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Module 7 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 配对并写出下列短语的同义词

1. by bus

5. by bike __________ 2. on foot __________ 6. by boat _________ _________ 3. drive a car __________ 4. take a train _________

II. 句型转换

1. I walk to school .(同义句)

I go to school _____ ______.

2. She goes to work by bus. (特殊疑问句)

_____ ______ she go to work?

3. They get to the park by bus. (同义句)

They _____ buses to get to the park.

4. He has the fastest journey because he goes by bus.

_______ does he _____ the fastest journey ? (特殊疑问句)

5. Jim drives a car to Beijing. (同义句)

Jim goes to Beijing ______ ______

III. 任务型阅读

Paul is a Canadian.He lives in a tall building in the city of Toronto.There are eighteen floors in the building,and he lives on the fifteenth floor.He uses a lift to go up and down.Paul is very busy every day.He goes to work early.He leaves his home and walks to the lift.He gets into the lift.It takes him down to the first floor.He gets out of the lift.Then he walks to a bus stop.The bus stop is in front of a cinema.It is about two hundred meters from his home.Usually, 1

he catches the No.11 bus to work,but sometimes he goes by train.He starts work at half past eight,and finishes at a quarter to five.Paul usually gets back home at a quarter past five.He gets into the lift and goes up to the twelfth floor.Then he gets out of the lift and walks up to the fifteenth floor.

Every day he does the same thing.Why doesn’t he use the lift for the last three floors?

A. 根据短文填入恰当的词

Paul’s way to work : First he takes a ___1___ to the first floor , next ____2___ to a bus stop .There he catches __3___or takes ____4____ to factory.

B. 回答问题

How can you understand “Why doesn’t he use the lift for the last three floors? (You can also answer it in Chinese.)


Module 7 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级

1. far _________ _________

2. close _________ _________

3. expensive _________ _________

4. dangerous _________ _________

5. fast _________ _________

6. long _________ _________

II. 改错题(每句中只有一处错误)

1. Who is tallest in your class?


2. His sister is very taller than him.


3. His brother is elder than I.


4. Which does he like, the first one or the second one?


5. Walking is much better than ride a bike.



1. Li Lei fast Jim than runs


2. Sara’s than room is clean Ted’s


3. this dictionary than more expensive one that is


4. she more tired is today yesterday(昨天) than


5. West Lake is than more beautiful East Lake


6. his story much is more interesting your than story


IV. 任务型阅读

Sun Yang is in a new school now.It is not far from his home.It’s about 10 minutes by bike.But he has a problem.This school begins classes at 7:45. He is often late for school.“How do you usually come to school?” asked his teacher.

“I usually come to school by bike,” said Sun Yang.

“What time do you usually get up?’’ his teacher asked.


“I usually get up at 6:30.” Sun Yang answered. “Well. It’s not late. What time do you usually leave home?” his teacher asked.

“I leave home at 7:40.” Sun Yang said.

“Why don’t you leave home a little earlier?” his teacher said.

“I can’t.” Sun Yang said. “Why not?” the teacher said.

“My mother is ill. She stays in bed all day. So I must look after her. I must give her medicine at the right time. It is 7:30 every morning. So I am often late for school.” said Sun Yang. “I see, Sun Yang. You’re a good boy!” said the teacher.

Answer these questions:

l. Is Sun Yang’s home near his new school? _____________

2. How does Sun Yang go to his new school? _____________

3. How long does it take him to get to his school by bike ?


4. What time does he get up every day? _____________

5. What time does he leave home for school? _____________

6. Why is he often late for school? _____________


Module 7 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 用比较级填空

The white house is ______ (small). It’s ______(cold). It’s _______(cheap).

The taxes are ______(big), but the yard is ______(small).

The gray house is ______ (large). It’s also _______ (expensive). The

garage is ______ (small). The yard is ______

(large) and the taxes are

_____(high). It’s in a _____(good) neighborhood.

II. 任务型阅读

1. quiet :Jean is the quietest.

2. old _________________________________

3.young _________________________________

4.tall ____________________________________

5.short __________________________________

6.heavy _________________________________

7.1ight __________________________________

8.pretty _________________________________

9.neat ___________________________________


10.smart __________________________________

III. 任务型小组活动


1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. _______________________________________

4. _______________________________________

5. _______________________________________

6. _______________________________________

7. _________________________________________

8. _________________________________________

Module 7 Unit 1

I. 1. picture 1---take a bus. 2. picture 6---walk 3.picture 2---by car 4. picture

5---by train 5. picture 3---ride a bike

6. picture 4---take boats

II. 1.on foot 2.How does 3.take 4.Why have 5.by car

III. A. 1.lift 2.walks 3.buses 4.trains

B. Maybe he is too short.

Module 7 Unit 2

I. 1.farther,farthest(further, furthest) 2.closer,closest 3.more expensive, most

expensive 4.more dangerous, most dangerous 5.faster fastest


II. 1.tallest前加the 2.very改为much 3.elder改为older

4.like后加better 5.ride改为riding

III. 1. Li Lei runs faster than Jim.

2. Sara’s room is cleaner than Ted’s.

3. This dictionary is more expensive than that one.

4. She is more tired today than yesterday.

5. West Lake is more interesting than your story.

6. His story is much more interesting than your story.

IV. 1. Yes, it is.

2. By bike.

3. 10 minutes.

4. At 6:30.

5. At 7:40.

6. Because his mother is ill, he must give her medicine at 7:30.


Module 7 Unit 3

I. smaller, colder cheaper, bigger, smaller larger, more expensive, smaller, larger, higher,


II. 2. Donna is the oldest. 3. Connie is the youngest. 4-10. Omitted

III. Omitted


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