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九年级Unit51it must belong to Carla._Section_B1

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla Section B Period 1

What’s he doing?
He must be doing…
He might be doing…

What’s he doing?

He is running down the street. What’s happening? He could be doing… He might be doing…

He is chasing a man. Why do you think he is chasing that man?

could/ might

The UFO is landing.

The man is running. Why the man is running?

An alien comes out

The alien is chasing the man.

chase v. 追逐; 追赶

Look at the pictures. Then use the words from the box to write a sentence about each picture.

land man UFO run alien chase
a. The UFO is landing. b. The alien must be chasing the man.

c. The man must be running.

2b, Section B
They see… The man says… He could be … running for exercise It could be… a helicopter It must be … an alien The woman says… He might be… late for work It must be… a UFO I must be… dreaming

1. a man running.
2. something in the sky. 3. a strange creature.

She could be… They must be… 4. a woman with a camera. from the TV news making a movie

2a Listen and number the pictures. Then write two or three sentences to finish the story.



The man is running down the street. What’s happening? A UFO is landing and an alien is getting out. The alien is chasing the man! ... _______________________________________________ Oh , there’s a woman with a camera over there. She _______________________________________________ could be from the TV news. There are some actors . _______________________________________________ They must be making a movie.

M: Hey, look at the man running down the street. I wonder what’s happening? W: He __________running for exercise. could be M: But he’s rearing a suit. might be W: Well, he __________late for work. M: He looks kind of scared.

Tape Scripts:

?W: Oh, no! What’s that?

?M: Where?
?W: There’s something in the sky. could be ?W: It ___________ a helicopter. can’t be ?W: No, it __________ a helicopter. It’s too big. It _________ a UFO. must be

?M: A UFO? What’s going on?
?W: Look, the UFO is _________… landing

?M: And there is a strange __________ creature getting out. It ________ an alien. must be ?W: And the alien is chasing the man! I ___________ dreaming. must be ?M: Maybe we should _____________. call the police Hey, wait a minute, what’s that?

W: Where? M: Over there. camera W: It’s a woman with a __________. must be W: She ____________ from the TV news. W: No, look at those other people. actors They are ________. Oh! They must be ____________ making a movie.

2a, Section B
? Examples

to end the story:

? 1.

At last, the alien caught the man and took him to the UFO, and flew away. 2.The man ran as fast as he could. Suddenly “Might I make friends with you?” The alien stopped just in front of the man, with a big smile and both its arms opened to him…

Pairwork (2c: P37)
Sample dialogue : A: Why do you think the girl is crying? B: She could be crying for the

failing of the exam. A: No, her cat died. She might be crying for her dead cat.

Well done! You’ve made such great progress in English. No pain, no gain.
Can you guess what’s the meaning of “No pain, no gain”?

Self check P39 2

What do you think these proverbs might mean? Discuss with your classmates. 1.One finger cannot lift a small stone.
抬起 石头

团结就是力量。 2. When an ant says “ocean”, he’s 蚂蚁 海洋 talking about a small pool. 井底之蛙。

3. It is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest. 不诚实 以诚为本。 4. Be careful of the person who does not talk and the dog that does not bark.



5. You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

真人不露相。 6. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Let me try and I’ll understand. 实践出真理。

7. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of 用完 today. 今日事,今日毕。 8. He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.


Self Check
1. Mark Twain is Mary’s ________ author. favorite careful 2. Be ________ of the dog that does not bark. anxious 3. Fred is afraid of flying. He feels ________

before he gets on the plane.
4. I haven’t seen my cat for two days. I’m very worried ________ about her. strange 5. There’s a ________ smell in the house. Do you know what it is?

3.In each line, circle the word that doesn’t belong.
? ? ? ? ? 1. escape owner chase run 2. picnic lunch dinner alien 3. land apple ice cream chicken 4. creature alien exercise visitor 5. lost grass tree flower

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