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人教版 九年级英语上册 Section B2

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Unit 6
I like music that I can dance to.

Section B

Period Two

Words and expressions
Yellow River 黄河 fisherman n. 渔民; 渔夫 latest adj. 最近的 entertainment n. 乐趣; 快乐

feature n. 特点; 特征
photography n. 摄影; 照相

gallery n. 美术馆; 画廊

photographer n. 摄影者; 摄影师
display v.& n. 展览; 陈列

on display 展览;陈列
photograph n. 照片; 相片 interest v. 引起……关注; 使……感兴趣

class n. 等级; 类别 whatever pron. 不管什么; 无论什么; 任何(事物) miss v. 错过;遗漏 energy n. 活力;力量 pro n. 赞成的观点 con n. 反对的观点

3a Read the reviews. Circle the things the reviewers like, and underline the things the reviewers don’t like. Yellow River Fisherman Circled: He’s made some great movies …the fisherman’s wife was really funny. Underlined: Yellow River Fisherman is too long, and it’s really boring.

Amy Kim, photography Circled: some of her most famous photos are on display in this exhibition…has something for everyone … many great photos of people and of the countryside Underlined: The few city photographs are less successful.

Wild and Windy Circled: the band has lots of energy… they play the kind of music that I love to hear…these are musicians who make us happy. Underlined: Every song is really loud and you often can’t understand the word…the lyrics aren’t very good.

3b Read the reviews and then use the information from the reviews to complete this chart. Pros Cons
The fisherman’s wife was funny Exhibition There are many great photos of the countryside. Movie Band They play the kind of music that I love to hear. It’s too long and it’s really boring. The few city photographs are less successful. Every song is really loud and often you can’t understand the words.

1. It does have a few good features, though. 然而它的确有些优点。 does 在句子中表示强调, 意思是“真 的, 的确”。如果省略, 原句可写成 : It has a few good features, though. As you know, I do like that car very much. 如你所知, 我真的喜欢那辆小车。

though 1) adv. 副词 用于口语中, in spite of this; however 意思是 “尽管如此, 然而”, 放在句尾。 eg. I expect you’re right -- I’ll ask him, though. 我认为你说得对 -- 我去问问他也好。

2) conj. 连词 although; despite the fact that 意思是 “虽然, 尽管”, 放在句首或句中, 不与 but连用。 eg. She won the first prize, though none of

us had expected it. 她得了头奖, 虽然这件事我们都没想到。

3. be sure to do sth.

肯定要做某事的;一定要做某事的 eg. It is sure to rain. 肯定要下雨。 Be sure to write and tell me all your news. 务必来信告诉我你的消息。

4. Over the years, we’ve seen musical groups with pretty strange names come and go. 多年来,我们看到许多拥有相当奇怪 名字的音乐组合在乐坛上来来往往。 see

sb. do sth. 看见某人做某事, do 前面省略不定式to。 see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事

3c Write a review of a book you have read, a CD you have listened to, or a movie you have seen.

A review of Harry Potter I like reading books that are interesting. My favorite book is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a boy who is unusual. He can use magic. I think the story about Harry is exciting. J.K. Rowling is a great author who writes the Harry Potter. I like J.K. Rowling very much. But I think if I were her, I would write my books quickly, because a lot of people wait for the new stories about Harry Potter for a long time. Please be quick, Rowling!



What’s happening in your city next week? Fill in the calendar with special events. Then discuss what you would prefer to do together.
Mon Tue Wed boxing match Thu Fri Sat Sun

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. You can see a few _____ (bus) in front buses of the library. 2. He is one of the best photographers _____________ (photographer) in China. 3. I like action movies because they’re interesting very __________ (interest). 4. These _________ (fisherman) are very fishermen rich.

5. I think it’s a successful (success) art ________ exhibition. 6. Over the years, my father has collected ___________ (collect) lots of stamps. staying 7. My cousin suggested _______ (stay) in Shanghai another day. 8. Be sure to write (write) to me as soon as ______ you get there.

Translate and write them down. 1. 迈克昨天看的那部电影很有趣。 The movie that Mike saw yesterday was very interesting. 2. 你认识正在看报的那个男孩吗?
Do you know the boy who is reading the newspaper? 3. 那是我们都感兴趣的话题。 It is a topic that we are both interested in.

Write a review of a book you have read, a CD you have listened to, or a movie you have seen.

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