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2013----2014年人教版新目标九年级全册Unit10s Section A 1

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She is going to walk to school.

She will be late.

will be If she walks to school, she _____ ___late. _____

It is going to rain tomorrow.

I will stay at home.

rains will stay If it _____ tomorrow, I _____ _____ at home.

It will be sunny tomorrow.

They will have a trip tomorrow.

is will If it ____ sunny tomorrow, they _____ ______ a trip. have

He won’t study hard.

He will fail in the exam.

“If he _______ study hard. He ____ doesn’t will _____ in the exam.” fail

1a Match the statements with the
pictures [a-d].

c 1. ___ I think I’ll wear jeans to the party. d 2. ___ I think I’ll stay at home. b 3. ___ I think I’ll take the bus to the party. a 4. ___ I think I’ll go
to the party with Karen and Anna.


Listen and complete the responses in 1a.

If you do, the teachers won’t ________ let you in. If you do, you’ll ________________ be sorry. If you do, you’ll ____________________ be late. If you do, you’ll ____________________ have a great time.

Look at the pictures and make 1c conversations.

Are you going to the party tomorrow night?

Yes, I am.

Who will you go with?

If you do, you’ll have a great time.

I think I’ll go with Karen and Anna.

Is the video on the bookshelf? 录像带在书架上吗? video n. 录像带;录像 I’d like some potato chips, please. 我想买些薯条。 potato chips 炸土豆片;炸薯条

I like chocolate ice-cream best. 我最喜欢巧克力冰淇淋。 chocolate n. 巧克力 Is the meeting on Wednesday? 会议是在星期三吗? meeting n. 会议;集会;会面

Let’s organize a soccer game. 让我们组织一次足球比赛吧。 organize v. 组织;筹备


Listen and circle the correct answers to complete the sentences.

1. The students are talking about when to have (a class party/ a class meeting / a birthday party).

2. They plan to have it on (Friday evening / Saturday afternoon/ Saturday evening).

Listen again. Choose the correct 2b short answer in the box to answer each question.
half the class won’t come; some students will be bored; make some food; students will leave early; the party games 1. What will happen if they have the party today? ______________________________ Half the class won’t come.

2. What will happen if they have the party tomorrow? Students will leave early to study. _________________________________ 3. What will happen if they watch a video at the party? Some students will be bored. __________________________________

4. What will Mark organize? The party games. _________________________________ 5. What will Nelly do?
_________________________________ She will make some food.

2c Role-play a conversation between
Nelly and Mark. OK, when is a good time to have the party? Let’s have it today.

Hmm. If we have it today, half the class won’t come.

Ok, good idea.
Why not have it on the weekend?

Read the conversation and 2d answer the questions.
1. What will happen if we ask people to bring food? They’l

l just bring potato chips and _____________________________________ chocolate because they’ll be too lazy to cook. _____________________________________ 2. What will happen if we give people some small gifts if they win? More people will want to play the games. ___________________________________

Role-play the conversation. Hey, Ben. For the party next week, No, let’s order food should we ask from a restaurant… people to bring food?

1. If we ask people to bring food, they’ll just bring potato chips and chocolate… ask sb. to do sth. 请求/要求某人做某事 e.g. He asked the doctor to tell him the truth. 他请求医生告诉他真相。

2. Yes, the games will be more exciting, too. exciting 意为“令人兴奋的、令人激 动的” e.g. The movie has an exciting opening. 电影的开头非常刺激。

前者是“对……感到兴奋”,通常主语 是人,后者是“令人感到兴奋的”,通 常主语是物/事件。例如: Are you excited about going to Beijing? 你要去北京了,感到兴奋吗? He told us an exciting story yesterday. 他昨天给我们讲了一个使人激动的故事。

has 1. I’ll buy a computer if I _______ (have) enough money. goes 2. I’m sure if he _____ (go) to the party, he ________ (have) a great time. will have

won’t get 3. You ___________ (not get) nervous if
you _____ (do ) enough exercise. do 4. If she _______ (finish ) work early, she finishes ______ (go) home. will go 5. If it rains _____(rain), we ________ (stay) at will stay home.

1. Remember the new words. 2. Preview the next part.

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