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Module 3 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________ I. 单项选择

( ) 1. We needn’t go to school _______.

A. on weekdays

C. on Tuesday

A. write


A. come


A. in

--- ____.

A. I’d like

C. No, I can’t

II. 补全句子

1. The little girl ____ ____ ____ ____(上钢琴课)every Saturday.

2. Sam is going to ____ ____ _____(查看邮件) in a moment.

3. Don’t ____ ____ ____(卧床) too long . You can go out for a walk.

4. The teachers ___ ___ ___(将要) visit a museum this afternoon.

5. We usually ____ ___ ____ ____(去参加聚会)on New Year’s Eve.

1. My daughter can’t go to school today because she is ill __________.

2. All my friends agree to __________ in the coming holiday.

3. Many old people like to do sport after they _________ in the morning.

4. I’m so busy that I have no time to __________.

5. Lucy ____________

carefully and the

her very much.

IV. 补全对话

B. at the weekend D. in the morning C. find D. check ( ) 2. My computer doesn’t work so I can’t ___ my e-mails. B. look ( ) 3. Can you ___ here for a moment? I want to tell you something B. live C. stay D. leave ( ) 4. My mother usually washes clothes and listens to music ____ Sunday B. on C. this D. next ( ) 5. ---Would you like to go fishing with me this Sunday? B. I’d love to D. I’ll be glad very teacher likes

John likes to watching TV and listening to radio. J-John H-Hanmei

H: How do you spend your

free time, John?

J: ____. I enjoy it very much.

H: Why? _____.

J: I don’t think so. ____. You

can also enjoy sports games and movies at home. H: _______. Do you watch TV every day? J: _______.

H: What would you do when you are on a trip? J: I listen to the radio for news and music. 2

Module 3 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 单项选择

( ) 1. Every morning we __ a No. 23 bus to our office.

A. drive B. take C. bring D. get

( ) 2. We can’t see many stars ____ they are too far away.

A. because B. so C. but D. and

( ) 3. We can ____ the sunshine if we go out for a walk on such a fine day.

A. like B. visit C. enjoy D. show

( ) 4. It’s dark when people ____ home after work every day in winter.

A. get B. leave C. stay D. walk

( ) 5. Everyone can learn a lot about a country when he goes_____.

A. shopping B. fishing

C. sightseeing D. swimming

II. 短语填空

1. Many tourists come to

_____________ in our city every year.

2. You must feel cool and comfortable when you lie __________.

3. We _____________ getting presents from our parents during the Spring Festival.

4. _____________ the mountain and you can see the whole city.

5. Mary often helps others so her classmates like to ___________ with her. III. 单词拼写

1. Their _____(女儿) usually sends e-mails to her friends after school.

2. We can know a lot about western ______(文化) when we study English.

3. My little son usually _______(看) basketball match on Sunday.

4. Many _______(外国的) friends will visit our school next week.

5. The Brown family are going to live in a famous ______(酒店) during the holiday.

III. 补全对话

Jack plans to go to Tokyo for holiday. He is now at a travel agency in Shanghai

C-Clerk J-Jack

C: Good morning, sir. _______

J: Yes, please. ___________.

C: Do you plan to fly or go by ship?

J: ________. Which flight do you think is the best?

C: Air China goes straight to Tokyo and they have good service.

J: _________

C: Sure. A single ticket or a return ticket?

J: A single, please.

C: It’s 2100 yuan.

J: By the way, shall I have to go through the customs at the airport?


C: ________. And you’ll have to pay more if your luggage is overweight. J: I don’t think it will be. Thank you.





E. Don’t worry about it May I ask the price? May I help you? I’m looking for a toy for my daughter I want to know something about going to Tokyo for a


F. Yes, of course, both in Shanghai and in Tokyo.

G. I think I’d rather fly.


Module 3 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 根据语境补全单词

1. We needn’t get up early at the 2. I’m going to for our physics exam this Sunday.

3. they can play with snowballs.

4. different kinds of delicious food on Mid-autumn Day.

5. Teachers the answers at once after students finish the exercises.

6. .

7. , we can know a lot about a place.

8. 9. It’s quite today so you’d better close the window.

10. It’s quite difflanguage.

II. 单词拼写

1. My little son likes basketball best. That means his _______(最喜爱的) sport

is basketball.

2. You must be careful when you _______(横过) the road.

3. There’s going to be a ________(音乐会) in our city on New Year’s Day.

4. Many students like ________(听) to music when they take a bus.

5. It’s a good sport to go _______(骑车) in spring.

III. 阅读理解

Mr. Smith had a week’s holiday, so he said, “I’m going to see the sea by train.” He put on his best clothes, took a small bag, went to the railway station and got into the train. He had a beautiful hat, and he often put his head out of the window during the trip and looked at the beautiful scenery. But the wind pulled his hat off.

Mr. Smith quickly took his old bag and threw it out of the window, too. The other people in the train laughed. “Is your bag going to bring back your beautiful hat?” they asked.

“No,” Mr. Smith answered. “But there is no name and no address in my hat, and there is a name and an address on the bag. If someone finds both of them, he or she will send me the bag and hat.”

( ) 1. Mr. Smith went to have his holiday for______.

A. nine days B. half a month

C. seven days D. eight days

( ) 2. Mr. Smith put his head out of the window to_______.

A. see the beautiful scenery.


B. say goodbye to his friends

C. throw his hat out of the window.

D. say hello to the people outside

( ) 3. Mr. Smith is going to ____ during the holiday.

A. visit his friends B. see his parents

C. enjoy himself in the train D. see the sea

( ) 4. Why did Mr. Smith throw his old bag out of the window?


A. he hoped someone would find the bag

B. he hoped someone would send back his bag and hat

C. he hoped his bag would bring back his hat

D. he hoped the people in the train would laugh

( ) 5. From the passage we can see that Mr. Smith was a ____.

A. clever man B. rich man

C. foolish man D. poor man

Module 3 Unit 1


II. 1. has a piano lesson 2. check his e-mail 3. stay in bed 4. are going to 5. go to a


III. 1. in bed 2. have a picnic 3. get up 4. check my e-mail

5. does her homework


Module 3 Unit 2


II. 1. do some sightseeing 2. on the beach 3. look forward to 4. Walk up 5. make


III. 1.daughter 2. culture 3. watches 4. foreign 5. hotel


Module 3 Unit 3

I. 1. weekend 2. revise 3.because 4.enjoy 5.check 6.culture 7.sightseeing 8. travel

9.windy 10.foreign

II. 1.favourite 2.cross 3. concert 4. listening 5.cycling CADBC


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