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Module 2 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 单词找对子

( ) 1. clean

( ) 2. cook

( ) 3. learn

( ) 4. make

( ) 5. sweep

( ) 6. get ready for

II. 根据图片编对话

1. A: __________ is he?

B: _____________.

A: __________ is he?

B: _________ in the park.

A: What is he doing?

B: ______________.

2. A: ______________?


A: ______________?


A: ______________?


III. 根据短文提出问题并回答

They people on Floor 2 are dancing. The man on Floor3 is cleaning his living room. The woman on Floor4 is practicing the piano. The teenagers on Floor5 are listening to loud rock music. The dog on Floor6 is barking. And the people on Floor7 are having a big dinner.

e.g. Floor2 A: What are the people on Floor2 doing? B: They are dancing.

1. Floor3 A: _________________________?

B: ___________________.

2. Floor4 A: _________________________?

B: ___________________.

3. Floor5 A: _________________________?

B: ___________________.

4. Floor6 A: _________________________?

a. the Spring Festival b. lanterns c. the floor d. meals e. a dragon dance f. the classroom


B: ___________________.

5. Floor7 A: _________________________?

B: ___________________.

IV. 阅读理解,完成句子

Tom is a seaman. He is always drunk. Today Tom goes to a strange city. It is nine o’clock p.m. He is drinking in a bar. He drinks very much. When he goes out of the bar, he sees a man lying in the street. The man is quite drunk. When Tom comes nearer, the man points to the sky and asks, “Excuse me, is that the sun or the moon?” Tom looks at the sky for a while and answers, “I’m afraid I can’t help you. I am new here myself.”

1. Tom is a seaman. He must work______________.

2. Tom likes to drink very much. He goes to drink in this


3. Tom doesn’t know whether it is the sun or the moon


4. Both the man and Tom like__________.


Module 2 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 写出春节和圣诞节至少五项传统上要做的事情

1. On Spring Festival (2)________________

(3) _______________ (4)________________

(5)________________ (6)________________

2. On Christmas Day (2)________________

(3)________________ (4)________________

(5)________________ (6)________________

II. 用and, but, or完成语段

1. Lin Tao ____ Liu Hai are from China. They are Chinese ____ speak Chinese. They are leaning English ____ they can speak a little English. ___ they can’t speak any Japanese ___ French.

2. John is a young man. He works in a factory in a new town. ____ he lives far away from his factory. Every day he gets up very early ____ eats breakfast at home. Then he goes to a bus station by bike. ___ there are only two buses to the River Stop every day. One is in the morning ____ the other is in the afternoon. There is no bridge across the river. He takes a boat ____ ship to get across the river. He gets off _____ then walks to his factory. He does the same thing every weekday.

III. 阅读理解

Every December millions of Christmas cards go through the post office. There are pictures of stars or snow or Christmas trees. In these days it is hard to think of a Christmas without Christmas cards, yet a hundred and fifty years ago there were none at all. Here is just a story of the way in which they started. Some boys of those days who were at boarding school had to write a special piece of English at Christmas time. This was to be sent to their parents so they could see how the boy’s work had got better during the year.

Young people like to make little drawing in the paper when they write something. These boys were the same. They drew little pictures all around the writing. After a time the pictures became more important than the writing. These were the first Christmas cards.

( ) 1. People began to use Christmas cards ______.

A. before they had Christmas Day.

B. when they had the first Christmas Day

C. as soon as Christmas was born.

D. about 150 years ago

( ) 2. What can we usually see on the Christmas cards?

A. Star, snow and Christmas trees

B. Stars or snow or Christmas trees


C. The boys at boarding school

D. The post offices

( ) 3. At Christmas time, the boys at boarding school wrote something

special to___

A. their teachers B. their parents

C. their friends D. each other

( ) 4. What did the boys draw around the writing?

A. Beautiful drawings B. Strange drawings

C. Large picture D. Little pictures

( ) 5. Which became more important later on the Christmas cards?

A. the pictures B. the writing

C. the Christmas cards D. Christmas


Module 2 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________

I. 用动词正确形式填空

1. My father _______(work) in a factory. But now he ________(not work). He __________ (have) a rest.

2. Her mother ________(teach) Chinese. But now she _____________(not teach). She ___________ (water flowers).

3. Tom’s sister ________(like) watching TV. But now she ____________(not watch) TV. She ______________ (read newspaper).

4. A: _______ John _______ (do) morning exercises at this time

of day?

B: Yes, he does.

A: But now ______ he______(do) morning exercises?

B: No, he_____. He ________________(wash clothes).

5. A: _____ your grandpa usually ______(drink) green tea?

B: Yes, he_______.

A: But now ______ he _________(drink) green tea?

B: No, he _______. He ____________(drink coffee).

II. 翻译词组

1. 为…准备好 _____________ 2. 舞龙______________

3. 扫去 _____________ 4. 一些 _____________

5. 一年到头 _____________ 6. 用…装饰__________

III. 阅读理解

Christmas,December 25, is coming soon. It’s the birthday of Jesus Christ. We can hear Christmas music here and there. People are busy doing their Christmas shopping. Many families have Christmas trees in their homes. They get ready for this a few days before Christmas. At this time of year we make or buy presents for our families. On Christmas eve, children put stockings at the end of the beds. They say that Father Christmas gives them presents in the 5

stockings. The next day, they can find some presents in them if they are good children. All families usually go back home and have Christmas dinner together on Christmas Day!

( ) 1. What people put at home?

A. Christmas trees

C. Jesus Christ B. Christmas music D. Stockings

( ) 2. Children put stockings at the end of their beds to _____.

A. give Father Christmas presents B. buy presents

C. be a good children D. get presents

( ) 3. Children can get presents on____.

A. Christmas Eve

C. Christmas

Module 2 Unit 1


II. 1. Who , he is my son , where , he’s ,He’s playing soccer

2. A: Who are they, B: They are my uncle and aunt. A: Where are they? B: They are in their dinning room. A: What are they doing B: They are having dinner

III. 1. A. What is the man on Floor3 doing? B. He is cleaning his living room.

2. A. What is the woman on Floor4 doing? B. She is practicing the piano

3. A. What are the teenagers on Floor5 doing? B. They are listening to loud rock music

4.A. What’s the dog on Floor6 doing? It is barking

5.A What are the people on Floor7 doing B. They are having a big dinner.

IV. 1.on the ship 2.the first time 3.he is quite drunk 4. drinking

Module 2 Unit 2

I. (1) 2.paint doors and windows red 3. decorate doors with paper cuts 4. buy new

clothes 5. have a haircut 6.eat dumplings

(2). 2.eat Christmas pudding 3.sing Christmas songs 4.put presents next to the Christmas tree 5.put stocking at the end of the bed 6.have Christmas dinner

II. 1. and, and, and, But, or

2. But, and, But, and, or, and


Module 2 Unit 3

I. 1.works, isn’t working , is having 2.teaches, isn’t teaching, is watering flowers 3.

likes, isn’t watching, is reading newspaper 4. Does, do, Is doing, isn’t, is washing clothes 5.Does drink, does , Is drinking, isn’t, is drinking coffee

II. 1.get ready for 2.dragon dance 3.sweep away 4.a few 5.all the year round


III. 1-3 ADC B. the next day D. their beds


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