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现在完成时的构成: 主语+ have/has + 过去分词

( (B)have taught (C)teaches (D)would teach

( )2.Lilei the pen for five years. (A)has had (B)bought (C)have had (D)have bought

( )3.Kate her grandmother's photo before(A)haven't seen (B)have seen (C)see (D)hasn't seen

( )4. Mary you these days? (A)Has,seen (B)Do,see (C)Did,see (D)Is,seeing

( )5.so far ,we thousands of Building in QuanzhouA)build (B)have build (C)build (D)will build

二、提示:否定式 之后+not; 疑问式: 提前,简略答语: Yes, 主语+ (肯定)

No, 主语+ 否定)

( )1.—Have you finished your work? —(A) Yes, I have. (B) Yes, I do. (C) Yes, I am. (D) Yes, I did.

( )2.—Has she ever learned English? — (A) Yes, she has. (B) Yes, she does. (C) No, she doesn’t. (D)No, she has.

( )3.He finished his homework yet. (A)doesn’t (B)haven’t (C) hasn’t (D) doesn’t have

三、提示:现在完成时的含义之一表示过去发生或已经完成的动作对现在造成的影响或结果,常与never/ever,just,already/yet,before,so far(到目前为止)等连用。

( )1.—Have you traveled on the train. —Yes, I have.(A)never (B)ever (C)just (D)yet

( )2.—Have you finished your homework? —Not .(A)ever (B)already (C)yet (D)just

( )3. We haven't finished our homework . (A)already (B)ever (C)yet (D)never

4.—Have you learned English? —5.—? —Yes, I've done that (A)yet, already (B)already, yet (C)ever, nevr (D)still, just

( )6.John's father borrowed some pictures.(A)have already (B)has just (C)have ever (D)has yet

四、提示:现在完成时含义之二表示过去已经开始,一直延续到现在的动作或状态,常与for, since, how long, these days等连用。 [Exercises4] A)用since和for填空1) ______ two years 2) _______ two years ago 3) _______ last month 4) ______ 19995) ______ yesterday 6) ________ 4 o’clock 7) ______ 4 hours 8) _____ an hour ago

9) ______we were friends 10) _______ two to two 11) ______ she flew here

B)用since和for填空1. He has lived in Nanjing _____ the year before last. 2. I’ve known him ______we came here.

3. Our teacher has studied Japanese ______ three years. 4. It’s about ten years______she moved to the city.

5. She has been away from the city ______ about ten years.

C)选择填空( )1.I've been like this ever since .(A)last week (B) for a week (C) a week before (D)the last week

( )2.My mother has worked in this factory __ 2 years. (A)about (B)for (C)in (D)since

( )3. I haven't heard from him last week. (A)since (B) for (C)ago (D)before

( )4.His father joined the party______.(A)for three years (B)since three years ago (C)three years ago (D)in two years' time

5.He moved here in2009, and he has been here (B)for five years ago (C)since four years (D)for four years

( )6.Tom has been away from home about five days ago. (A) / (B)in (C)since (D)for


( )1.She ___ Enghish in our school ever since she here.

(A)has taught, came (B)taught, came (C)has taught, has come (D)teaches, has come

( )2.OurEnghish teacher _ in our school since he to China.

(A)has taught .. came (B)taught,…come (C)hastaught, has .. come (D)teaches, has …come

( )3.She __ in Nanyang since she born in 1980.

(A)has lived,has been (B)has lived, was (C)lived, has been (D)lived, was


( )1.It’s ten years since she . (A)has left (B)has been away (C)left (D)leave

( )2. It’s three years since he the army.(A)has joined (B)has been in (C)join (D)joined

七、have been in, have been to 与have gone to 的用法A) 用have(has) been 或have(has) gone 填空。

A: Where _______ Li Fei _______? B: He ________ to Hainan Island.

A: How long _______ he ______ there? B: He ________ there for three days.

