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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.

tomorrow , next week/Sunday , this evening… 主语 + be going to + 动词的原形

She is going to play football. He is going to go fishing.

2b 1. Do you know what a resolution is? It’s a kind of
promise. Most of the time, we make promises to other people. (“Mom, I promise I’m going to tidy my room when I get back from school.”) However, promises you make to yourself are resolutions, and the most common kind is New Year’s resolutions. _______ When we make resolutions at D the beginning of the year, we hope that we are going to improve our lives. Some people write down their resolutions and plans for the coming year. This helps them to remember their resolutions. Others tell their family and friends about their wish and plans.

2. There are different kinds of resolutions. Some are about physical health. For example, some people promise themselves they are going to start an exercise program or eat less fast food. Many resolutions have to do with selfimprovement. _____Some people might say A they are going to take up a hobby like painting or taking photos, or learn to play the guitar. Some resolutions have to do with better planning, like making a weekly plan for schoolwork._____ B

3. Although there are differences, most resolutions have one thing

in common. People hardly ever keep
them! ___Sometimes the resolutions C

may be too difficult to keep.
Sometimes people just forget about them. For

this reason, some people say the best
resolution is to have no resolutions! How about you— will you make any next year?

Explanation 1. at the beginning of this year 在今年的年初

beginning n. 开头, 反义词为 end,结束。 at the beginning of 在……开始 at the end of 在……末尾 from the beginning to the end 从头到尾 eg:He will come here at the beginning of this month. 我们在月初来到这里。

2. They are going to start an exercise program or eat less fast food. eat与have这两个动词都可以表示“吃”。 eat可用作及物或不及物动词, 是日常用语, 但用在日常口语中不够礼貌。让别人“吃”, 通常用have。 eg: Where shall we have our dinner? 我们在哪儿吃饭?

注意: “吃药”

习惯上说have/take medicine
不说eat/drink medicine。

eg: Your son catches a bad cold.
He should have some medicine. 你儿子得了重感冒,他应该吃药。

3. Some resolutions have to do with better panning… 有些决定与合理的时间规划有关…
1) 句中planning 为名词,表示“计划、规划” 如:city planning(城市规划)。better plan 意为: 合理规划,指通过制定计划来更加充分地利用 时间、空间、精力。 2) have to do with 表示“与…相关;与…有关 联或有关系”如: What dose this problem have to do with what we ’re learning today? 这道题跟我们今天所学的内容有什么关


4. Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep.有些时候这些决定可能会太难而无法实现 1) 句中情态动词 may 表示推测,相当于汉语 的“可能;也许;大概”的意思。如: You may be right this time, but I’ m not sure. 这一次或许你是对的,但是我无法确定。
2) 英语中too…to…是一个固定结构,表示 “太…而不能… ’’如: The kid is too young to play this game. 这个小孩太小,不能玩这个游戏。

3) 句中的动词keep表示“履行(诺言等); 遵守(惯例等)”如: People hardly ever keep them! 人们很少履行它们(指计划)。 还有类似的用法: keep a promise(信守承诺) keep one’s promise (遵守承诺;说话算数)等。 eg: We always keep our word. 我们说话是算数的。

2b Read the passage and match each paragraph[1-3] with its main purpose in the box. Underline the words and phrases that helped you decide.

Paragraph 3

To question the idea of making

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2

To give the meaning of resolution To discuss the different kinds of


2c Write the letters [A-D] in the correct places in the passage. 3 A: There are about making yourself a
better person.

2 B: For example, a student may have to find
more time to study. 4 C: There are good reasons for this. 1 D: The start of the year is often a time for making resolutions.

2d Answer the questions with short sentences. 1.What is a resolution? It is a kind of promise. 2. When do people usually make resolutions? The start of the year.

3.Why do people usually make resolutions?
They want to improve their lives.

4. How do people remember their resolutions? They write down them or tell their family and friends. 5.How many kinds of resolutions does the writer talk about? Three . 6.Why do you think resolutions may be difficult to keep? Because people just forget about them. 7.Do you the best resolution is to have no resolutions? Why or why not? Yes , I think so. Because doing is better than saying.

2e Find these phrases in the passage. Then write your
own sentences with them.

have to do with (与…有关) make promises(做出承诺) have something in common (有共同之处) write down (写下;记下) for this reason(为此;由于这个原因) take up(开始从事)

promise v. 许诺 保证 promise to do sth 许诺做某事 eg. My mother promised to buy a piano for me. 我妈妈许诺给我买一架钢琴。 promise sb sth 许诺某人某事 eg. My aunt promised me a bike. 我姑姑答应给我买辆自行车。

remenber v.记住 1.remember sb./sth. 记住某人/某事 2.Remember to do sth. 记住做某事(事 情没有做) eg. Remember to close the window when you leave the room. 3.remember doing sth. 记得做过某事 (事情已经做了) eg. I remember meeting you in Beijing. 我记得在北京见过你。

write down 写下, 记下
take up 开始做,学着


3a Complete the first two paragraphs about resolutions with the words in the box.
take listen make is help learn are Resolutions______ promises to yourself. They are may______ to make you a better person and to make help your life easier. I’m going to ______ four resolutions. make The first resolution has to do with my own personal improvement. Next year, or maybe sooner, I am going take to ______ up a new hobby. I think singing ______ a is great activity so I am going to ______ to sing. I think learn this will make my family happy because they love to listen ______ to music and sing together.

3b Write your resolutions under the following headings.

1.Ideas for improving my physical health
get more exercise, _______________________________________

2. Ideas for improving my relationships with my family and friends ———————————————————

3. Ideas for doing better at school

3c Write about your resolutions: In each paragraph, write what you are going to do and why.
The second resolution is about improving my physical health.________________________________________ _____________________________________________ The third resolution is about improving my relationships with my family and friends. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ The last resolution is about how to do better at school. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

4 Imagine you work for your city. Think of a plan to
make it cleaner and greener. 1.We’re going to make the subway better.

Then people don’t have to drive to work.
2.___________________ 3.___________________ 4.___________________ 5.___________________

Self check 1 Match the jobs with the school subjects.

1.computer programmer 2.engineer 3.doctor 4. basketball player 5.scientist

medicine computer science math science P.E.

2 Fill in the blanks in the conversation.
A: What do you ________to be when you grow up? want B: I want ________ a scientist. to be How A:Wow! That sounds cool. But it’s difficult. ________ going are you ________ to do that? going B: After I finish high school, I’m ________ to go to university. going A: ________ are you ________ to study? Where B: In Hefei. I’m ________ to study there for four years. going to be going A: I think I want ________ a teacher. I’m ________ to teach in Wuhan.

3 Write about your plans.

Tomorrow, I’m going to_____________________ have an English lesson. Next week, ______________________________ I am going to travel to Dalian.
I am going to visit my friend. Next month, ______________________________

Next year, ________________________________ I am going to move to another city.

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