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Module 4 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 根据语境补全单词

1. to help us do different kinds of work.

2. If you don’t know this word, please look it up in the


4. no matter where he is.

5. is faster than writing a letter.

6. It’s easy for us to find some information about this super star on the

7. “Can you see the words on the clearly?” the teacher asks us.

8. 9. 10. .

II. 短语填空

1. Mr. Smith feels very tired so he wants to have a good rest __________ during the coming holiday.

2. Children like to ________ their friends instead of their parents when they meet with trouble.

3. Sam studies quite well and he will get a good job __________.

4. We can use a _________ to send and receive messages.

5. It’s dangerous to make friends ____________ because we don’t know much about them.

III. 完形填空

Radio and television _1_ very popular in the world today. _2_ of people watch TV. Perhaps _3_ people listen to the radio.

The TV is, of course, more useful than the radio. _4_ TV you can see and hear what is _5_ in the world.

However, radio is not disappearing. It is still with us. And _6_ of listeners is becoming larger. One reason for this is the invention of the transistor radio. A transistor radio is _7_ very small. It’s very easy to carry. You can put one in your pocket and listen to it on the bus or on your bike when you go to work. Besides,


radios are better for blind people. The eyes of many old people are not _8_ to watch TV. Then, when people are working , they can’t watch TV , but they can listen to the music or the news _9_ the radio. What’s more, radio is _10_ cheaper than TV.

( ) 1. A. is B. are C. was D. will be

( ) 2. A. Millions B. Million C. One million D. Million

( ) 3. A. much B. much more C. many more D. a lot

( ) 4. A. In B. On C. Inside D. Around

( ) 5. A. happened B. going

( ) 6. A. the number B. a number

( ) 7. A. sometimes

C. some time

( ) 8. A. enough good

C. enough well

( ) 9. A. in B. from

( ) 10. A. very B. much

C. going about D. going on C. number D. numbers B. sometime D. some times B. good enough D. well enough C. over D. into C. more D. most 2

Module 4 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 用方框里的词填空,使句意完整

1. This kind of cell phone isn’t ______ and everyone can afford it.

2. You may feel _______ in the sun in such fine weather in spring.

3. This kind of silk dress feels ______ and sells well.

4. What an _________ story! The children can’t help laughing after they hear that.

5. Will you please help me move the ______ box?

6. The ice in the river is ______ enough for us to skate on.

7. His talk on the history of the city seems _____and many listeners just do their own things.

8. This is a kind of _____ sport and it can make players hurt easily.

9. Amy is really _____ in French so she often asks her classmates for help.

10. The boy grows quickly and his old clothes seem so______.


We live in the “computer age”. People, like scientists, teachers, writers and even students, use computer to do _1_ work. But more than 30 years ago_2_ couldn’t do much.

They were very big and expensive. Very _3_ people were interested in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and _4_. _5_ they can do a lot of work, many people like to use them. Some people even have them at home.

Computers became very important because they can work _6_ than men and make fewer mistakes. Computers can _7_ people do a lot of work. Computers can also remember what you put _8_ them. Computers are very _9_ and helpful. They are our good friends.

Do you want to _10_ a computer?


( ) 1. A. a lots

C. many

( ) 2. A. computer

C. teachers

( ) 4. A. cheap B. all kinds of D. different kind of B. students D. computers C. a few D. few ( ) 3. A. less B. little B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive

( ) 5. A. But

( ) 6. A. quickly

( ) 7. A. make

( ) 8. A. in

( ) 9. A. beautiful

( ) 10. A. use

B. And B. fast B. help B. by B. careful B. sell C. Since C. slower C. use C. on C. useful C. borrow 4 D. If D. faster D. stop D. up D. heavy D. have

Module 4 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 句型转换

1. There is going to be an English party this Saturday. (同义句)

We _____ ______ an English party this Saturday.

2. The Smiths spend their summer holiday in this village every year.(改写句子)

The Smiths _____ ______their summer holiday on the beach this year.

3. They aren’t going to finish their work before Wednesday. (同意句) They _____ _____ their work before Wednesday.

4. Will teachers use chalk to write in the future? (否定回答)

_____, they_____.

5. 划线提问) _____ _____ your dream school have ?

II. 补全对话

Holiday is coming. John and Liu Jiang are talking about it.

J- John L- Liu Jiang

J: Where are you going to spend your holiday?

L: I’m going back to my home village. ________

J: Where is your home village? I’ve been thinking of going somewhere but I have no idea where to go yet.

L: _____________

J: It must be different from here.

L: Yes. ___________

J: Have you got farmland there? __________

L: Of course you can if you like. As you know , It’s the harvest season right now.

J: Wonderful! _________

L: All my best friends are welcome in my home village.



Our school is a key school with ______ 2000 students and about 200 teachers. _______ of the teachers graduated from teachers’ colleges ______ universities. The students are the best _____ from primary schools of our city. Our school _______ are politics, Chinese, English, maths, physics, chemistry, history, geography and biology. Most of us pay great attention to the _______ of English, Chinese and maths_______ they are very important subjects in the university entrance exam.

There is a _______ and modern library with a lot of books in our school. Now we have a new ________. ________ class, the students have all kinds of sports and games there.








III. Module 4 Unit 1 1. computer 2. dictionary 3. satellite 4. phone 5. email 6. Internet 7. blackboard 8. radio 9. paper 10. future 1. at home 2. talk to 3. in the future 4. cell phone 5. on the Internet 1-5 BACBD 6-10 AABCB Module 4 Unit 2 1-5 expensive, comfortable, smooth, interesting, heavy 6-10 strong, dull, rough, weak, short 1-5 BDDBC 6-10 DBACD Module 4 Unit 3 1. will have 2. will spend 3. won’t finish 4. No, won’t 5. What will DAGFE 1-5 over, Most, or, ones, subjects 6-10 study, because, large, playground, After


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