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初一上册 Unit 7 单元测验

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Unit 7 单元测验


1. -Tom, which club did you attend?

-I ________ the photography Club, and I learned how to take pictures.

A. attend B. attended C. attending D. attends

2. –Jack, why are you so busy now?

Because I _________ many clubs at the beginning f this term.

A. joined B. joined in C. took part in D. attend

3. We are _________ at his __________ success.

A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprising

C. surprised; surprising D. surprising; surprised

4. –I don’t like this pair of shoes. Can you give me _________ pair?

-OK, here you are.

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

5. The magician(魔术师)Liu Qian can make things _________ and then find it.

A. disappear B. attend C. teach D. break

6. –Good morning, Mrs. Brown, how does Jim feel?

-He’s tired now. He _________ a lot of homework __________.

A. does; in the evening B. will do; tomorrow

C. do, yesterday D. did; last night

7. –Little Tom, who teach _________ English this term?

-My English teacher.

A. your B. yours C. you D. yourself

8. –When did you have your picnic last week, Sam?

-We had a picnic _________ Saturday afternoon.

A. in B. in the C. on D. at

9. –Dad, what is computer for?

-Mike, we can use computer to know __________ about the world around you.

A. informations B. information C. an information D. massage

10. –Oh, my son passed the club test.

- 1 -


A. Good. B. Thank you. C. Congratulations. D. What a pity.


Do you plant trees on Tree Planting Day? Each year, millions of people, including(包括)____1____ the old and the young, plant lots of trees. But this may not be ___2___ way to make home a greener place.

Last week we ____3____ a park. We were surprised to find most of ____4___ had been burned. The workers told us that the tres died soon after they were planted because they weren’t ___5____ well enough. So workers burned them and cleaned the place ____6____ new trees to be planted this year. On ____7____ card found in one of the dead trees, a student wrote, ’I hope this tree will grow up with me to be the backbone(栋梁)of ___8___ country” The workers said that the survival(存活)of the trees ____9___ really more important than how many trees were planter.

Some people now have a new idea that they can donate(捐赠)some money and let the professionals(专业人士)plant ____10____ take care of the trees.

( )1.A.both B.all C.either D.with

( )2. A.good B. better C.best D.the best

( )3. A. visit B.visits C. visited D.visiting

( )4. A.tree B.trees C.the tree D.the trees

( )5. A.water B.waters C. watered D.watering

( )6. A.of B.to C.for D.with

( )7. A.a B.an C.the D./

( )8. A.your B.his C.our D.their

( )9. A. is B.are C.was D.were

( )10. A.and B.or C.so D.but


School education is very useful and important. Yet no one can learn ____1___ at school and a teacher can not teach ____2___ students everything they want to know. His work is ___3___ show his students ___4___ to learn. He teaches them how to read and how to think. But students have much more to learn outside school.

- 2 -

___5___ is always more important to know how to study by oneself. It is quite easy to learn something, but it is difficult to use it to ___6___ the problems. Great men do not get everything at school, but they can make many things and change the world a lot.

How can the great men do all of this? One of the ___7___ is: They know how to study. People don’t learn all the things in the classroom. They get a lot of knowledge by themselves outside ____8___. They work hard and never ____9____ studying. It’s ___10___ too old to learn.

( )1.A.anything B.everything C.nothing D.something

( )2. A.her B. their C.its D.his

( )3. A. for B.to C. at D.in

( )4. A.how B.where C.what D.when

( )5. A.That B.This C. It D.These

( )6. A.work at B.work on C.work out D.work in

( )7. A.answer B.anwers C.answering D. answered

( )8. A.class B.classroom C.school D.library

( )9. A. get up B.give up C.wake up D.go up

( )10. A.sometimes B.usually C. often D.never



Baseball is one of the favorite sports in the USA. Children play baseball in sports field or parks. In summer, there are often baseball matches. Boys and girls, young and old take turns to bat. Each team has 9 players. The baseball season is from April to September. At the end of the season, two top teams play against each other. Many baseball fans go along to watch the game. Millions of others listen to the radio or watch TV. People seem to talk only about the game. Even long after it is over, they still talk about the result and the players.

Football is perhaps the most popular sport in the USA. The football season begins when the baseball season ends. More people are interested in football than baseball.

1. Which one is not true?

A. Boys and girls like baseball. B. Baseball is played in the open air.

C. A baseball match has nine players. D. Children sometimes play baseball in parks.

2. People play baseball from April to _________.

- 3 -

A. September B. October C. August D. July

3. What happens at the end of the baseball season?

A. People talk only about the football games.

B. Many baseball fans become members of top teams.

C. A lot of people join in the games.

4. __________ follows the baseball season in the USA.

A. The basketball season B. The football season

C. A baseball match D. A football

5. This passage mainly tell us about _________.

A. the football season in the USA B. football is more interesting than baseball in the USA

C. the difference between baseball and football D. the baseball season in the USA


No. 3 Middle School set up an environment club two weeks ago. It is to call on students to help their schools make less pollution. In the club, students do many activities to protect the environment.

Here are some things students often do.

No-rubbish lunches. How much do you throw away after lunch? Environment clubs ask students to bring their lunches in bags than can be used again. Every week they will choose the classes that the least rubbish and report them to the whole school!

No-car day. On a no-car day, nobody comes to school in a car-not the students and not the teachers! Cars give pollution to our air, so remember: Walk, jump, bike or run. Use your legs! It’s lots fun!

Turn off the water! Do you know that some toilets can waste twenty to forty tons of water an hour? In a year, that will fill a small river! In environment clubs, students mend those broken toilets. We love our environment. Let’s work together to make it clean. Now come to join our environment club.

1. Environment clubs ask students ________

A. to run to school every day B. to take exercise every day

C. not to forget to take cars D. not to throw away lunch bags

2. From the passage we know the students usually have lunch _________.

A. at school B. in shops C. in club D. at home

- 4 -

3. On a no-car day, _________ will take a car to school.

A. both students and teachers B. only students

C. neither students nor teachers D. only teachers

4. After students mend toilets, they save ________.

A. a small river B. a club C. a lot of water D. a toilet

5. The writer wrote the passage in order to _________.

A. ask students to clean the school B. ask students to make less pollution

C. ask students to join the environment club D. ask students o help teachers do some cleaning


第一节 单词拼写

1. Newspaper can give us a lot of useful i_____________.

2. This film is so b_______________ that I don’t want to watch it.

3. The rocket flew so fast and d______________ into the sky quickly.

4. Last week, they a ______________ the Art Club.

5. In the future, cars will use p____________ from the sun.

第二节 完成句子

1. 昨天,老师教了我们一般过去时态。

Yesterday, the teacher ____________ _____________ the past simple tense.

2. 上个星期,琳达和妈妈一起看了场电影。

Linda ____________ a _____________ with her mother last week.

3. 这件令人惊奇的事情令爸爸很惊讶。

This ____________ thing made my father ______________.

4. 妈妈,你会来参加我的家长会吗?

Mum, _____________ you ______________ my parents’ meeting?

5. 我不喜欢舞蹈俱乐部,你能介绍另一个给我吗?

I don’t like the dance ____________. Can you tell me ____________ one?

- 5 -

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