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2011—2012 学年第一学期初三期中测试


班级:__________ 座号:___________ 姓名:___________ 说明:试卷共10页,满分为120分,考试用时100分钟。


A. 听句子,根据所听内容,选择正确的图画。每题听一遍。(每小题1分,共5分)

( )1. What is the woman going to buy?


( )2. What do the man and his son often do every day?


( )3. When will it be rainy?



)4. What does the man like best?



)5. Which of the following is the girl talking about?


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B、听对话,每段对话听两遍。(每小题1分,共l 0分)


( )6. At what time do you think the conversation took place?

A. At 10 o’clock am B. At 5 o’clock pm C. At 11 o’clock at night 听第二段对话,回答第7小题。

( )7. Why does the man say ―Congratulations‖ to the woman?

A. Because she has passed the driving test B. Because she can buy a car for him

C. Because she can drive a car for him


( ) 8. What helps the girl a lot with her English?

A. Speaking English B. Thinking in English C. Reading English newspapers 听第四段对话,回答第9小题。

( ) 9. What do they both like?

A. The dress. B. The color ―green‖ C. The dress and the color ―green‖. 听第五段对话,回答第10小题。

( )10. What is the girl’s father?

A. A doctor B. A shop assistant C. A postman


( )11. Where is the man’s company?

A. On Sunshine Road B. Beside a church C. Next to a school.

( ) 12. How does the girl go to the man’s company?

A. On foot B. By car C. By bike


( )13. What’s wrong with Peter?

A. He’s terribly ill B. He’s very fat C. He always feels tired

( ) 14. When does Peter walk to school?

A. When he misses the bus B. When he feels tired

C. When he wants to do some exercise.

( ) 15. Which is the girl’s suggestion to Peter?

A. Eating a lot of fast food B. Walking to school every day

C. Going to the gym twice a week to do exercise

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C、听短文,短文听两遍 (本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 16. What did the company show to those people at the party?

A. A dog B. Dog food C. Cameras

( ) 17. Why were the reporters asked to take pictures of the dog?

A. To show how good the dog food was.

B. To show how beautiful the dog was.

C. To show how the dog liked to take pictures.

( ) 18. What was the problem when the dog food was put before the dog?

A. The dog didn’t see the food B. The dog was afraid of cameras

C. The dog didn’t like the food at all

( ) 19. What was the boss like?

A. He was handsome B. He was fat C. He was short

( ) 20. What did the boss of the company do?

A. He was very worried and ran to eat the food himself.

B. He was very angry with the dog and kicked it away.

C. He was very pleased with the reporters and ran to eat the food himself.


Lily and John are in Blue Moon Restaurant. Listen to their conversation with the waitress. Complete the food they order on the food-order paper.


( )26. ---Hey, Tina. It’s five o’clock. Hurry up, please! Or you will miss the bus.

---It’s only ______ walk from here to the station. I can get there before five past five.

A. ten minutes’ B. ten minutes C. two minutes’ D. two minutes

( )27. I don’t think he is _______ honest, so you can’t believe him.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )28. There are some new words in this passage. You can ________ in the dictionary.

A. look it up B. fix it up C. fix them up D. look them up

( )29. It’s reported that ________ people died in the earthquake.

A. thousands of B. three thousands C. three thousands of D. thousand of

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( )30. It is raining _______, and it is also dark. I can ________ see anything in front of me.

A. heavily, hardly B. heavy, hardly C. heavy, hard D. heavily, hard

( )31. Hold on ______ your dreams. They may come true one day.

A. with B. to C. for D. of

( )32. You are not allowed to enter the cinema ______ you don’t have a ticket.

A. or B. unless C. but D. if

( )33. My grandparents ______ the quiet countryside better than the noisy city, so they are now

living in the countryside.

A. prefer B. imagine C. like D. refuse

( )34. All my money ___________ yesterday. I am going to borrow some from my friend.

A. used up B. cheered up C. was cheered up D. was used up

( ) 35. ---Alice had little for breakfast this morning, _________ she?

--- No. She got up too late.

A. had B. hadn’t C. did D. didn’t

( )36. ---My son won the first place in the competition.

– Wow, ________ news! Congratulations!

