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[课件]初二外研版(上)Module 9 Unit 1 We need to protect animals.

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Unit 1 It allows people to get closer to them.


What’s the animal ? Talk something about the pictures .
I am orange and black.

I am the tiger’s cousin.

I am very long and thin.


I am brown or black and I live in the forest.

I am long and thin.

I am big and I have a very long nose.

I can walk a long way without drinking.

What animals are in danger?

1、掌握单词和短语: snake、 neck 、thin 、danger、 in danger at last 、be interested in 、allow、 think of、 protect、 wild 、grow、 grew、 take away、 enough 、peace 、in peace 、animals in danger 2、掌握动词不定式 (to do)的用法: allow sb to do sth. need to do sth. It's +adj. to do sth.

Fill in the blanks. 1. Her parents don't _____(允许) her to go out at night. 2. We should help animals live in _____(安宁). 3. They have _____(足够的)food for twenty people. 4. It 's very difficult ______(保护)the antelopes(藏羚羊) in Tibet. 5. Villages and farms are growing bigger and are _______(带走)their land and forests. 6.We can ______(筹集) some money at school.

Listen and answer the questions.
1. What are they talking about? They're talking about animals in danger. 2. Why is Betty more interested to see the pandas in the Wolong Panda Reserve ?

All of these animals are in danger. 3. Why don't many animals have a safe place to live?
Because villages and farms are growing bigger and are taking away their forests .There isn't enough clean water.

Answer the questions. Listen and check. 4. When do you think this conversation happens? Just after they have visited the zoo. 5. What does the notice say? Help! We want to save animals in danger,and we need your help.

Language point
动词不定式构成 练习: 1.It’s very interssting _______(watch) Liu Qin’s
magic show. 2.We need ______(protect ) the wild animals. 3.It allows people ____(get) closer to them. 4.I am more interested ______(see) the pandas. 5.That means we can give money ______(help) protect the animals. 6.Let’s find out what else we can do ______(save) as many as possible.

Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks.

1、Why many animals are in danger?

2、What can we do to save the animals?

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