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1. 到…时候 2. 出现3. 跑掉去某地 4. 发出响声 5. 过来,经过 坏掉 7. 捎某人一趟 8.激起,引起

9.卖完 10. 熬夜 逃离 12. 再也不___________13. 如此…以致于___________14.以便 15. 穿衣服 16.按时 17.及时

18. 醒来 19. 等待某人做某事根本不把…丢/拉/忘在某地回到某地 23.进到…里忘记干了某事


( )1. Our school is very ______ to the shop.

A. close B. closing C. closed D. to close

( )2. The baby ran _______his mother when he saw her.

A. to B. into C. off D. off to

( )3. We had invented many new things ______ last year.

A. at the time of B. by the time of

C. in time of D. last time

( )4. I _____ meet my old classmate in the street the day before yesterday.

A. had B. happened to C. used to D. could

( )5. —Mrs Cheng, I’m sorry I _____ my exercise book at home.

—Don’t forget _____ it to school tomorrow.

A. forget; taking B. left; to bring

C. forget; to take D. left; bring

( )6. My parents ______ for 16 years.

A. married B. got married C. have been married D. have married

( ) 7.The boy ______ his mistake before his teacher told him.

A. realizes B. has realized

C. had realized D. would realiz

( )8. A plane can't _______ on because of the heavy rain yesterday.

A. land B. drop C. fall D. stop

( )9. By the time of last term, we ______ all the lessons.

A. finished B. have finished C. finish D. will finish

( )10. The man has to ______ a girl who he doesn't love.

A. married B. married to C. married with D. was married

( )11. My mother kept working for 12 hours. Now she is _______ and needs a good rest.

A. embarrassed B. exhausted

C. lucky D. energetic

( )12. The weather in Chengdu is colder than ______ in Chongqing.

A. it B. the one C. one D. that

( )13. The heavy box is _______, so I can't open the door.

A. on the way~ B. by the way C. in the way D. at the way

( )14.The teacher ____ the office for a few minutes when we arrived. We didn’t meet him.

A. had left B. had left

C. has been away from D. had been away from

( )15. The Caiyuanba Bridge ______ since last year.

A. was built B. has been built C. is being built D. has built

( ) 16. They _______ about eight hundred English words by the end of last term.

A. have learned B. had learned

C. will learn D. are going to learn

( ) 17. It took them half an hour to go_____ the crowd.

A. through B. across C. cross D. out

( ) 18. The film _____ when I _______ to the cinema.

A. began; got B. had begun; had got

C. began; had got D. had begun; got

( ) 19. There are a few miles to the top of the mountain. If we hold on, we will ______.

A. reach B. get to

C. come true D. make it

( ) 20. Can you tell us _______ on April Fool’s Day?

A. what she happened

B. what did she happen

C. what happened to her

D. what had happen to her

三 用单词的适当形式填空。

1. The person who ______ the campus is a great_______. (invent)

2. I don't like eating ________ (west) food.

3. She was so ________ (exhaust) that she can't walk anymore..

4. My best friend got ________ (marry) last week .They _____________ for one year.

5. The tragedy has a bad ________. (end).

6. By the time I ______(leave) the room, my father _________(sleep).

7. When my father _______ (get) to the cinema, the film _______(begin) for ten minutes.

8. I ______(be) late for the class. because the bus ________(break) down this morning.

9. Why is John? He ________(go) to Canada./He ________(read) in the library.

10.The boy went to the shop _______(rent) some videos.

11.______ you ever _________(forget) your mother’s birthday?

12.Before they knew it was a hoax, thousands of people ______ (flee) from their homes.

13.He felt ________ when he heard the _________(embarrass) news.

14.Great changes ________ (take) place in my hometown in the past 5 years.

15.My life _______(change) a lot since my father _______ (came) to this city.

16.When I ______(get) home yesterday, my mother _______ (cook).

17.I won’t leave the coffee shop until he _______ (show) up.

18.They ________ (marry) for five years. Now they have two children.

19.By the end of last month, the police ________(chase) the thief for two years.

20.A:I hear your father ________(go) Japan once,

B:Yes ,He _____ there last year.

21.By the time my parents reached home yesterday, I _______ (cook) the dinner already.

22.I saw Lucy yesterday. We _______ (not see) each other for ten years.

23.I wonder if he _______ (take) part in the singing competition tomorrow.

24.I'm sorry I didn't hear you because I _______ (listen) to music.

25.When she got to the classroom, the teacher _______ (start) teaching already.

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