A. how bad B. what a bad C. what exciting D. how an exciting

( )37. ---Can you tell me ________________?

---There was something wrong with the school bus, so I couldn’t get to school on time.

A. how did you come to school this morning B. how many people were there on the bus

C. why you were late for school this morning D. when the school bus left

( )38. He got up very early this morning ______ he could catch the first bus.

A. in order to B. because C. because of D. so that

( )39. –It’s too bad. My computer doesn’t work.

--Something must be wrong with it. You should have it _______ tomorrow.

A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing D. repairs

( )40. --- I bought a new house on Center Street.

--- Oh, it _________ be quiet. There are many cars and buses on that street all day.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. must D. might

( )41. I would rather ____________ at home than ___________ out on such a rainy day.

A. stay, go B. to stay, to go C. stay, to go D. to stay, go

( )42. OK, everybody, it’s time for work. Let’s stop _______ some pictures on the wall. They

can make the room beautiful.

A. putting up B. putting off C. to put up D. to put off

( )43. --- Why didn’t you lend some money to Jimmy this morning?

-- I didn’t have any at that moment. If I ___ money this morning, I ___ lend some to him.

A. have, will B. had, would C. had, will D. have, would

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( )44. ________ you come from, you will find your favorite food in Hong Kong.

A. Where B. What C. Whatever D. Wherever ( )45. If I have an opportunity to visit Beijing next time, I will find a restaurant _____ I can eat

Beijing ducks.

A. which B. where C. who D. what


An old friend from the USA telephoned from the airport to tell me that he had arrived. I didn’t finish my work, so I was still at the at that time, but I had got everything ready for his arrival. After letting him know where my house was, I told him that I had left the door-mat(门垫). I might go home very late, I told him to get into the and find something to eat.

Two hours later my friend to some of my CDs after having a nice help himself to some cold chicken from the ice box. Now, he said, he was drinking a glass of orange juice and he hoped I would easily, he answered, ―I was not able to find the key, the apple tree were open and you know what I did.‖

I listened to all this in

( )46. A. living-room ( )47. A. address ( )48. A. Because ( )49. A. store ( )50. A. invited ( )51. A. meal ( )52. A. got ( )53. A. visit ( )54. A. but ( )55. A. interest

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B. office

B. telephone number B. When B. restaurant B. asked B. rest B. broke B. join B. so B. anger

C. airport C. key C. If C. fridge C. answer C. drink C. fried C. thank C. or C. surprise

D. house D. traveling plan D. Though D. kitchen D. telephoned D. picnic D. bought D. remember D. and D. excitement


( )56. We can _____ in Fun French or Spanish Clubs.

A. have a party B. play chess C. make friends D. watch movies

( )57. In LCF, children can ______.

A. join fun painting and gym clubs B. get education only at school clubs

C. learn with songs, games and cooking D. learn with stories, games and movement

( )58. Lazz-Mataz is for children who can speak ______.

A. Spanish B. English C. Chinese D. French

( )59. If you want to join an LCF club, you’d better NOT ______.

A. send a letter B. send an email C. go to the local club D. make a phone call

( )60. From the passage above, we can know _______.

A. LCF is a language and science school in Canada

B. LCF has language club and music & gym club

C. LCF music & gym clubs can be found just online

D. LCF provides excellent training, teachers and doctors

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In Canada and the United States, people like inviting friends to their houses. They often invite friends over for a meal, a party, or just for coffee.

Here are the things people often say when they invite someone to their home:

▲―Would you like to come over for dinner Saturday night?‖

▲―Hey, we’re having a party on Friday. Can you come?‖

If you want to accept the invitation, you can say ―thank you‖ to accept it. For example, you can say: ―Thanks, I’d love to. What time would you like me to come?‖

If you don’t want to go, you can say you’re sorry and give an excuse, such as ―Oh, sorry. I have tickets for a movie.‖

But sometimes people use expressions(话语) that sound like invitations, but they are not real invitations. For example:

▲―Please come over to my house for a drink sometime (某个时候).‖

▲―Why not get together for a party sometime?‖

▲―What about having dinner sometime?‖

They are just some polite ways to finish a conversation. They are not real invitations because they don’t tell you the specific(确定的)time or date. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. To answer this kind of question, you can just say ―Sure, that would be great!‖ or ―OK. Yes, thanks.‖

So next time when you hear something that sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just trying to be friendly?

