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Module 8 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 用be 的适当形式填空

1. What day ______ it today?

2. What day _______ it yesterday?

3. I _____ here now, but a moment ago I ______ at home.

4. He _____ born in 1999 and Tom _____ born in 2003 .

5. --- What time ______it ?

--- It ______ five o’clock.

6. She wants to _____ a doctor one day .

7. There _____ some milk in the bottle.

8. Let’s ______ good friends.

II. 根据自己的实际情况回答下列问题

1. Where were you born?


2. What was the name of your first school?


3. What was the name of your first teacher?


4. How old was she/ he?


5. What was she/he like?


6. Who was your first friend?


III. 阅读理解

My uncle,Michael Wilson,__1__a businessman.He sells computers to many countries.He __2__ very,very busy.His office __3__ in New York,but he __4__ often away.He travels a lot every month.He goes to visit people and people come to see him.They discuss business together.He has meetings every day.Uncle Mike usually travels from one place to another.Last Monday he __5__ in Shanghai.Three days ago, he __6__ in Dalian. The day before yesterday he __7__ in Hong Kong.Yesterday he __8__ in Taipei.Last night he __9__ in Tokyo.Now he is back in New York again.


“Do you enjoy your work, Uncle?” I asked him one day.

“Yes.It’s very interesting and exciting.And I can see the world at the me time.”

1. 在横线上填上be 动词的适当形式。

2. 回答下列问题。

A. Does Uncle like his job? Why or why not?


B. What is my uncle’s job?


C. Write down the place where my uncle went (去过) in the week( in order)

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

4. ______________________________________

5. ______________________________________

6. ______________________________________


Module 8 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 根据语段内容和汉语提示完成短文

I was ______ (出生) in the country . I lived in a big house. There were three _______(卧室), a ________ (厨房), a________ (起居室), a _______ (浴室)and a ________ (花园)。There was a _______ (池塘) in the garden. When I was a child, I was very_______ (调皮 ) but at that time, my mother was very _______(严厉) with me. So I was _______(有礼貌的) .

II. 翻译下列词组

1.出生于 ____________

2.一张电影明星的海报 ____________

3.长有许多树的大花园 ____________

4.一支棒球队 ____________

5.一位美国总统 ____________

6.期盼 ____________

7. 某一天 ____________

8.回去 ____________

III. 根据句意填空

1. Betty was _______ in Quincy .

2. Quincy is a town on the east coast of ______.

3. The _____ time Betty was away from Quincy is in 2003.

4. They were looking _____ to coming to China.

5. ______ ________ Betty will go back to the USA.

6. We will see the film “a world without thieves” at the __________.

7. On his bedroom walls there were _______ of my favourite singers

8. When you relax at home, you usually stay in the _____ room.

9. Lucy likes cooking, so she is often busy cooking in the _______.

10. There was a _____ with fish in it in the garden behind his house. IV. 阅读理解


MR WU: Where’ s your composition,Lily?

LILY: Sorry, Mr. Wu.I wasn’t here yesterday.

MR WU: Yes, I remember.You weren’t here yesterday.

Were you ill?

LILY: Yes, I was a bit ill.

MR WU: I’m sorry to hear that.I hope you’re better now. LILY: Yes, I am. Thank you.


MR WU: You’d better finish your homework soon, and bring it next



LILY: Good afternoon,Mr. Wu.Here’s my composition.I was ill last

Thursday,so it's late. I

MR WU: That’s OK. You must look after yourself and keep healthy.

1. What’s wrong with Lily?


2. On which day was Lily not here?


3. What is Lily’s homework?


4. What does the sentence “You’d better finish your homework soon ” mean in Chinese?



Module 8 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 根据自己家的实际情况改写下列句子

1. There were three big TVs in our living room.


2. There was a big garden with lots of trees in our house.


3. The woman with long hair is my mother.


4. Our house is big with four rooms.


II. 补全对话

A:How many singers were there in the band last year?


A:B:Yes,there were.

A:Was there a problem at that time?


A:What was it?

B:One of the singers wasn’t very good..

A:Was there a problem at the concert last night?

B:No,there wasn’t.

A:How many singers are there now?

B:,but they’re all good.There isn’t a problem any more.

A. There were four. B. People didn’t like her.

C. There are three. D. Yes,there was.

E. Were there any women in the band?

III. 阅读理解

When I was at age of thirteen, I began to keep diary in English. At first it seemed difficult to me, but now it is easy. I know it is not possible to learn English well without more practice(练习). I like reading, listening, and speaking. After school I often go to library to read English stories. My English teacher always helps me put some passages into English.

I have little time to watch TV. After I finish writing my diary, I always try to correct(改正)mistakes with the help of the dictionary. I think that keeping diary is one of the best ways to improve(提高) our English study.

( ) 1. I began (开始)to keep diary _________.


A. When I was thirteen years old B. before I was 13

C. When I was thirteen-years old D. for 13 years

( ) 2. _______ it was not easy for me to keep diary in English.

A. At last B. At first C. Now D. Usually

( )3.It’s impossible(不可能) to learn English well ______more practice.

A. on B. with C. for D. without

( ) 4. The writer likes reading, speaking and listening in his ______.

A. keeping diary B. more reading

C. more speaking D. more listening

( ) 5. What does the writer think of keeping diaries?

A. Useful B. Hard C. Nothing D. not easy

Module 8 Unit 1

I. 1.is 2.was 3.am; was 4. was; was 5. is; is 6. be 7. is 8. be

II. Omitted

III. 1. 1.is 2.is 3.is 4.is 5.was 6.was 7.was 8.was

9. was

2. A: Yes, he does. Because it’s interesting and exciting.

B: A businessman.

C: 1. Shanghai 2. Dalian 3. HK 4. Taipei 5. Tokyo 6. New York

Module 8 Unit 2

I. 1.born 2.bedrooms 3.kitchen 4.living room 5.bathroom 6.garden 7.pond

8.naughty 9.strict 10.well-behaved

II. 1. be born in 2. a poster of film stars 3. a big garden with a lot of trees 4. a baseball

team 5. a president of the USA 6. look forward to 7. one day 8. go back

III. 1. born 2. America 3. first 4. forward 5. One day 6. cinema

7. lots 8. living 9. kitchen 10. pond

IV. 1. She was ill yesterday 2. Thursday 3. Composition 4.你最好尽快完成作业

Module 8 Unit 3

I. Omitted

II. 1.A 2.E 3.D 4.B 5.C

III. 1.A 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.A


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