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blow draw grow know throw fly buy bring think teach catch blew blown drew drawn grew grown knew known threw thrown flew flown bought brought thought taught caught bought brought thought taught caught begin ring sing sink swim tell sell keep sweep sleep began begun rang rung sang sung sank sunk swam swum told told sold sold

kept kept swept swept slept slept oversleep overslept overslept

Let’s tell the story.

Tina had a bad morning. First of all, she overslept. When she got up, her brother had gotten in the shower. After he got out of the shower, Tina took a quick shower and got dressed. But by the time she went outside, the bus had already left. So she ran all the way to school. When she got to school, she realized she had left her backpack at home. She ran back home to get her backpack. Unluckily, when she got home, she realized she had left her keys in the backpack! So she ran back to school without her keys or her backpack.

By the time she got to school, the bell had rung. When she walked into the class, the

teacher had started teaching. She asked
for their homework, but of course Tina didn’t have it. What a bad morning!

7:00 6:30 6:50






got up By the time Jim ________, his mom _______ had cleaned..




got up By the time Jim ________, his sister had washed.. _______




got up By the time Jim ________, his grandma had eaten.. _______




got up had had… By the time Jim ________, his dog _______




got up By the time Jim ________, his dad had gone… _______

Nancy is very tired these days. Yesterday she had an unusual experience.
1. alarm clock didn’t go off

3. … 4. … …

Read the story about Nancy and write the events in the correct order.

1.alarm clock didn’t go off

2. father went into bathroom
3. woke up late

Time went by

4. wait for him to come out

5. took shower
6. had some breakfast

7. bus left
8. ran off to bus stop 9. started walking

10.got a ride with a friend
11. bell ringing

12. got to school
13. got to class

1.go off

2. bathroom
Time went by

3. woke up 4. wait for

5. shower
6. breakfast

7. bus
8. ran off 9. walking

10.got a ride
11. bell

12. school
13. class

1. I’ve never been late for school, but yesterday close I came very_________. 与迟到很接近
close adv. 接近地 He sat close against the wall. 他紧靠墙壁坐着.

close adj. 近的, 亲密的 How often do you write to your close friend?
be close to 离…近 The church is close to the library. close v. 关 closed adj. 关着 The shop closes at ten every night. You can’t buy anything in the store, the store is closed now.

My alarm clock didn’t go off, and by the time I woke up,
my father had already gone into the bathroom and I had to wait for him to come out.

I had to really rush.
I took a quick shower, had some breakfast, and then ran off to the bus stop. Luckily, my

friend Tony and his dad came by in his dad’s car and they gave me a ride.

2. I started walking, but I knew I couldn’t get on time to school __________ on time in time at any time at times all the time 准时 及时 在任何时候 有时 一直;始终

came by 3. luckily, my friend Tony and his dads ________ gave me a ride in his dad’s car and they_____________. come by 从旁边经过—passed give sb. a ride 让某人搭便车

made I only just _______it to my class. make it 成功了, 做成了 ?Has John got the job? -Yes, he made it. ?You won’t make it though you try your best.

1 Yourself Your partner






A: Have you ever been late for school?
B: Yes, I have.

A: Why were you late?
B: The bus broke down.

A: What did your teacher do?
B: My teacher said that it didn’t matter.

? Have you ever overslept? ? Yes, I have. ? Why did you oversleep? ? Because my alarm clock didn’t go off.

? What did your teacher do?
? She asked me to get up early and not to be late next time.

? Have you ever forgotten to bring your homework to school? ? Yes , I have.

? Why did you forget it?
? Because there was no time to put it away. ? What did you teacher do?

? She said “Don’t leave homework at home next time” .

? Have you ever forgotten a relative’s birthday? ? Yes , I have. ? Why did you forget a relative’s birthday? ? Because I was very busy. ? What did your grandmother do? ? She said she would call me.

? Have you ever forgotten a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment? ? Yes , I have.

? Why did you forget it? ? Because I was busy having classes.
? What did the doctor do? ? She said she would call me.

Have you ever been late for school?
Yes , I have.

Why were you late?
The bus broke down.

What did you teacher do? Then what happened?

Luo Ming’s Day

Please try to use by the time / when 过去完成时 First discuss in groups

Write about Luo Ming’s day.

woke up

rushed to


chatted with

had lunch with relatives

watched TV

went to sleep

Yesterday was an unforgettable day for Luo Ming. She woke up late because her alarm clock didn’t go off. So she really rushed to school on her bike. But when she got there, she was surprised to see the gate of the school was closed. She realized that she had forgotten it was Sunday. On her way home she visited her deskmate Lily and told her about it. When she got home, her grandparents had cooked a good meal for her. And then she watched an interesting TV play . She didn’t go to bed until 10 o’clock. What an interesting day she had!

Ming’s Day

Last night Ming stayed up late for her favorite
movie. When she woke up this morning, she was surprised to find that it was 10 o’clock. She got up in a hurry and rushed to school by bike. When she got to school, she found that the school gate

was locked. She realized that it was Sund

ay. Then
she visited her friend Yang. She had a happy time

there. In the afternoon she visited her grandma
and grandpa and had dinner with them. Then she went home. After finishing her homework, she watched TV for an hour. And then she went to bed.

Fill in the each blank with the correct word giv
Self Check rush realize invite show up stay up

1、I was waiting for the school bus but it didn’t come. Then I realized it was Saturday.
2、I woke up late this morning. I had to really rush to get to school on time. 3、There’s a good movie on TV tonight but it’s at I am. I don’t want to stay up that late.

4、sally invited me to her birthday party. It’s at her house on Saturday.
5、Do you know where John is? He was going to meet me earlier but he didn’t show up .

In each line, circle the word that doesn’t belong.

1. dentist


happy show up

lock oversleep

2. embarrassed exhausted 3. costume break down

4. farmer

go off

stay up


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