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Touch the world




海伦· 凯勒
海伦· 凯勒(Helen keller),美国盲聋 女作家、教育家。幼时患病,两耳失聪, 双目失明。七岁时,安妮· 沙利文担任 她的家庭教师,从此成了她的良师益友, 相处达50年。在沙利文帮助之下,进入 大学学习,以优异成绩毕业。在大学期 间,写了《我生命的故事》,讲述她如 何战胜病残,给成千上万的残疾人和正 常人带来鼓舞。这本书被译成50种文字, 在世界各国流传。以后又写了许多文字 和几部自传性小说,表明黑暗与寂静并 不存在。后来凯勒成了卓越的社会改革 家,到美国各地,到欧洲、亚洲发表演 说,为盲人、聋哑人筹集资金。二战期 间,又访问多所医院,慰问失明士兵, 她的精神受人们崇敬。1964年被授予 美国公民最高荣誉–总统自由勋章,次 年又被推选为世界十名杰出妇女之一。

Hellen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan

Hellen Keller in Her Story

Hellen Keller

Anne Sullivan

at the age of 16

At the age of 39

At the age of 79

?Read and answer
1. Who is Hellen keller?

She is a writer and educator.
2. When and where was she born?

She was born in 1880 in the United States.
3.Who came to help her in 1887? Anne Sullivan 4.What was Hellen famous for? She was famous for her courage and hard work. 5.Did Hellen visit many countries? Yes, she did.

Useful expressions

? at the age of 在……岁时 ? blind and deaf people 盲人和聋哑人 ? fall ill =get ill 生病 ? have a high fever发高烧 ? between …and …在……和……之间 ? begin to do/ begin doing sth 开始做某

事 ? at first 起先,开始 ? learn to do sth 学会干某事 ? be famous for /be famous as 因…… 而著名 ? do one’s best to do sth 尽某人最大的 努力做某事

1.Helen Keller,the well-known writer and eductor,died yesterday at the age of 88. 海伦.凯勒,众所周知的作家、教育家,于昨日 去世,享年88岁。 at the age of 在某人……岁时,后跟年龄数, 相当于when引导的时间状语从句,即: when one was ….years old. ●At the age of 22,he moved to Beijing. ● When he was 22 years old,he moved to Beijing.

2.When she lost her sight and hearing, she became difficult and wild.

difficult 困难的,不易的,当说明 人的情况的时候“难相处的,不易 取悦的”。

? She is a difficult customer. ? He is a difficult boss.

3.She could feel them talk. 她能感觉到她们说话。 talk 是用来说明宾语them作宾语补足语。 英语中一些感官动词,如: see;watch;hear; feel等接动词不定式作宾语补足语时,动词 使用原形。例如:

See /watch/hear/feel sb do sth
● I saw her go out just now. ● We often hear him sing songs in the classroom.

4.She spelled words on Helen’s hand with her fingers.她在海伦的手上用手指拼 写

单词。 5.As Helen grew older,she learned to read. 随着海伦长大,她学会了阅读。 as Helen grew older是从属连词as引导的 时间状语从句,其中as意思是“当……的时 候 ”。例如: I lost my purse as I ran home.

6.She had special books with letters she could touch. 她有可以触摸字母的特殊的书。 7.She did her best to help people who were deaf and blind. 她尽力帮助其他或聋或瞎的人。 do one’s best to do sth 8.She will be greatly missed. 人们会很想念她的。 本句的谓语是“will be missed”,这是个 一

__ Helen Keller, well-knownwriter and educator. __________ She was a hero to________________________
She had been a _______and _______girl happy bright before she fell ________.It made her _______ and _________. ill deaf
blind and deaf people around the world

In 1887,a young teacher, Anne Sullivan, began______ _______ Helen. She spelled words _______ Helen’s ______with her finger. to help hand One day, on Helen was _______ in some water. playing Anne Sullivan spelled _________onto Helen’s w-a-t-e-r hand.


older As Helen grew ________, she learned to ______ read. She also learned to speak read _______and _______.When Helen university studied at ________,Anne Sullivan sat finish ______her. After Helen ______ university, beside she visited many countries. She spoke ______ heraboutShe was famous ______ life. for her courage and hard work. She will be _______missed. greatly

Hellen Keller’s File

Hellen Keller
Date of the birth:

1887: Anne Sullivan came to help her. 1904: With her teacher’s help, she

June 27,1880
Place of the Birth

graduated from a university.
1954: The film “Hellen Keller in

The United States
July, 1882: A high fever damaged her sight and

Her Story ” was on show.
1964: She was very well---known for her courage and hard work. She became a greatest educator and writer Date of death: June1, 1968

She became blind and deaf.

? 用所给词或短语完成句子。 ? special courage deaf at the age of educator ? 1.Xu Teli is a famouseducator _______. special ? 2.The blind can read________books with letters they can touch. at the age of ? 3.Linda wrote the first book ____________20. ? 4.When she was young ,she became_____. deaf ? 5.When she heard the news, she showed courage remarkable________.

Learning some mottos of Hellen Keller.
The best and most beautiful things
? 这个世界上最好的和最美
的事物我们无法用肉眼感 到或用手触摸到,我们只 能用心去感受。 ? 自我怜悯是我们最大的敌 人。如果我们向它屈服, 我们就无法在这个世界上

in the world cannot be seen or
even touched. We must be felt within the heart. 。

? Self-pity is our worst enemy and if
we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world.

? 直面阳光,你就看不到阴 影。

? Keep your face to the sunshine
and you will not se

e the shadows. ? One can never consent to creep


when one feels an impulse to soar.
? Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

一个人内心有了飞翔的冲 动,就不会满足于在地上 爬行。
生活,要么是一场大胆的 冒险,要么什么都不是。

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