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Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.

noise There is too much _______.

There is too much ________. traffic

There is too much _________. smoke

What was he/she/it doing?











Work in pairs. Look at the picture and talk about it. Use the words in the box to help you.
noise people space traffic

1. What’s the population of Beijing? a) About 11 million. b) About 13 million. 2. What’s the population of Chongqing? a) About 28 million. c) About 36 million. b) More than 33 million. c) About 20 million.

1. What is Tony preparing for a report called “our growing population”?
Some notes.

2. What city are they talking in?
In Beijing.

1. Is population increase a big problem in many countries? Yes, it is. 2. How many babies are born every minute in the world? Over 250. 3. Will China’s population grow fast? Why? No, it won’t. Because families are getting smaller.

Over 250 __________babies areborn every minute in the world. 131.4 million _____________babies are born every year in the world. The population of China is______________. about 1.37 billion The population of the world is___________. about 7 billion

1. Birth happens at the start / at the end of life. 2. Huge means large / small.

3.An increase in population means more
/ fewer people.

4. Hang on a minute means waiting for
a short time / a long time.

5. Making notes means writing a long

passage / a few words.
6. A problem is something easy / difficult.

7. A report is a long piece of writing / a
few words.

8. A billion is a hundred / a thousand

I can’t believe it!

Hang on a minute!

1. I can’t believe it!

2. Hang on a minute! 3. Great! 1. — Maybe many years later, people won’t have water to drink._________________ 2. —Let’s play football. —___________________ 3. —May I speak to Mary, please? —______________________

8,742 eight thousand, seven hundred and forty-two 2,463,128 two million, four hundred and sixty-three thousand, one hundred and twenty-eight 1,370,000,000 one billion, three hundred and seventy million 2,000,030,000 two billion and thirty thousand

Check the statements you agree with.
1. There are too many people in the world.
2. The increasing population is the biggest

problem in the world.
3. People should not have too many babies.

4. A city should not hold more than one
million people.

1. -What are you preparing _____ your B party? -I’m thinking about who I’ll invite. A. at B. for C. with 2. There are _____ people in the little room. B A. so much B. so many C. very much

3. How do you read 131,400,000? ____. A A. One hundred and thirty one million four hundred thousand

B. One hundred and thirty one million
four hundred thousand

C. One hundred and thirty one million
four hundred thousand

4. - Could you give me some advice about
learning English?

- Certainly. Why not ____ in class? B
A. make books B. make notes

C. making

5. ____ of the world’s population is in China. C A. One five B. One fifths C. One fifth

6. - The school bus is coming. - _____. I’ll come in a minute. A A. Hang on B. On earth C. Once or twice A 7. Population _____ is a big problem in the world. A. increase B. describe C. protect

1. I think ____ of the materials I C
listened to at the beginning of the

exam ____ easy.
A. three fourths, is B. third four, are C. three fourths, are D. three fourth, are

2. ____ trees have been planted near C
here, so the air is very fresh.

A. Two hundreds
C. Hundreds of

B. Hundred of
D. Hundreds

3. _____ visitors come to Xingyi A
during May Day holidays every year.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands
C. Thousand of D. Thousand

Make a report to describe population increase of the world.

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