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Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center




1. A.does well in B.is bad at C.is good for D.do well in

2. A.like B.enjoy C.try to be D.would like to be

3. A.make...die B.make...clean C.make...dirty D.keep...safe

4. A.arrives in B.gets to C.reach D.walks to

5. A.other things B.each other C.other places D.another

6. It’ A.makes noise B.sends out light C.gives out smell D.plays with water

7. ’s birthday party, I’m sure.

A.had a wonderful time B.helped yourself

C.behaved yourself D.had a rest

8. Sorry, I can’ A.a larger number of B.a larger amount of C.a few D.a little

9. A. We went to the top of the mountain by cable car.

B. We went to the top of the mountain on foot.

C. We climbed to the top of the mountain by ourselves.

D. We went to the top of the mountain by cable.

10. ---Yes, that’s right.

A.flying to B.moving to C.leaving to D.coming to

11. Chinese people built the Great Wall without any modern machines. That’ A.interesting B.exciting C.surprising D.boring



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

12. A.finish B.over C.end D.read

13. A.often B.never C.always D.hardly ever

14. A.match B.example C.test D.game

15. It’ A.wonderful B.surprising C.important D.exciting

16. A.beautiful B.unusual C.common D.large

17. A.alone B.on their own C.by themselves D.with each other

18. A.on the other side of B.on C.at the corner of D.at the end of

19. A.leave B.go away from C.go away to D.come back to

20. A.makes... beautiful B.makes...light C.makes...bright D.makes...dark


21. Hello, Anna. I’m from ____. What about you?

---I’m from____.

A. America, German B. America, Germany

C. American, French D. American, France

22. _____ table tennis ball do you like better, the orange one or the white one?

---I think I like the orange one better.

A. What B. What about C, which D. Whose

23. Does anybody know the answers _____these questions?

Yes, Mandy does.

A.of B.about C.in D.to

24. How does your father go to work, Mike?---He thinks it’s better to ____a bus than to drive a car.



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

A.by B.buy C.take D.have

25. What do you often do after school?

---I often ____at school.

A.plays the piano B.play basketball C.play the table tennis D.plays the football

26. How long is your morning break?

---It’s _____10:05____10:40.

A.between, and B.from,to C.at,at D.at,to

27. ____nice day! Let’s go for a picnic.

---Good idea!

A. What B. What a C. How D. How,a

28. Guangming Middle School_____all the students and teachers____free breakfast.

A.provide, with B.provides, with C.provide, for D.provides, for

29. What ____Sam usually____after school?

---He likes playing the guitar.

A.do, does B.do, do C.does, do D.does, does

30. Fang Fang is a good student. She goes to school on time every day. She _____ late for school.

A.always is B.is always C.never is D. Is never

31. Boys and girls, please stop ____and start___to me. I have some good news for you.

A.talking, listen B.to talk, to listen C.talking,listening D.talk, to listen

33. What do you usually have for breakfast, Bruce?

---I usually have a(n) _____,some____ and two_____.

A.cake, apples, bread B.apple, cakes, milk C.egg,milk,cake D.apple,bread,eggs

34. It’s difficult for me ____the right answer to this question. Could you help me?

---Yes, sure.

A.give B.to give C.to giving D.gives

35. _____is my blue notebook? Icannot find it.

---Please check your desk. I can see ___on it.

A. What, blue something B. Where, blue something

C. Where, something blue C. What something blue

36. What did your father tell you last night?



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

---He told me ___too much time ____thing.

A.not spending, to collect B.not to spend, collecting

C.not spend, to collecting D.not spending, collecting

37. What’s the matter, Marry? You don’t_____.

---I _____. I think I have got a bad cold.

A.look well, feel sickness B.look good, feel ill

C.look good, feel sick D.look well, feel sick

38. You can go to the library tomorrow because there ____ some new books there.

A.is going to have B.are going to have C.will be D.will have

39. When is your birthday?

---My birthday is ____February 24th.