( ) 61. What do Canadians and Americans often invite friends for?

A. a meal B. a party C. coffee D. all of the above

( ) 62. Which of the following is a real invitation?

A. ―If you’re free, let’s go for a drink sometime.‖

B. ―Please go to the cinema with me some day.‖

C. ―Would you like to have a cup of tea with us sometime?‖

D. ―I’ve two tickets here. Will you go to the concert with me tomorrow evening?‖

( ) 63. If people say ―Let’s get together for lunch sometime‖, you just say ―_________‖.

A. That would be nice. B. How about this weekend?

C. Oh, sorry. I’m very busy. D. That’s great. I’ll be there on time.

( ) 64. People use ―an unreal invitation‖ in order to show that ________.

A. they’re trying to be friendly B. they’re trying to be helpful

C. they’re trying to make friends with others D. they haven’t got ready for a party yet

( ) 65. The passage is mainly about ________.

A. entertainment at home B. real invitations or not

C. expressions of starting a conversation D. ways of ending a conversation

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John has been out of work for a long time. He tried to look for (71) _______________one. But he failed many times. Last Friday he found one as a typist in a (72) ______________. He was very happy. But the company was far away from his home. He didn’t have so much money to (73) ____________ a bus every day. So he bought a (74) _____________ and planned to go to work by bike every day.

Today it was his first day to go to work. He was very excited. After a quick wash, he (75) ___________ his bike to work in a hurry. He was so happy that he was riding very fast. But unluckily, an old man walked across the busy road suddenly. He couldn’t stop his bike and (76) _____________down the old man. He was (77) ________________that the old man would ask him for money. So he shouted to the old man: ―Are you (78) _______________? Can’t you see me?‖ He didn’t say sorry to the old man and left as fast as (79) ____________.

When he got to the company, he went straightly to the manager’s office. To his (80) _____________, he found that the manager was the old man. Of course he lost his job again.


A. 信息归纳(5分)


Martin Robinson is a famous doctor who is good at dealing with accidents. His new book, How to be safe, came out last week. It gives advice on how to keep safe and how to deal with accidents in different situations. Here are some of the contents (内容) from the book. (1) Sports safety

People are quite interested in playing sports now, but please remember that it’s very important to do some warm-up (热身) activities before doing sports, and drink some water after that. If you don’t do enough warm-up activities, you may hurt yourselves easily.

(2) Internet safety

Almost everyone likes to surf the Internet now. You really need to be careful. If your Internet

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friend wants to meet you, you need to think carefully. If you really want to go, then meet him in a public place, or you can ask your friends to go with you.

…… (1) If I see someone fall downstairs, what should I do?

If someone falls downstairs and he can’t move, you should call 120 first, then stay with him and make him comfortable.

(2) If a fire happens, what should I do?

Fire is terrible sometimes. If you are unlucky to meet a fire, go to a safe place at once, and then call 119. Don’t try to go into your house to get your money or other things.


Information card


B. 书面表达(15分)

写作内容:1. 描述一件发生在你身上或你目睹的意外事件。

2. 提出一条防止这种意外的建议。

3. 写一写平时我们在校园内或校园外如何保证安全。(至少3点)

4. 呼吁大家都要注意安全。


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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1—5 BCCAC 6—10 BACBC 11—15 CBCAC 16—20 BACBA

21. apple 22. beef 23. vegetables 24. salad 25. chocolate 26—30 CDDAA 31—35 BDCDC 36—40 CCDBA 41--45 ACBDB 46—50 BCADD 51—55 ACBAC

56—60 CDBAB 61—65 DDAAB 66—70 DGABF

71. another 72. company 73. take 74. bike

75. rode 76. knocked 77. afraid / thinking 78. blind

79. possible 80. surprise

81. doctor

82. last week

83. do some warm-up activities

84. (a) public place

85. go to a safe place


描述意外事件 2分

提出一条建议 2分

如何保证安全 3点 6分

呼吁 2分

语法、卷面、字数等 3分

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