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人教版 九年级英语上册 Section B1

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Unit 5
It must belong to Carla.

Section B

Period One

Words and expressions
chase v. 追逐; 追赶 sky n. 天; 天空 helicopter n. 直升机 creature n. 生物; 动物 catch v. 赶上(车船等); 捕获

Look at the picture. How is the person in the picture? What happens?

pleasant goat 喜羊羊 grey wolf 灰太狼 beauty goat 美羊羊 fit goat 沸羊羊

1 Look at the pictures. Then use the words from the box to write a sentence about each picture. land man UFO run alien chase

a. The UFO is landing.

b. The alien is chasing the man.

c. The man is running.

2a Listen and number the picture [1-3] following.




Write two or three sentences to finish the story.

2b Listen again. Complete the sentences.
They see The man says The woman says

1. a man running.
2. Something in the sky. 3. A strange creature.

He could be running for __________ exercise __________. It could be a helicopter. ____________
It must be an lien. ____________

He might be late for work.
It must be a UFO. ____________ I must be dreaming. ____________

4. a woman She could be They must be from the TV news.making a movie. with a camera. ____________ ____________



Role play conversations between the man and woman.
A: Why do you think the man is running? B: He could be running for exercise. A: No, he’s wearing a suit. He might be running to catch a bus.

Oral practice Look at the picture. Can you guess what happens? Make up a conversation with your partner.

red wolf 红太狼

根据句意及汉语提示写出所缺的单词。 1. There is something strange flying in the sky _____ (天空). 2. He is not strong enough to _____ (举起) lift the heavy stone. monkeys 3. Look! The _________ (猴子) are peeling bananas. interviewed 4. The poor boy was __________ (采访) by different TV stations after that accident. 5. His father works as a workshop _________ (主任) in a big factory. director

用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 running 1. The woman could be _________ (run) for exercise. flying 2. There are some boys ______ (fly) kites in the park. unhappy 3. Alice was _________ (happy), because she didn’t pass the math exam. extremely 4. Mrs White looks _________ (extreme) anxious now. 5. Never tell a lie. People don’t like those dishonest who are _________ (honest).

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