A.in B.on C.at D.for

40. Qinghai Provice is ____ the north-west of China.

A.on B.in C.to D.at

41. The football match will begin_________.

A.in an hour B.for an hour C.after an hour D.an hour later

42. What can we do to stop people from killing sharks?

---We can ask people ____shark fin soup.

A.not eating B.not to eat C.not eat D.don’t eat

43. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella.


---Look at the clouds. It_________.

A.rains B.is going to rain C,was raining D.is raining

44. When can they finish____their homework?

A.to do B.doing C.does D.did

45. It is good for ____to practice ____ English every day.

A.our, speaking B.we, speak C.us, spoken D.ours, spoke

46. Computer will help you doing to do tomorrow?

A.to learning B.learning C.learn D.learned

47. What are you doing to do tomorrow?



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

---I ___a picnic in the forest park if it ____fine.

A.will have, si B.have, is C.will have, will be D.have, will be

48. Can we live ____the Mars one day in the future?

---Maybe. But it would ____a long time to make the dream come true.

A.in, take B.on,take C.on,spend D.in,spend

49. There_____some books on the desk just now, but now there____nothing on it.

A.have,has B.were,was C.were, is D.has, has

50. Do you know that girl over there?

---_____is a friend of ____._____often do our homework together after school.

A. She,me. We B. Her, mine. They C. She, mine. We D. Her, me. They

51. I really don’t like this pair of shoes.

---Let me show you ____one.

A.other B.others C.the other D.another

52. I like collecting phone cards.

---Really?_____ phone cards is also my hobby.

A. Collect B. Collected C. Collecting D. Collects

53. It is really an ____match, and we all feel very_____.

A.excited, exciting B.excited,excited C.exciting,exciting D.exciting, excited

54. Jim started_____computer games at seven in the evening.

A.play B.playing C.played D.plays

55. Whose books are they?

I think they are ____. I just saw he put ____on the desk.

A.his,they B.him, them C.he,they D.his,them

56. Tom doesn’t work____this term, so he will ____pass the final exam.

A.hard,hard B.hardly,hardly C.hard, hardly D.hardly, hard

57. Stop making so much ____. The children are sleeping.

A.voice B.noise C.sound D.music

58. There are millions of websites on the Internet and there ___ a lot of useful____on the websites.

A.are,informations B.are,information C.is,information D.is, informations

59. ____ do you go swimming in summer, Tom?



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

---Three times a week.

A. How soon B. How many C. How often D. How much

60. Tom is one of _____in our school.

---So he is.

A.the tallest student B.the tall student C.the tallest students D.the tall students


1. Tommy can speak English well.

Tommy ____ good at _________English.

2. I often receive Tracy’s letters.

I often ________ ___________ Tracy.

3. You should not go out without your keys.

You should not go out ____ you _______ have your keys.

4. My camera doesn’t work.

Something is ___________ _______my camera.

5. At the age of five, he made a model plane by himself.

When _____ ______five, he made a model plane by himself.

6. Come and join the Solar Power Club.

Come and become a ________ ________ the Solar Power Club.

7. I almost can’t hear the teacher.

I _______ ________ hear the teacher.

8. My hobby is playing the violin.

I ____ _______ the violin.

9. He got up early in order to catch the first train.

He got up every early _____ ______ he could catch the first train.

10. I was too excited to fall asleep last night.

I was ____ excited that I __________ fall asleep last night.


1. Help __________(you) to some fish, Jane.



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

2. My dream is __________(be) a designer.

3. The boy_________(call)Bruce comes from Cnada.

4. Now junior high school students enjoy_____________(play) computer games at weekends.

5. _________(read) books is very important for young people.

6. There are a lot of things we can do _____________(protect) the river.

7. I don’t know what to do tomorrow.

---What about __________(fly) kites in the People’s Park?

8. Now there are many high __________(build) in Guangzhou.

9. I can learn more about______________(tradition) Chinese culture in this book.

10. He forgot to close the door when he ________(leave).


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