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Module 12 Unit 1随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________


( ) 1. When I was _____ holiday, I visited my uncle.

A. in B. at A. make B. take C. on D. for D. spend ( ) 2. She didn’t know how to _____ her holiday. C. reach ( ) 3. ---_____ did it take you to get to Beijing ? ---About three days. A. How much

C. How long

A. California

C. Los Angeles B. How many hours D. How long time B. Hollywood D. Santa Monica ( ) 4. Some Chinese movie stars went _____ for movie dreams.

( ) 5. Santa Monica has _____ and many holiday travelers go there.

A. a beautiful beach B. an old Chinatown

C. some famous theatres D. homes of movie stars

( ) 6. _____ the largest of the world’s oceans.

A. The Atlantic Ocean

1. People there have to _____ the winter in tents.

2. I _____ you keep your good health and have a good time every day.

3. The 147-year-old _____ stopped working for 90 minutes on May 27.

4. They are going to see a patriotic film _____.

5. I always go on a trip when I am _____.

6. Some people like ______ on weekends.

1 B. The Pacific Ocean C. The Indian Ocean D. The Arctic Ocean

III. 阅读下面短文并回答下面的问题

Across the Pacific Ocean, millions of Americans got Monday October 10th off for a public(公共) holiday of their own.

When Italian-born explorer Christopher Columbus(哥伦布) (1451-1506) stood on board of the Santa Maria in 1492 and gazed out(向外注视) across the Americas, he didn't imagine(想像) one day he would become so controversial(争议的).

Since 1968, every second Monday in October has been celebrated as Columbus Day. For many students, it’s just a long weekend. But the holiday is also a political(政治的) hot potato.

1.What is the passage about ? _____________________

2.Who has the holiday ? _____________________

3.When do they go for their holiday ? _____________________

4.Why is it a holiday ? _____________________

5.What do you think of the holiday ? _____________________


Module 12 Unit 2随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________


( ) 1. Big Ben is a famous ______ in London.

A. house B. building C. clock D. bridge

( ) 2. Queen Elizabeth lives in _____ .

A. England

C. Palace B. London D. Buckingham Palace

( ) 3. ---Where is Tower Bridge ?

---_____ the River Thames.

A. In B. on C. Near D. Around

( ) 4.British Museum is one of _____ museums around the world.

A. new

B. bigger D. the oldest C. the smallest

( ) 5. They are going home by plane _____ .

A. last Monday

C. tomorrow morning B. days ago D. on 24 December,2005

( ) 6. People went for a walk _____ .

A. in the British Museum B. in the River Thames

C. in a Chinese restaurant D.in the famous park

II. 用括号中所给词的适当形式完成短文,并根据文章内容和所给出的疑问词提问

A Great Trip

Davy spent nearly fourteen hours with his parents from Beijing to London by plane. When they 1_____ (arrive) at the airport, it 2_____(be) evening and the great trip was starting.

London is really a beautiful city. There 3_____(be) many interesting places. They 4_____ (visit) famous Big Ben and the Tower of London. Most of the time in the afternoon, his parents and he sat or 5_____(walk) in the park. In London, it often 6_____(rain). But they had many sunny days.


A week later, they 7_____(leave) London. Then they visited Cambridge, Windsor Castle, York and Stonehenge. They 8____ (be) great. Every small town 9_____(have) a history of one or two thousand years. There were many street players who made a living by performing.

Then they 10_____(go) back to London after ten days. The next day they flew back to Beijing.

They said that trip was the nicest memory of their life.

1.Who ____________________________________________?

2.What ____________________________________________?

3.When ____________________________________________?

4.Where ____________________________________________?

5.How ____________________________________________?

6.How long __________________________________________?

7.Why ____________________________________________?

8.Did ____________________________________________?

9.Did ____________________________________________?

10.What do you think of ________________________________?


Module 12 Unit 3随堂测

班级:____________ 姓名:____________


Dad can fly a plane. He took us on a great 1_____this summer.2_____, Dad dropped everyone off at the airport. 3_____ we went into the plane and had a really cool 4_____. It was amazing! We 5_____in the big seats and 6_____ to music while the plane was flying. We 7_____ in Florida and saw a beautiful sunset(日落). We 8_____ too excited to sleep! 9_____, we managed(设法)to get some sleep 10_____ now you are coming with us to Walt Disney World!

1.Who ___________________________________________ ?

2.What ____________________________________________?

3.When ___________________________________________ ?

4.Where _____________________________________________ ?

5.How _____________________________________________ ?

6.How long ___________________________________________?

7.Why ____________________________________________ ?

8.Did ____________________________________________?

9.Did _____________________________________________ ?

10.What do you think of ______________________________ ?



My voyage(航程) to England was amazing.1_____ I was very excited about 2_____ to a foreign country and the long boat 3_____ seemed quite interesting. 4_____ when it was time to 5_____, I didn’t want to go. I 6_____ to stay with my friends. After I 7_____ in London, I didn’t like the weather. I missed the sunshine and 8_____ life very much.

First I went to a school in 9_____, but the people at school weren’t 10_____. I wanted to leave. But 11_____Father found me a boarding school for 12 _____—Sibton Park. I had one of the best 13_____ of my life there. I made a lot of 14_____ there. At school, we had horseback riding lessons and 15_____ the table manners. I learned how to be a polite, young woman. I 16_____ greatly. I was no longer the little tomboy (假小子) I used to be. Sometimes change can be good. Bye!

1. __________________________________________________?

2. __________________________________________________?

3. __________________________________________________?

4. __________________________________________________?

5. __________________________________________________?


参 考 答 案

Module 12 Unit 1


II. 1-6 spend, hope, clock, tomorrow, on holiday, doing some shopping

III. 1. A public holiday/Columbus Day 2. Americans. 3. Every second Monday in October 4. It is Columbus Day. 5.Omitted.

Module 12 Unit 2


II. 1-10 arrived, was, are, visited, walked, rains, left, were, has, went

Questions and answers are omitted.

Module 12 Unit 3

A. Journey, First, Then, flight, sat, listened, arrived, were, But, and

Questions and answers are omitted.

B. First, going, ride, But, leave, wanted, arrived, American, London, nice, later, girls, years, friends, learned, changed

Questions and answers are omitted.


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