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七年级下册M5 My hometown and country
M5U1 Shanghai is bigger than Hongkong. M2U2 London is bigger than Cambridge.

1. 13 million people 2. 1.5 kilometers long

3. millions of people
5. on the River Tames

4. in the east of China
6. an old city

7. be famous for 与be famous as
8. on the coast 9. the capital of China

10. the capital of Shandong province 11. have a population of 13 million 12. What’s the population of China?

七年级下册M6 The Olympic adventure
M6U1 Cycling is more dangerous than swimming.

M6U2 English for the Olympic Games


1. be good at/do well in
2. more popular/ the most popular 3. my favourite sport 4. the 28th Olympic Games 5. on Sunday morning 6. Neighbourhood Committee 7. sit behind the other students 8. speak slowly and loudly

9. more than =over

10. lots of visitors

11. 人+ need to do sth. 物+ need doing sth.(表被动意义) 12. do some sightseeing 13. go sightseeing 14. take sb. around our school 15. listen quietly to her 16. leave for school 动身去学校 17.a region of Britain


七年级下册M7 Planes, boats and trains
M7U1 Tony has the longest journey. M7U2 It’s the fastest train.


1. the longest journey
2. live farthest from the school 3. the best way to do sth. 4. the fastest journey 5. by bicycle/ by taxi 6. the closest to the school 7. the most expensive way 8. take the train to +地点=go to… by train

9. one of the busiest international airways

10. live farthest from the school
11. the best way to do sth.

the best way of doing sth.
12. at the bus stop/ station/airport

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