…with…12. find out 13. ten—year –old a ten—year –old boy 14. less than 不到,少于 more than 超过,多于15. It’s +形+(for sb.) +to do sth. 做某事(对某人来说)是……


2.at the age of 3.see to 4. look through

5. at a time 6. at the beginning of at the end of 7. rather than 8. one day

9. would like to do sth. /feel like doing sth. 10. take photos 11. from now on from then on 12. be used for sth./doing sth. =

used to do sth 13.a couple of months 14. lend sth. to sb. borrow sth. from sb. 15. leave sth. in/ at+地方16. go to sleep 17. be made of be made from be made in +地方 be made by +执行者18. in a way 19. so that +从句 3

in order to + 动原 20. It is said that…

Module 5

2. as well 3. work out 4.try out 5. above all 6. drop in 7. as……as 9. go off on one’sown=

leave on one’s own 10. kind of 11. hurry up 12. (物 (人)be familiar wirh sth. 13. do experiments 14. be different from

15. (人) fill…with… 8. both…and…

(物)be filled with /be full of 9 . neither…nor… 16. fast enough 17. as long as 18.from…to… 从……到 19in the southeast of 在……的东南部 20.in the south/ … of 21.on the south/ … of 22. to the south/ … of


1.throw away 2. instead of sth./doing sth. 代替,而不 3. do harm to 4. make a difference to 6. be careful about …7. raise money


10.either…or… 11. care about 12.as long as possible 13. change…into… 14. take part in / join 15. be off to 16.try one’s best to do sth17. be good for be bad for 18. look around 19. in the 1960s 20. put up 21.be made up of 22. a number of (谓用复 the number of … (谓用单

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