A: Could you tell me the way to Hainan Island? B: Sorry, I _____ never ______ there.

A: How many times ______ Li Fei _____ to that place? B: He _______ there only once.


( )1.Mrs Whites isn't here, she __ London, she __ there many times.

(A)has been to, went (B)has gone to, has been (C)went to, has gone (D)has been to, has gone

( )2.She has______ to Beijing twice. (A)gone (B) got (C)been (D)come

( )3.—Where , Li Lei? —To Beijing.(A)have,been (B)has,been (C)have,gone (D)has,gone

( )4.Mr Green isn't in the office, he (A)has gone (B)went (C)has been (D)will go

( )5.Mr Smith __ to Tokyo and he will be back in a week.(A)has been (B)has visited (C)has sent (D)has gone

( )6.They_ China for two years. (A)have been to (B)have been in (C)have gone to (D)have come to

八、提示:现在完成时的反意疑问句【have(n’t) /has(n’t)+代词】

( )1.Jim's been to the Great Wall before, he? (A)isn't (B)wasn't (C)hasn't (D)doesn't

( )2.She's never been to England, she? (A)has (B)hasn't (C)isn't (D)is

九、提示:How long与现在完成时, 要用延续性动词。

( )1.---___ have you been here? ---Since last year.(A)How far (B)How long (C)How often (D)How soon

( )2.______has Hanmei been in the library?(A)How long (B)How soon (C)How far (D)How often

( )3.How long ______he______the library book?(A)has, borrow (B)has, kept (C)has, bought (D)did, buy


1.He got to Beijing five minutes ago. He ______ _______ _______ Beijing for _______ ________.

2.I moved to the USA last year. I _____ ______ ______ the USA since ______ _____ ______.

3.I went home yesterday. I _______ _______ ______ home for ________ ________.

4.They came here last week. They _______ _________ here since _______ ________.

5. He has gone to Beijing. He ______ _______ _______ Beijing for two days.

6.We returned to Nanyang yesterday. We ________ _______ ______ to Nanyang for______ ______.

7.I became a teacher in 2000. I ______ _______ a teacher since_________.

8.The river became dirty last year. The river ______ ______ dirty for ______ _______.

9.The shop closed two hours ago. The shop ______ _______ _______ for ______ _______.

10.The door opened at six in the morning. The door _______ _______ ______ for six hours.

11.I got up two hours ago. I ______ _______ ______ since ______ ______ ______.

12.He left Fuzhou just now. He ______ ______ _______ ______ Fuzhou for five minutes.

13.His grandpa died in 2002. His grandpa _______ _______ _______for ______ _______.

14.The meeting finished at six. The meeting ________ ______ ______ for six hours.

15.I got to sleep two hours ago. I _______ _______ _______ since _______ _______ ______.

16.They married in 1990. They _______ _______ _______since ________.

17.I began to teach at this school in 1995. I _______ ______ at this school for _______ _______.

18.The film began two minutes ago. The film ______ ______ ______ for ______ ______.

19.They borrowed it last week. They ________ _______ it since _______ ________.

20.I bought a pen two weeks ago. I _______ _______ a pen for ________ ________.

21.I got to know him last year. I ________ ________ him since _______ ________.

22.I put on my glasses three years ago. I _______ _______ my glasses for _______ ________.

23. My brother joined the army two years ago..My brother _______ _______ a _______ for ______ _______.

My brother ____________ in _______ ___ for two years.

B)汉译英1)这本字典我已买了三年了。I ______ ________ this dictionary since ______ ________ ________.

2)他们结婚10年了。They ________ _________ _________ for __________ __________.

3)自从1999年以来他们就认识。They _______ ________ ________ ________ since_______.

4)我入团2年了。 I________ ________ _________two years ago=.I_______ _________ a _________ _______for two years. =I______ ________a ______of______ _____for two years.=I______ _______ _______ the ______for two years.

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